Top 11 Best Hog Hunting Trips

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Did you know that six million hogs are roaming around the United States alone? If this isn’t reason enough to get up and plan a hog hunting trip, then let me give you one more. Hogs are destructive beasts that transmit diseases and tear down crops. Now, every year hunters get to add hog hunting to their calendars, and its time you do the same!

In this article, I will take you through the best hog hunting trips that you should consider. It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned hunter or a beginner, I have you covered. These are the top ten hog hunting trips that you must take to get the full experience.

1. Driven Hog Hunts in Europe

In Europe, you get to have a whole new experience when it comes to hog hunting. Most of the time, you will have a well-organized driven hog hunt that will be accompanied by a Traditional ceremony known as the last drive. Trust me, it doesn’t get better than this, especially when you are in a group of around six or more.

Driven hog hunting in Romania or Bulgaria will incorporate the use of hunting dogs, which is just exceptional. You also get to experience the beautiful scenery in remote Europe. However, you need to be careful; you don’t get distracted when the drive starts.

In Europe, most of the hog hunting is mixed with other game hunts for a more fun experience. You must have appropriate clothing because it gets cold. Warm clothing is advisable to ensure that you don’t run into some sticky situations.

What I found interesting about hog hunting in Europe is the abundance of hog hunting agencies do all the paperwork for you. They provide you with all the necessary paperwork, including a shooting license. So you forgot to carry your gun or ammunition? No problem; these agencies have you covered. Everything is made simple and convenient, thus letting you have a good driven hog hunt experience.

2. Hog Hunting in Texas

According to botanists, Texas could be home to over two million hogs making it the perfect destination. What is more bizarre is that the population has been on the rise and is not expected to slow down anytime soon. Some organizations are contemplating the use of toxicants to try and control the population increase of these invasive brutes.

Seasoned hog hunters love Texas because the state has minimal restrictions since they want to reduce the population of the hogs. You get to hunt these creatures all year round without limitations and no bag limits. What makes it more fun is the fact that you could shot from a helicopter and hunt at night.

If you are a beginner, then you shouldn’t lose sleep, there are several experienced guides and ranches around. They offer hog hunting trip packages at affordable prices, and you get to learn from experienced hunters with years of experience.

Texas is among the top on our list due to the highly-rated guides and numerous feral hogs that make the entire experience worthwhile every time. Every location in Texas brings in a new special experience, and you have to remember to have fun.

3. Hog Hunting in Florida

When you are a hog hunter in the United States, no other state other than Florida will offer you a different hunting environment and landscape. This is a swampland that is full of massive gators that bring a whole new feel to hog hunting.

From a glance, many people tend to avoid Florida due to the huge gators, which is normal, but not for a hog hunter. The good news is that there is no limit to the harvest that you can get when you are on private lands.

You need to book a hog hunting trip with an experienced guide on private lands to get the most thrill and excitement. The whole gator scenario just makes hog hunting much more interesting if you ask me. You get an environment that only a few dare to venture, and it’s just marvelous.

4. Hog Hunting in Hawaii

If you have a hunters list, then Hawaii needs to be at the top of that list. Although known for pristine beaches and beautiful mountain volcanos, Hawaii is a top destination for hog hunting. Why not get to enjoy the traditional luau while hog hunting?

With Hawaii, however, the first thing you will need is an experienced guide. This is because all the different regions have separate firearms and hunting laws. Navigating through the restrictions can be a nightmare to many hunters, and you might just end up abandoning the entire trip.

Ensure that you get an experienced guide who has a ton of positive reviews. If previous hunters were satisfied with the guide, then you will too. You don’t want to get to Hawaii and spend your hog hunting trip sitting on some beautiful beach with a drink in your hand.

5. Hog Hunting in Oklahoma

Bordering Texas, Oklahoma is one of the must-visit destinations for hog hunters. It is home to more than 400,000 hogs and prim land that offers a new experience. What makes it great is the fact that it isn’t overrun with hog hunters.

In Oklahoma, you get vast hunting lands that make it worthwhile to use hunting dogs. Hug hunting is much more fun with vast land because you get great kills every time. The excitement of killing