Can Deer Eat Bananas?

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Your trees have come into fruit, or they’re already hanging from stalks in bunches of yellow happiness. However, besides the leaves coming under herbivore attack, it’s okay to worry about your entire potassium and fiber-rich crop of plantain; both green and ripe. It’s said that no fruit is sweeter, so can deer eat bananas?

Deer are opportunistic feeders, and they will eat bananas even though they’re not naturally found in their diet. If the fruit becomes available, they’ll eat it because it’s sweet but not for any particular nutritional advantage. Since the ruminant lacks upper incisors, a ripe banana is an especially soft treat that’s easy to consume.

If you have bananas in your yard, they’ll easily attract deer. This article lets you learn how to prevent deer from snacking on your plantains; ensuring that you’ll harvest a deserving fruit for your gardening efforts.

Will Deer Jump Over Hoops to Get At Your Bananas?

Have you managed to propagate some bananas in your temperate area by burlap-wrapping roots through the cold weather? Or do you want to get rid of that slowly rotting bunch that’s seen fresher days; and are wondering if you can help fatten up your season’s venison harvest?  Well, anything is possible if you put your mind to it, but remember that you’re dealing with unpredictable wildlife.

Banana plants grow in North and South America, Africa, China, and India, where various deer species also habituate. Deer bred in captivity are used to being fed bananas once in a while in small portions as a treat. However, their wild kin rarely comes across the ripe fruit. It’s not unheard of for curiosity to drive them to discover its sweet taste in your garden.

Rich in potassium, fiber, carbohydrates, and vitamins, bananas are a good addition to existing deer fare. The peel also comes highly favored. However, much of that nutrition can be sourced elsewhere; such as from grass, lichens, mushrooms, forbes, or herbaceous broad-leafed plants, wild fruit, and berries.

Are There Species of Bananas That Are Resistant To Deer?

Deer are wild herbivores, scientific species Cervidae, and they consist of several subspecies in the US. The most common types of this ungulate around North America are whitetail, mule, and fallow deer. These creatures are popular for their grace, beauty, and venison, but they’ll end up in your garden when there’s a food deficit in their natural habitat.

While they’ll eat almost anything palatable they can find when hungry, the diet of deer includes shrubs, grass, leaves, nuts, fungi, and fruit. Feeding habits vary with the season, and although bananas aren’t part of their usual fare, they consider them a treat. The ungulates won’t come actively looking for your crop unless there’s stress or starvation in the herd, but any rotting fruit will act as a scent beacon.

You certainly don’t want deer hoofs trampling all over your garden, ruining banana trees, or engorging themselves on ripe fruit. The varmint also