22-250 for Deer Hunting

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I was not surprised when I came to learn that the 22-250 is one of the most popular rounds across all rifle fanatics. This 4000+ fps varmint slayer is widely used across the world for various purposes. This full usability has led to its chambering in all major rifle makers in the market. And really the 22-250 for Deer Hunting is just fantastic, which is why we wrote this article.

Due to its vast pool of manufacturers, there is a wide selection of factory-grade ammo offered in the .22-250 range. Its bullets range from 35-75g. The Hornady is one of the brands that provide this cartridge, and they recently introduced record-breaking ammo versions for it. These 50-grain bullets move at incredible velocities that will leave a wide grin on any great shooter’s face.

The efficiency of this rifle, however, depends on the bullet type selected. With the right bullet, this load will take down deer and other medium-sized game easily.

A Brief History of the 22-250 

It would be a shame if I was not to include the rich history of this rifle in this article. Initially known as the .22-250 varminter, it boasts of a fascinating history that kicked off in the late 1930s up to date. 

These cartridges’ first breakthrough was in 1963 after it was factory chambered in browning rifles. This development was the turning point for this item, and it caught the attention of most rifle enthusiasts. In 1965, Remington officially standardized this cartridge, adding its name to the title of the round. The name changed to .22-250 Remington.