Beretta APX Carry: Review

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Standing in the gap between firearm users and great firearms for a very long time in history is the Italian company-Beretta. Beretta may be the world’s oldest firearm company and the best at what it does. If you have had the chance to look at reviews of some of their pistols such as the Beretta BU9 Nano and the Beretta M9A3, then you’ll agree with me that this is your ultimate gun brand. Their latest release was the Beretta APX Carry, a gun that you will undoubtedly fall in love with by just having a glimpse at it. 

The APX Carry is a 9mm single-stack striker subcompact pistol that comes with numerous user-friendly features. This pistol is structurally designed for personal protection, and those who have had a taste of its services can attest that they indeed got value for their money when they purchased the gun. The quality of this gun is certainly something you won’t have to worry about. Beretta has done an excellent job of making sure you get the best end product.

The development process in itself was a complete overhaul of former production processes the company has had on other guns. You will be pleased to learn how Beretta included more than a million test rounds and suggestions from 500 proven full-time end users. With all these investments in research and public opinion, the resultant gun is what you expect it to be, a magnificent pistol. 

What it Borrows from its Predecessor, the APX Compact

If you have been a consistent buyer of the Beretta Company’s firearms, then you have probably met the APX semi automatic pistol that came into existence just before the APX Carry pistol. The APX semiautomatic pistol was an iconic gun in its days and was designed specifically for military and law enforcement operators. The good news is that APX Carry blends in most of the great features that its predecessor, the APX, had.

Like its predecessor, the APX carry also comes with the reinforced technopolymer serialized frame, steel slide, and the Beretta’s signature trapezium-shaped slide cuts. The slide cuts cover the whole length of the slide to offer an improved purchase when sliding.

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What Does this Gun Have to Offer?

Features of the Beretta APX Carry

You are probably wondering why the APX carry is taking the markets by storm and what makes it unique from the rest of the Beretta guns family. Well, you will only perfectly understand this if you go through this gun’s features and understand how it operates. That said, let us go through some of these features below.

The Nitro-carburized Barrel

Just like its slide, which is nitro-carburized, the barrel is one unique feature of the APX Carry. It is 3.07 inches long, coupled with a six groove of ratio 1:10 RH twist. You do not have to beat yourselves the barrel’s constant replacements as its nature makes it one of the most durable barrels in the market. It also demands minimal maintenance, so you will not have to worry about a spoilt barrel every other time.

Reinforced Polymer Frame

Not only is this frame reinforced and made of Polymer for durability, but it is also serialized to give it a unique identification to your gun. It measures just 0.9 inches wide, 5.63 inches long and 4.17 inches high. These are perfect dimensions that make it a befitting member of the family of top-notch pistols in this class. 

The polymer frame comes in diverse colors so that you can settle in for the best according to your taste and preferences. It is present in black, Wolf gray, OD green and flat dark earth colors, a collection of what I would call ‘cool colors’ for a private pistol.

Automated Safety System

While the APX Carry gun lacks in the manual safety system, you should not worry about accidental shots, and unforeseen trigger pulls. The gun is equipped with both an automatic striker block safety and internal trigger safety. It comes with a striker deactivation button that allows you to decock the gun without necessarily pulling the trigger. 

Easy Disassembly 

You will certainly need to break down your APX Carry gun to clean it or make some adjustments and repairs at one point or the other. The Beretta Company has made the process a simple and quick one for you. You will only have you to remove the magazine with the help of the small slide lock and a reversible oval-shaped magazine release.

After you have removed the magazine and ensured the gun is unloaded, you then decock the gun and turn the takedown screw on the frame’s right side. The screw is fitted in a 90-degrees angle to remove the slide and the barrel for easy disassembly.

Well-Structured Frame

APX Crown boasts of a well-designed and shooter-friendly frame with deep finger grooves, a sizable undercut, and a trigger guard. The trigger guard will comfortably accommodate large fingers for comfortable trigger access. Its grip panels have a texture that is functional but mild, and it is bookended by aggressive texturing on the front strap and backstrap.

The backstrap comes with a significant bulge that pushes the hand high on the grip and a substantial beavertail. Since the gun’s grip geometry accommodates most shooters’ hands, the gun doesn’t come with any additional backstraps or grip panels as other guns do.

Two Metal Magazines

 APX Carry comes with two metal magazines plus interchangeable base pads to give you convenient shooting experience. The magazine is a six-round capacity magazine, and it functions with either a flush-fitting base plate or a pinky extension. The extra magazine is an eight-round extension magazine that is perfect for those with really big hands and is more realistic for range applications.

The magazine release of this pistol is well-positioned, and you will have no fear of the six-round magazine hanging up in the gun. Plus, the release is perfectly positioned behind the trigger and is reversible to accommodate left-handed shooters.

Smooth Trigger Pull

The APX Carry’s trigger pull is relatively smooth, which accords your fingers an easy moment when pulling the trigger. However, the trigger pull has been in the spotlight for being considerably long for a striker-fired gun. A long trigger pull won’t be good news for shooters with long fingers as they may find it burdensome. With the low bore axis and well-designed grip, you can rest assured that you will have quite manageable recoils.

Highly Accurate

In its list of greatness, the APX Carry gun adds a high accuracy feature. A feature that all gun users love in their guns. Forget the long trigger pull that makes it somehow burdensome to use. That doesn’t affect the accuracy of this exceptional pistol. Its optimized grip angle and low bore axis help reduce the muzzle flip and boost the speed of follow-up shots, hence adding up the gun’s accuracy.

The grip texturing also helps keep the gun planted when firing, so the bullet does not wave to the left or right when shot and, therefore, accurately tracing and hitting the target. Its smooth 6.5-pound DAO trigger promotes straight backward pull and minimizes sight distortion, which boosts your shooting accuracy.

The Pros

Using the APX Crown pistol will undoubtedly come with numerous benefits. Let’s peruse some of the reasons why you should buy the APX Crown firearm.

  • Very affordable price despite having so many high-quality features.
  • Beretta offers a full line of accessories for this gun, including additional magazines and baseplates.
  • It comes with a shelf inside the trigger guard that acts as a dust cover or frame guard for the trigger.
  • Swappable magazine release.
  • Left-sided slide release promotes convenience.
  • The trigger guard has enough room to accommodate fingers with winter-weight gloves.
  • Ergonomic texturing on the slide ensures easy grasping for reloading and press checks. 

The Cons

I may not have experienced any issues with the gun, I find it perfect. However, there are some claims that it is heavier than other pistols

Beretta APX Carry Accessories

For even better performance and reliable services, you will certainly need some accessories to top up the parts that come with the gun. Genuine and reliable accessories are available from the company’s online stores. Let’s have a look at some of these accessories below.

Beretta APX Hybrid 2 Clip Right Hand Holster

The holster is comfortable and concealable with a bulletproof construction and a unique design to meet all your desired needs. You get to carry your pistol comfortably and in a hidden demeanor whenever you are in public places with it. It also comes with adjustable carry depth for easy adjustment on your belt clips. It is made using premium grade leather to see to it that it serves you for the longest time possible.

Beretta APX Carry 6 Round Magazine with Pinky Extension

You will undoubtedly need the pinky extension for boosted balance. The Pinky extension makes sure that you achieve the requisite balance between shooting and concealability. The extension works well with your Beretta APX Carry as it is designed to fit the gun specifications. This six-round magazine with pinky extension is a direct OE replacement for the original APX Carry six-round magazine.

Mostly, the extra 8 round extended magazine that comes with the gun upon purchase causes the weapon to jam whenever you try replacing the magazine. This demands that you get an extra six-rounder magazine for effective performance.

Beretta APX Civilian Left Hand Holster

Beretta had you in mind if you are left-handed and need a perfect hand holster to carry the APX Carry gun. This OWB thermoformed holster allows you to carry your gun on the belt, allowing quick access and secure carry anywhere you go. It is perfect to use under a cover garment like the Beretta active track jacket. It also offers you adjustable retention for even more convenient use.

Beretta APX Carry 8 Round Magazine

If you have tried the 8 round magazine and fell in love with its maximum grip and control nature, you will undoubtedly be going for an extra round. It is the highest rounds capacity that the APX Carry pistol can accommodate. Like the 6 round magazine, it is also a direct OE replacement for the original APX Carry 8 round magazine.

Beretta APX Carry 6 Round Extended Floorplate

Once you have fed your magazine into the gun, you will not leave it exposed and uncovered and risk losing it. The APX Carry 6 round extended Floorplate helps you to avoid this accident. It practically allows for the best concealment available for the APX Carry pistol. It is a perfect replacement for the pinky extension that comes with your APX Carry 6 round magazine.

Beretta Flat Baseplate for APX Carry 6 Round Magazine

If the extended Floorplate doesn’t get to satisfy your needs perfectly, Beretta has another option for you. The Flat Baseplate for APX Carry 6 round magazine is a perfect fit for your six-round magazine and offers the best concealment possible for the APX Carry gun. It is also designed and built to entirely replace the pinky extension found on your Carry 6 round magazine.

Beretta APX Carry Black Grip Frame

Forget the serialized grip frame and its greatness. When it breaks you or gets withered, you may never get another of such a serialized quality. This means you will have no other option than replacing it with the non-serialized grip frame, which perfectly fits the non-permanent alteration of your APX Carry frame.

Also, if you would like to customize your APX Carry pistol, then this black grip frame for your APX could be the ideal option. It not only offers you color variations but also stippling and/or grip modifications.

Beretta Hearing Protection

When going for a successive or continuous shooting spree like some target shooting, you will probably need these low profile, sturdy and adjustable ear muffs. They come in blue, grey and black colors for you to pick from. These ear muffs fit comfortably on any head size with a stretchable headband that will always maintain its stretch. They reduce sound by 25 dB with a frequency range of 13 dB to 32 dB, be it when pistol shooting or lodge shooting.

Beretta Mesh Gloves

Some other moments you may need to have some gloves on to help improve your grip for the gun. There are no better gloves for this mettle of work than the Beretta Mesh Gloves. They are unisex, so you won’t have the stress of looking for female or male gloves. They have 3D mesh, which makes them breathable for comfortable use. Thanks to the non-slip palm, the gloves will help you hold your gun firmly when shooting.

Beretta APX Threaded Barrel 9mm, BBL 125mm

This threaded barrel is designed with the threaded muzzle to ensure easy mounting of a compensator or suppressor, and it comes fully equipped with a thread protector. It is designed to fit into the APX Carry gun with closed chambers perfectly, and you won’t be needing the services of a gunsmith to help fit it in.

How Does the APX Carry Compare to other Outstanding Pistols

While the gun market is still getting the best of the APX Carry gun from Beretta, the previous releases of guns from Beretta are still a favorite to most gun users. The Beretta APX family includes the Beretta NANO, Beretta Compact, Beretta Centurion, and Glock 43. Let’s find out how APX Carry compares to these other pistols below.

APX Carry versus Beretta APX NANO

There are some outstanding differences you will note between the APX Carry pistol and the NANO. Some features set the APX Carry apart from the Beretta NANO. APX Carry has a slide lock that helps in releasing the magazine quickly, whereas the NANO doesn’t come with this feature. While the two share many similarities internally, the same cannot be said for the outside. APX Carry portrays superior handling and sights on the exterior as compared to the Beretta NANO.

APX Carry is a 5.63 inches long pistol while the NANO is reigning at 6.97 inches long. This makes the APX Carry a better choice for those who adore a smaller-sized pistol for concealment. Additionally, APX Carry is much lighter than the NANO. It weighs about 19 ounces while the Beretta NANO weighs about 26 ounces. Their barrels are just 0.07 inches apart with Beretta NANO’s barrel trailing at 3.0 inches and APX Carry’s measuring more at 3.07 inches long.

APX Carry versus APX Compact 

The Compact seems to beat the APX Carry in size and height. You would be forgiven to think that it reigns over APX Carry in all dimensions. APX Carry weighs 8 ounces lesser than APX Compact with a weight of 19 ounces against Compact’s 27 ounces. The barrel sizes are far much apart with APX Compact’s barrel measuring 4.25 inches and APX Carry measuring 3.07 inches.

APX Compact is longer with an overall length of 7.75 inches beating APX Carry’s length of 5.63 inches. The compact is also taller and wider with 5.25 inches in height and 1.5 inches in width for APX Compact and 4.17 inches in height and 0.9 inches in width for APX Carry. While APX Carry can accommodate an eight-rounder magazine to the maximum, the APX Compact pistol holds more. It can accommodate a magazine of up to 13 rounds in one go.

APX Carry versus APX Centurion

Another great pistol in the list is the APX Centurion, which also serves as great as the other pistols. The latest APX Carry shares several similarities, which is normal, given that they originate from the same family. However, their differences come in structural and functional dimensions, including weight, height, height, and magazine capacity.

The APX Carry, for instance, holds an eight-rounder magazine to the maximum. The APX Centurion, on the other hand, can harbor one of up to 15 rounds in one go. While APX measures up to 7.47 inches long, the APX Carry has a fraction of this length; it measures 5.63 inches long. APX Centurion still stands taller with a height of 5.19 inches against APX Carry’s 4.17 inches.

APX Centurion still boasts of more weight than APX Carry as it weighs 27 ounces against APX Carry’s 19 ounces. Their barrels also differ in length with APX Centurion at 4.2-inches, and the APX Carry at 3 inches.

APX Carry versus Glock 43

At a closer look, you may not tell these two pistols apart from the visual point of view. Their sizes, height, and width are almost the same, making it difficult to tell them apart. If the visual comparison seems unsatisfactory, you can try lifting the two guns and feel their weights. This test, too, will not tell any substantial difference as they weigh almost the same. The Carry weighs 19 ounces while the Glock 43 weighs 18 ounces.

The height difference is just 0.08 inches, with Glock 43 measuring more at 4.25 inches high. There is a 0.63-inch difference in their lengths with APX Carry taking the lower measurement at 5.63 inches. The pistols are from different companies, notwithstanding, it is easy to think the two pistols are from the same family.

Final Verdict

Any day, if it were upon me, I wouldn’t hesitate to choose the APX Carry pistol over the others in the Beretta family. APX Carry tries to bring together all the great features inherent in these other pistols and blend them into a perfect, sizable casing. The six rounds magazine is detachable and reloading is easy.

The gun’s top-notch features and qualities did not push the company to release it at exorbitant prices. You may be amazed to get to know how affordable this gun is. Again, you will just love the slide lock feature. If anything, you should get to purchase this pistol for this outstanding feature, and you sure will be having a comfortable time shooting.

Get yourself the Beretta APX Carry gun today and join the many other gun users who have taken this smart move and are getting the services they deserve.

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