About us

Welcome to our hunting blog! We are a couple of hunting nerds who love the outdoors and especially hunting. We started this blog in order to share our adventures and experiences in hunting. In no way are we claiming to be experts or better than anyone else here we’re just trying to be friendly and share some advice on things that we have learned along the way. What we aspire for and hope you feel when you read our blog is more along the line of “friendly neighbor advice” rather than “this is exactly how it should be done”.

We always want feedback on our posts and our work so please feel free to contact us in the contact form here on the site. We’re also open to all kinds of co-operation or guest posts that really benefit our readers. Make sure that you check out our site on our most favorite gear. It’s a site where we list our favorites and it might be something you find interesting as you’re here reading about us! Have a fantastic day and happy hunting!

Tobias Jansson
Emily Waring
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