What Diseases Can You Get from Wild Hogs?

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Entanglement with animals has seen the occurrence of countless alien diseases that take on a heavy body count before finding their cure. A wild hog, whose population is steadily multiplying, is among the animals that humans should be careful while handling. It is with this concern that most hunters find the question of what diseases can you get from a wild hog troubling and its answer of importance.

In this article, we will expound on the various diseases you can contract after irresponsibly handling this species. While at it, we will also touch on the do’s and don’ts when interacting with a wild hog. By now, their population is widely spread across the United States, with new sightings reported frequently. 

The Most Common Diseases

Swine Brucellosis

Swine brucellosis is a wild hog disease that is caused by bacteria and is susceptible to human beings. Such illnesses are referred to as zoonosis diseases, and they are more dangerous on humans than they are on their initial hosts. 

From animal to animal, the disease transmits through breeding with an infected character. It is not a must for the two to have been in physical contact for successful transmission; physical interactions with any of its semen or reproductive fluid will also lead to transmission. From animal to human, ingestion of the bacteria causing disease is one way you may find yourself with this disease.

Symptoms in Hogs


Abortion is most likely to occur during any stage of their gestation period. I believe the cause of this is the damage caused to its reproduction system. If the animal lives to conceive a second time after the failed pregnancy, then the outcome will remain unpleasant.


After several failed gestation sessions, the female’s reproductive system will eventually fail. In other words, the female will be unable to reproduce further, hence termed as infertile.


This ailment is explicit to males and involves the irregular swelling of its testicles. The infected animal will also experience sharp pains from time to time. Since the most affected line is the reproductive system, such effects are typical.


Apart from the reproductive system, the infected organism faces inflammation in its joints. This issue then further res