How High Can Deer Jump?

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Many people who live around the deer population will tell you that deer is an attractive animal. What they will also tell you is the tendency of deer to jump over fences. It makes many people wonder just how high a deer can jump. To be as accurate as possible is near impossible, but the average healthy deer can jump as high as 5 to 8 feet high. 

If you have ever seen a deer run then you know it can leap very high. There are many reasons why a deer sometimes finds itself on the other side of your fence. If you have vegetation and flowers in your home, these can be some of the reasons that lure deer near you. You may want to keep deer out and for that, you need the right kind of fence.

Hence it is important to erect the kind of fence that is suitable for your surroundings. Before we delve into the matter of fencing, let us first understand why deer needs to jump at all. 

As we all understand deer can make a jump over 5 to 8 feet. But height is one thing, so we must also ask; 

What Is the Length of a Deer Jump? 

It is even amazing how far a deer can leap with a single jump. While some deer can jump as high as 5-8 feet the long jump is around 30 feet in a single jump. It is quite impressive and an adaptation for the deer. The question that follows is however fact-finding.  

Do deer just see a fence and Jump? What makes deer jump over fences? 

The high-jumping question of deer is not entirely difficult to answer. Because the gardeners and ranchers want to keep the deer out or in. And like humans, deer is a curious animal that tends to be efficient in the use of their energy. Hence the fence may just deter a deer from jumping over your fence.

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