Can I Shoot a Gun on My Property in Virginia?

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 You are probably asking whether you can shoot squirrels at your backyard in Virginia without alarming the authority. Although circumstances on gun discharge in Virginia may vary depending on the purpose or conditions, you can fire your gun on your property in Virginia. However, it should be in a secluded location, at least 100 yards from any occupied structure.

 Virginia is regarded as one of the states with the most lenient gun ownership laws. This should however not be mistaken with the laws that govern the use of firearms in this state. The laws on public safety create a hindrance to any sort of gun discharge in public. Granting, this should not be misinterpreted because public shooting ranges exist.

This cuts across the Virginia state, which has created laws and policies applicable to local and international functions. The gun control debate has caught people in an unwarranted position, depending on their stand and jurisdiction. Some citizens feel the need to own a firearm for personal protection or hunting while certain functions fight this. Hence it becomes essential to keep up with the gun debate since activists keep fighting for change in gun laws.

Which Are the Requirements For Possessing and Shooting a Gun in Virginia?

In every part of asset possession, the question regarding the legality of ownership is part and parcel. Since there are laws allowing or restricting gun possession in Virginia, you should comprehensively understand them all. Hunting is one of those undertakings that require proper furnishing of gun possession laws in this state. Here, you will be indulged with all information you need to hunt using a gun in the state of Virginia.

Legal Requirements


The legal age for gun possession is a predetermined factor in every jurisdiction. This is established through years of research on the impact of a firearm on the social and hunting setting. Also, the right age to own a gun has been categorized by the type of firearm you can acquire in this state. This means that rifle and handgun ownership in Virginia will vary with your age.

For a hunter to own a rifle, the legal age is 18 years, but this is different when acquiring a handgun. Handguns have been regarded to require a particular state of maturity for ownership. Like the legal age of taking alcohol, you have to be 21 years and above to own a handgun. This consequently applies to acquiring ammunition and the requirements remain the same.


There are situations where non-residents may require purchasing a gun, or they already own one. For residents, if you have attained the right age, what you need is a valid government-issued identification card. In case you can’t momentarily present your identification card, a driver’s license is a viable option. This is as long as it has a 30 days issue period.

Ownership of a Gun by Non-Residents

For the security of residents and non-residents, laws and policies have been formulated to ensure the Virginia people remain protected. Hence, any citizen from other states can still own a gun but with stringent requirements. Just like the state citizens, all you need is an I.D card from the state you come from. If you don’t possess one, you can still present your fishing license, phone bill, lease agreement, bankers check, and passport.

Sometimes, a non-resident may already have a gun-carrying permit from another state. But the law strictly requires the two states to have a commonwealth agreement for your license to be valid. Also, you should not have any revocation of your license in the past.

Which Are The Hunting Hours for Firearm Holders In Virginia?

Here is the tricky bit. Hunting in Virginia using a gun requires you to coordinate your schedule because the hours and days will vary. There are schedules for the weekdays and weekends. All this is done to protect and conserve game.

Weekday Hunting

In Virginia, you are required by law to follow the schedule stipulated for hunting. From sunrise, you are allowed to hunt all game that doesn’t migrate, but this will vary with the season. The start and end hours for hunting differ, and hunters should strictly adhere to them. Some game such as foxes and bobcats can be hunted using a gun both day and night.

Weekend Hunting

Weekends are when many find time to go out in the wild to try their guns when hunting game. In Virginia, especially Sundays, you must observe a hunting protocol that, when broken, becomes a state offense. On Sundays, most game, including water-wolfs, may be hunted as long as you are 200 meters away from religious grounds. If you own a license or permit to shoot on the holy day, you can do it freely.

Hence, it’s vital to have a clear understanding of when and what you’re allowed to hunt using a gun in Virginia. The type of game you are allowed to hunt will differ depending on the time of the week.

What Kind Of Clothing Should You Wear When Hunting In Virginia?

When asking if I can shoot a gun on my property in Virginia, you have to consider the safety factor. Virginia happens to have thousands of hectares of hunting land. When hunters go on their voyage, there are bound to be hundreds, if not thousands. This makes visibility a priority considering guns are being used for hunting.

To reduce any case of friendly fire when hunting, the state of Virginia requires hunters to wear unique clothing. Hence for any hunter, you must wear an orange or pink blaze and a hat with either color. The apparel’s visibility should meet the requirements, and this is to ensure the hunter’s safety. It’s vital to realize that there are exceptions when hunters are not required to wear unique clothing.

The Conditions Set for Gun Permit Holders in Virginia

The independent state of Virginia has set a few conditions for handgun owners with permits to hunt game. First, it’s stated clearly that no legal firearm holder should be barred from carrying a handgun, especially in transit. But, it’s unlawful to carry the same weapon outside the hunting jurisdictions or use it for other reasons.

Hunting Using Guns under the Influence

Having fun is amusing; when many undertake their hunting expenditure, it’s to relieve stress, and for some, it’s a hobby. Thus, sipping a little of the anointed juice may be inevitable, but it’s completely illegal when hunting. The same way you can be arrested for that DUI happens to be similar to shooting under the influence.

Under the state of Virginia hunting law, it’s illegal to hunt using a gun while drunk. This is meant to curb any irresponsible behavior and protect life. Because when you take alcohol, it’s bound to impair your judgment.

Can I Shoot Game In My Property?

This will depend on which side of the law you position yourself. That’s depending on whether you are a private landowner or not. If you don’t own the property, you are only allowed to hunt when consent is given by the owner. For landowners, as long as you carry a valid gun permit, you can hunt game on your property.

This applies to both big and small games. It’s important to remind you that you have to be in a less populated area if you are going to discharge your gun.

Restrictions of Hunting with a Gun

With the many gun models available on the market thus restrictions have been created to protect game. This implies that certain weapons can be used, and others are prohibited. Also, these restrictions are influenced by the type of game you intend to hunt.  For instance, it’s illegal to hunt using an automatic rifle for both small and big game.

Subsequently, when hunting small game, you can use a 23 caliber and a 45 caliber for big game.

Prohibited Places to Carry A Concealed Handgun in Virginia

Even with the legality of owning a concealed handgun permit, there are places in Virginia you can’t carry your weapon. This is regardless of whether you are in transit or not. These encompass federal buildings and lands, national forests, aquatic reserves, protected islands, just to mention a few. All these and other government-protected spaces altogether prohibit carrying of a firearm.

It’s vital to realize this so as not to find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

The ‘Must Have’ Accessories for Hunters

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Final Verdict

You might have tracks of land with forestry cover and fauna that can be hunted. But then you are wondering, can I shoot a gun on my property in Virginia? Well, shooting games using a gun on your property is very attainable. This is as long as you have a good understanding of what you can and can’t do. The state of Virginia has laid down strict laws that should be adhered to if you want to hunt using a gun.

These laws are meant to protect life and give hunters an easy time on the hunting ground. Hence, if you are to discharge your gun on your property, you should realize the need to take precautions.

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