Spiritual Meaning of Hitting a Deer

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Deer is an animal that can mean lots of different things to people. It is also an animal that talks to most people’s inner senses. Having this in mind, deer bears lots of significance to humankind, and therefore some attributes of deer are likened to man. An example is the spiritual meaning of hitting deer, which means to corrupt the parts of ourselves that are caring, gentle, and wise. 

Deer is also associated with strength and inner instincts to overcome challenges with grace. It is one in both body and spirit. If you look much further, you will also see that deer is calm and represents both sexuality and power of fertility.  

Fertility is the marvel that the deer antlers represent. Every winter after the rut season, deer sheds its antlers, and when spring comes, they grow new ones. It signifies continuity and rebirth after death. Each year the antlers fall and grow new ones that are much stronger with age.  

Is Deer A Guiding Animal?

People who believe in guiding animals do so for inner strength and matching characteristics. There is no rule in choosing your guiding animal. If you prefer deer as your guiding animal, then in challenging moments of your life, you should rely on its traits to get you through. 

Deer is an animal that has focus. It spends most of its time looking for the best grass and bushes. An encouragement to pick from this trait is always improving one’s life daily. Deer also tend to avoid routine and are always in search of new experiences. 

Using Your Deer Spirit as a Messenger of Change

Deer are sensitive animals. If you prefer deer as your totem, then you should carry the sensitivity trait in lots of aspects in your daily life. Deer are associated with serenity, calmness, and peace. In a way, you see what others feel but do not demonstrate. Hear their words when they cannot communicate them. Deer spirit carries innocence and a sense to rush to comfort the pain of others. 

What Does Deer Mean in My Dreams?

As earlier mentioned, deer symbolizes lots of positive traits. For starters is its ability to possess both spiritual and physical strength. It is also an animal linked with sexuality, fertility, and powerful instincts. 

Therefore, dreaming of deer is of great significance and much more profound intuition. Not many people get to dream of deer despite seeing them almost every day. It symbolizes a character of people who can remain tranquil and calm in challenging situations. People that struggle through difficulty to find simple things like love. 

Positive Traits of Deer as a Spirit Guide

Sensitive. As deer have good senses to smell you or hear you from a distance, you can also sense people that carry ill intentions towards you. 

Intuitive. The ability to see what lurks beyond keeps deer alive. Active senses towards the slightest changes in people depict a person that notices all details. 

Firm but gentle. You carry an aura of grace and peace but seldom bullied or swayed to accept a different idea from your norms. The ability to know how and when to react keeps you principled. 

Negative Traits of Deer as a Spirit Guide

Overly cautious. Deer like to keep safe and, in the end, worry too much. Sometimes deer guides in people represent the inability to make a potential move that bears the risk and reward element.

Deer is less trusting and represents people that may have problems with making friends. 

Facts Related to Deer Symbolism

To understand deer symbolism, we must relate to the animal in its natural habitat. Then observe how it carries itself when confronting daily challenges and experiences. Below are three observations that you should know if you have deer as your spirit and guide animal. 

Deer Represents A State of Peace 

Deer is not a vicious animal. If you have seen deer in your life, then you know the peace that comes with its surrounding. Almost a deafening silence. Deer, therefore, is an idea of peace, gentleness, and kindness as opposed to conflict and competition, as is known of humankind. 

A deer guide is peaceful and calm in times of conflict and challenge, and this is an attribute that most people seek. 

Deer Can Be Strong If Need Be

Kindness, peace, and gentleness are often misinterpreted as a sign of weakness. On the contrary, deer is only brave when it has to be and will always choose the best reaction over the available. It shows the wisdom of knowing the struggles you can overcome. The inner instinct of reacting the right way to different situations regardless of the challenges they pose. 

Being One with Your Inner-self

Your inner self is an idea of limitlessness. It means you can have a variation of yourself since you were born. Reaching down to the child within and accepting the playfulness in you to come out is healthy. Everyone has an inner-child, and you should consolidate with it from time to time. When you and your inner-child are at parity, you can make the most progress in life. 

We all have an inner child, but there is a need to effectively make peace with it for us to then make progress in our lives. Knowing when to be playful and when to take things seriously is a gift you may overlook. 

The inner child is ambitious, restless, and sometimes reckless. Attributes that lead to new experiences and, most rewardingly, adventure.  Inner-self or inner-child is all about a person being comfortable in their skin. Having strong opinions and belief and confidence in thoughts. 

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Hitting a deer should be a sign of falling apart and giving in to the side that appeals to the “other side.” Losing focus, caution, and gentleness is a sign that may represent the need for change in your character. The deer is not a conflicted animal. It shows decisiveness and executes patience in challenging situations. It is relentless in its pursuit of self-improvement. 

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