Top 10 Best Feeder Lights for Hog Hunting – Buyers Guide

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Can you go hunting at night? Under normal circumstances, you are limited from making free movements and seeing through the dark to take accurate shots. Feeder lights are effective in the reduction of your limits to allow you to hunt day and night. If you have a menace of wild hogs on your property or a fan of outdoor activities like hunting, you shall need a good feeder light. This guide is for the first time and subsequent users of feeder lights for hog hunting.

What are feeder lights used for?

Feeder lights are used to make your night hunting expeditions more fun and less cumbersome. The hog feeder lights are mounted to the feeder or surfaces like poles or trees as you wait for the animals in a concealed location nearby. The green light is more effective when you are hunting for wild hogs as they cannot identify the light even when it is shone nearby.

What aspects did we look at when making this list?

Range– you need to get a clear light on the game to make accurate shots. Too bright light can also scare them off. Our list explores feeder lights that generate light in different intensities and colors.

Power Source– A feeder light can run off C batteries, li-ion batteries, solar energy, or external power ports. This list includes lighters that are powered by different sources.

Triggers– Feeder lights are turned on/off by motion, manually, or by a timer. Our list explores some of the best feeder lights using different types of triggers.

Durability– For quality hunting, you need a product that can last for several years in different weather. Our lists include durable products that can serve you well in hunting hogs for years.

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Ten best feeder lights

Moultrie Feeder Light

Moultrie Feeder Light is a budget-friendly feeder light featuring a ring of thirty-five high-powered lights. The lights feature adjustable brightness and can light up to thirty-five feet away. It is activated by motion, manual activation, or photocell. It is best to attach it beneath your feeder.

We have used this product successfully for years now. Hence why we put it as our number 1 pick. Here is a link to the cheapest one on Amazon.


• It has a four-way switch of dusk, on, off, and motion modes

• It can run on battery or external power.


• You can connect it to an external power port when batteries run out.

• It illuminates a vast region without scaring off your kill.

• It is compatible with most feeders available in the market.


• Not entirely durable and waterproof.

American Hunter Swine Shine Hog Light Motion Activated Feeder Light

This product features a 360-degree PIR monitor sensor and thirty-six powerful LEDs recognizing the slightest of movements. The weather-resistant product also has a CDS light sensor and a fade on/off light activation. Each feeder light comes with all products that you need to mount and use it effectively. Here is the link to the cheapest one on Amazon right now.


• 36 green LEDs

• 180 seconds of light per triggering


• It is weather-resistant and durable

• it can light up a wide region

• you can mount it on different surfaces


• it drains batteries slightly faster

• the light can increase your chances of getting cancer.

Wildgame Innovations Moonshine

Wildgame Innovations Moonshine features a PIR-activated motion sensor sixteen green LED lights. It has an inbuilt solar panel charging system and a li-ion battery that can run all night. You might have some setbacks on the amount of light emitted and the sensitivity of its sensor. The light might not be very bright but is very efficient in not scaring away your bait. Here is the link to the cheapest one on Amazon right now!


• On/off switch

• Built-in solar charging system and a lithium-ion rechargeable battery


• it is not expensive

• durable and weatherproof

• the rechargeable battery is powered by solar energy


• The motion sensor is not very sensitive

• It is not very bright

MOULTRIE Motion-Activated LED Feeder Hog Lights w/ 30FT Radius

the set of two Moultrie Motion-activated lights is ideal for night hunting, being that it can be activated by photocell, manual, or motion. It features thirty-five high-powered LEDs that light up a radius of thirty feet. It allows you to adjust brightness levels to your specifications after mounting it to your feeder.


• It runs on four ‘C’ cell batteries

• It has strap loops for easier mounting


• You can adjust brightness levels.

• The strap allows you to mount it on any surface.

• It is easily mounted on different feeders.


• The ‘C’ cells are not included in your package.

• The set drains batteries much faster.

Kill Light Extreme Bright

This is one of the brightest feeder lights for hog hunting that can light up a diameter of 30-40 feet. Anti-Spook technology is incorporated to avoid scaring animals away. You might need to spend a dime on adding this masterpiece to your collection of gear for hog hunting. This might be the best option if you’re only looking for performance and not considering the cost. Here is the cheapest I could find on Amazon.


• It has two lighting modes of motion and timer.

• 360-degree detection

• It features anti-spook technology


• It provides bright light covering a wide range

• It has several modes to choose from for the timer and motion

• Anti-spook tech ensures that light is ramped up in a safe mode.


• It is expensive

• It is not waterproof

The Boar Light – Baited Hog Hunting Light

The Boar Light has 650 lumens that are effective in delivering bright light, illuminating your game. You can mount the stationary light on different surfaces, most preferably, a T-post or pole. It features a Li-ion battery, 6W solar panel, and green LED light. Here is the link to the cheapest one I could find on Amazon.


• Runs off rechargeable batteries

• i450 lumens on low light and 650 lumens on the brightness mode.


• It works effectively with different feeders.

• it features motion and light sensors that help you locate game


• It is quite expensive in relation to similar products

• The stationary light limits your mobility.

Kill Light Motion Activated Feeder Light

This Kill Light Feeder Light features twenty-four green LEDs that generate plenty of light covering 30-40 feet around the feeder. You can use different options to attach your feeder light effectively using built-in magnets, retractable rings, and clips. You can power it using C batteries, auxiliary cable, or photocell. Here is a link to the cheapest one I could find on amazon.


• Runs of cable, batteries, or photocell

• Different modes of attachment.


• It illuminates a wide range

• It has several attachment options

• The green LED does not scare animals


• The light is not very bright

• It is not durable and waterproof

Elusive Wildlife Kill Light Feeder Light

The elusive wildlife kill light is a portable and effective source of light for night hog hunting. The portable and affordable light can be self-powered for days by utilizing the photocell and 4 ‘C’ batteries. An auxiliary power cord can also power the 24-green LEDs. Here is the cheapest one on Amazon right now.


• Twenty-four green LEDs

• Uses 4 ‘C’ cell batteries


• It features multiple installation options on different surfaces

• It is portable and affordable

• it is compatible with most feeders.


• Watch out for varmints that can chew your solar charger wires

• Batteries are not included.

Blind Side Feeder Light

The Blind Side Feeder Light has similar shapes and configurations to the trail camera. It is compact and sturdy, making it easy for you to move. It has a single bright green light lighting up to thirty yards. You can control the system using manual or motion activation. The light switches off automatically within twenty seconds of zero movements to conserve power.

Here was the cheapest one I could find on Amazon.


• Auto on/off features and continuous modes.

• Manual and auto modes


• It can be attached to posts, trees, and feeders

• The light is budget-friendly

• Illuminates up to thirty yards


• It does not have external power

• The light can switch off too early

Wildgame Innovations Moonshine Varmint Feeder Light

The moonshine varmint feeder light delivers the best features and performance at affordable prices. The system has adjustable light arms, photocell activation. It features easy to use toggle controls and four lens colors. It is highly resistant to weather and highly durable. This was the cheapest I could find on Amazon.


• Four lens colors (red, green, clear, and blue)

• It has PIR/photocell activation

• It has adjustable light arms


• It is budget-friendly

• Durable and highly resistant to changes in weather

• It fits all Remington power control units and wild game innovations


• The 6V battery is not included

• It is likely to produce less light compared to other related products.

FAQ Hog Feeders

What is a Feeder Light?

A feeder light is used in lighting up your area of location as you hunt for game in the dark. The light focuses on your target, making it easy for you to take accurate shots.

Where can I purchase a Feeder Light?

Feeder lights are available in physical retail and online stores like Amazon. You may visit the shop near you or make an online purchase.

How Long Does a Feeder Light Last?

Feeder lights are built to stand the test of time. Your product lasts depending on how good you care for it and the intensity of its use and how long your battery lasts unless it’s solar-powered.

How can I use a Feeder Light?

A feeder light can be mounted on different surfaces. You can mount it on a tree, post, or hog feeder. Make sure you don’t mount it so the light shines directly into your wild life camera if you have one.

Can I get a Universal Feeder Light?

A hog feeder light can be used together with different types of feeders. You should get a feeder light that you can mount on different surfaces.

Bottom Line

Our guide explores the top ten feeder lights for hog hunting. The guide includes an FAQ section and factors that you should consider while shopping for feeder lights for hog hunting. With a large number of products available in the market, you need to select the one that best suits you. Our list is totally based on our own tests and own opinions. Happy hunting my friend!

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