Puis-je obtenir un AR15 en bois ?

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The most iconic ArmaLite Rifle (AR) can be fitted out differently from the normal grey and black. An AR15 in wood is possible, for that stylish and timeless look which mold polymers don’t have. With the right combination of the best materials, and craftsmanship, furnishing your AR15 in wood will indeed add to its appeal. 

Is There Anything Wrong with a Wooden AR15?

It’s quite alright to want something unique for your AR15. However, I have heard some traditionalist quarters claiming that wooden furniture has no business being on an AR. 

On the other hand, some feel the way commercially available AR15s look basic and mean. Others don’t like the way black molded polymer feels or has a problem with the weight added to the weapon.

To say that getting wood on an AR15 is a fad would be an understatement. I have witnessed several reputable manufacturers producing wooden AR kits to pander to their growing fan base.

You can get full wooden furniture sets from precision firearms, Windham Weaponry, Brownells or LUCID. Woodcraft experts also build their own customized wood AR15 kits though this is a time-intensive process.

I have had a long term ambition to build my AR15 wood furniture. I hope to challenge discriminators of the American Rifle as an evil black tactical weapon, unsuitable for private ownership. 

Yes, the AR15 is an assault rifle in designation, but I consider mine more of a sports utility gun. I can shoot up the range, and I feel safe with my AR15 as a choice of home defense weapon.

In the woods, you’ll find me in my woolens, putting this rifle through light plinking. The only thing that I change depending on what I am shooting is the magazine. 

You won’t see me toting my AR16 with a high capacity mag through the fields instead of a 5-rounder, which makes more sense.

Substituting the standard dark plastic of an AR15 with stained wood would make this rifle unconventionally different in appearance. That’s not such a bad thing in a retail society where every other AR15 out of the Colt factory tends looks exactly like the next one. 

Does Wood Affect the Performance of an AR15?

Adding high-quality wood furniture on your AR15 works wonders for its aesthetics and your bragging points. While also being comfortable, an AR15s pistol handgrip in wood can improve your aim.

You can find your desired ergonomics, including grip angle, texture, and finish at an affordable price. While I can’t say this will make the rifle less devastating, an AR15 in wood furniture is neat. 

A lot of interest surrounds what an AR15 rifle is capable of. Despite its being responsible for several mass shootings, this automatic rifle

Wood furniture on an AR15 will add no value to