Can Deer Antlers Make Dogs Sick?

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We often think we give our pets too much variety when in reality all of them may not be helpful or safe. For example, antlers might seem like an excellent chew toy because they’re hard on your puppy’s teeth and gums while keeping him entertained for hours! But did you ever wonder whether this is really good or bad? Can deer antlers make dogs sick?

We know that it’s important to keep our dogs engaged with new and interesting treats. Antlers are a popular choice because they have many benefits for the dog, but can also cause some health issues if used incorrectly.

Stay put as we discuss how safe or unsafe antlers are to our furry friends and how to prepare them safely..

Are Antlers Safe for Dogs?

Since antlers have been prepared from natural products, they shouldn’t pose a problem for your dog. However, chewing on an antler can still make them unwell. 

The most significant risks of feeding antlers to dogs include;

Teeth Fracture

One of the most significant risks involved in feeding dogs antlers is tooth fracture. Dogs have a lot more teeth than humans, and their jaw pressure can be up to 100 pounds per square inch, while ours stand at about 70 pounds per square inch.

This means that they put significantly more force into chewing on food items like bones or antlers than we do when eating chicken breasts with our little front incisors alone. Repeatedly biting down hard enough will eventually cause blunt trauma which inevitably leads to fractures.

Many dogs are fed raw antlers to help clean their teeth. If your dog has a weaker dental system, there i