Best Hunting Books: A Countdown for the Top 15 ‘Must Read’ Books for Hunters

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2 Our 15 Favorites 2020

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My love for reading is directly proportional to my passion for hunting. I know that most hunters do not agree that these two attributes are mutually exclusive to one individual. However, it is my understanding that there exist several hunters just like me. Possessing these two attributes has led me to believe that I may be the most suitable person to compile a shortlist of books that might be of interest to others like me.

I took the liberty to list down some of the books I have come across and left a positive impression. The number of hunting books currently in the market is endless, hence the need to shortlist some to avoid wasting time on some. The books shortlisted range from captivating adventures in the dense African forests to the hunting of typical game in the vast American plains. In the list, I also included some instructional books for beginners in this field.

I believe that there is a book for everyone; my only hope is that you find one that best suits you.

Our 15 Favorites 2020

Best American Plains Hunting Book

American Serengeti: The Last Big Animals of the Great Plains by Dan Flores

Suppose you have ever had some interest in the never ending American suburban, and its inhabitants. This book best suits you, as Flores tackles how the wildlife population in the long plains adapt to the recent changes.

Flores is a skilled writer and an even better storyteller, and this is all visible in this book and other literature writings by him. He bravely indulges in the wild history of the high American plains skillfully, leaving you with enough knowledge to brag with at the ranges. This book explains explicitly how wildlife in the plains have made their homes and the developed survival adaptations.

This book mostly suits those with a yearning of understanding more about bison and pronghorn hunting.

Best Hunting Book for Women

My Place Among Men: Misadventures of the wild by Kris Millgate

A larger population of hunters in the modern world are male; however, there are a few females in this field. Kris Millgate is one of the most prominent female names in this sport. She dedicates this piece of literature to show precisely how she copes in this male-dominated sport.

As a journalist, she works on covering hunting and conservation of public land in America, among other subjects concerning the wild. This book has a feminine touch to it, and some chapters are bound to leave you in your feelings. Millgate is not afraid to show off her writing and hunting skills, which are rare to find in most female hunters. The book views her approaches as she faces the wild as a hunter and as a mother.

Her experiences are enlightening and sum up a spectacular book that deserves a spot on every female hunter’s shelf.

Best Cuisine Re-Creation Hunting Book

The Scavenger’s Guide to Haute Cuisine by Steven Rinella

Steven Rinella is one of my favorite authors, and his quality books have led to a massive following across the world. Some of his past successes include the Scavengers Guide published back in 2007. In this particular book, he takes on the challenge of navigating and hunting down various species of game.

The primary aim of his book being to recreate a famous feast from chef Auguste recipes. He documents and writes down all the hardships he goes through and how he overcomes them in this fantastic book.

The book is available in most libraries and book collections. If you are a serious hunter, it will not hurt to go through the book.

Best Elk Hunting Book

Elk of North America: Ecology and Conservation by Jack Ward Thomas

The Elk of North America is the third trilogy of Jack Ward. His expertise and content delivery has left many serious hunters referring to this book as the “elk bible.”

Although this book is not ideally about hunting, it sheds light on the elk species. Thomas mostly focuses on the ecology of this species and the do’s and don’ts to conserve the elk. It contains loads of information that most hunters are not aware of concerning the species. The first edition was published way back in 1982.

If this information is put into the right use, expect great results the next time you go for elk hunting. If you are an elk hunter, this is a must-read.

Best Hunting Memoir

Off to the Side: A Memoir by Jim Harrison

It would be a shame if I did not include this book in this list, mostly because the writer is my personal favorite. His poetry and word choice are great players in his massive following.

This memoir is not like other standard pieces, mostly because of its unpredictable twists. Harrison knows how to leave a writer yearning for more and more as he or she reads through the book. It tackles a variety of personal obsessions that are relatable by most game hunters and watchers.

If this were a movie, I would be R rated. Harrison dedicates an entire chapter to strippers; this kind of approach is what makes his books loved by many. Most of you may wonder what strippers have to do with hunting, to find out to grab yourself a copy.

Best Turkey Hunting Book

The Tenth Legion by Tom Kelly

The Tenth Legion is a book treasured by all turkey hunters who have had the opportunity to come across it. Personally, the book is more of a rite of passage than it is a piece of literature.

Kelly employs the use of humor, marrying it perfectly with a steady flow of detailed information regarding turkey hunting. In this book, he acknowledges that hunting down these animals puts strategy and tactics over comfort. He further explains practical approaches to getting pleasing results while out in the field.

The book sheds light on almost every aspect of importance in this genre, making it one of the best turkey hunting books in the market. To date, it is only available in privately published editions. For turkey hunting enthusiasts, this is a match made in heaven that is worth every coin.

Best Arctic Hunting Book

Arctic Dreams by Barry Lopez

My love for this book is overwhelming; it is probably the most reread book in my collection. Barry Lopez is an excellent writer, and this book adds to his list of accomplishments. 

It first hit the shelves in 1984, yet its content relates to the present climatic concerns facing the arctic. This book’s primary focus is on species common to the northern regions and their adaptation to the current climatic conditions

In my opinion, Lopez set a high bar that most authors are yet to reach. It is widely available in all leading book stores and across the internet. If your interest lies within the northern species, this is a book you need to consider.

Best Bow Hunting Book

Bow Hunting for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Bow Hunting Fast! By David Porterfield

Porterfield claims that one can master bow hunting with just a quick read through his book. The efficiency of its content will depend on the dedication of the reader; as you know, bow hunting can take up to a lifetime to master.

Porterfield, in this book, sheds light on the steps to take as a beginner to quickly master this skill and improve your productivity when handling a bow. Numerous aspects make up a bow master; most of them are covered in detail in a straightforward approach in the book.

Judging from all the positive comments flooding the internet, I can conclude that this book is worth its price tag. It is highly ranked among the best bow hunting books currently available in the market.

Best Valley Hunting Book

Traplines: Coming Home to Sawtooth Valley by John Rember

This book was my first hunting book ever to read and will always hold a special place in my heart. Traplines is one of the significant accomplishments of John Rember; in fact, most people remember him with this book.

John tells the tale of his young life in Idaho’s Sawtooth valley, mostly those related to hunting. Remember is not ashamed of showing off his mastery in hunting along the valley, which is home to a variety of species. He carefully weaves in the rich history of the valley with his hunting experiences accompanied by his father.

This book suits both children and young adults, and its content delivery secures it a spot in the best hunting books.

Best Rabbit Hunting Book

Rabbit Hunting: Secrets of a Master Cottontail Hunter by Dave Fisher

As the title of the book suggests, this book is tailored to suit rabbit hunters. Dave Fisher, the author, is very conversant with the wild, having spent most of his time out in the wild. This book is of importance to the average rabbit hunter, offering amazing tips.

In his book, Fisher shares his experiences in the wild, targeting hunters that are new to the rabbit hunting scene. He offers guidance to the newbies on the do’s and don’ts of this particular hunting genre. One fantastic feature that pleases me regarding the book is the approach used in tackling vital issues. He highlights the common mistakes made by most hunters and gives accurate measures of avoiding these errors as a beginner.

The book thoroughly discusses topics such as the rabbit’s personality, history, and survival techniques that are useful to the hunters. It heavily invests in the use of photos and illustrations to ensure the points are successfully driven home. In my opinion, this is the best rabbit hunting guide, especially for a beginner.

Best Hunting Essay Collection Book

Great American Hunting Stories Edited by Lamar Underwood

Essay collections have always had a place in most literature enthusiasts, and this is one tailored to suit the current day hunter. The book features works from big names in the hunting genre. Some of these well-known individuals are the likes of William T. Hornaday and Zane Grey.

The collection consists of activities from casual game encounters that the average hunter may find easily relatable. They are not restricted to one region, as the encounters range from Lions in Africa to Bird watching and hunting in South America.

This book was recently published and is still a hot cake in the current market. Why don’t you head to the book store and pick yourself a copy?

Best Primordial Hunting Book

H is for Hawk by Helen McDonald

This award-winning piece of writing by McDonald is why we read hunting books, overlooking short films and documentaries. It focuses on the interspecies relationship with primordial hunters.

McDonald touches on the mortality and relationships of wild animals, all while in partnership with a goshawk. Her research findings and how she can conveniently relay them to the reader makes it a favorite to most hunters. The stunning and friendly approach the book takes on its readers is perfect, and you may find yourself regularly rereading the piece.

The book has more than one award under its belt. If this is not reason enough for you to grab one, then I do not think you are worthy of being termed a hunter.

Best Hunting Book for Kids

Deer Hunting for Kids (Into the Great Outdoors) by Matt Chandler

There is a vast pool of children’s hunting books in the market, most of them, however, are not worth their pricing. This is not the case when it comes to “Deer Hunting for Kids” by Matt Chandler. Having come from a family of hunters, he was exposed to hunting at a very young age.

Matt shares his experiences as a young hunter and what it entails to becoming one in this book. He uses child-friendly language to ensure that the young ones can relate to what he is trying to explain. This approach is what has led to the success of this book, giving young hunters sufficient and reliable information that will lead them bravely to the hunting fields.

The book offers an excellent opportunity to expose your child to hunting at a very young age. Chandler does not invest in too many details that might end up boring the kid halfway through the book. His illustrations are short and precise, capturing the child’s attention from start to finish. It is the best hunting book for children.

Best Mountain Hunting Book

Under the Biggest Sky of All: 75 Years on Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front by Ron Mills

I bet that this book is not familiar to most of you. Not that it is not a good book; it is just that it is considered an underdog as compared to other major publications. This book is a great gift from the western tradition by Mills.

The book explains life in detail on Montana’s rocky mountain fronts. The fact that Ron Mills is not a writer adds an exquisite flavor that is not visible in most hunting books. It adds a more charming and comfortable appeal to the general overview of the book. Generally, these are campfire stories that have been put down and compiled to sum up to a fabulous book.

I promise that this book will be worth your while; all you need to do is make the effort of getting it.

Best Deer Hunting Book

That Wild Country: An Epic Journey through the Past, Present and Future of America’s Public Lands by Mark Kenyon

Kenyon is a name familiar to most deer hunters across the globe, mostly because of his successful podcast concerning the outdoor sport. Apart from hosting the podcast, he is also a writer. His latest book being That Wild Country from the Meat-eaters crew.

This book takes into account his experiences while hunting the white-tailed deer and other game in America’s public lands. He shares these experiences while touching on the rich history, politics, and predicted future of the natural resources present on the property. He uses a personal yet educational approach that suits a game hunter and watcher.

It is a fascinating book for those interested in knowing more about the game found in the public lands of America.

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