How to Use a Deer Decoy? A Beginner’s Guide

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You’ve been waiting for this moment all year, and now the time has come. Deer hunting season is beginning at last! But you don’t want to just go out there blindly—you need to be prepared so that your first hunt is a success.

For beginners looking to use deer decoys while in pursuit of their prey, it’s important not only to know how they work but also what types exist on the market today and which ones would best suit your needs. I’ve compiled some great information below:

7 Tips on How to Use a Deer Decoy

1. Timing

Timing the rut activity can improve your success rate. Using a deer decoy around October and November can bear some luck because, at this time, deer tend to be in the mood for a fight. The perfect deer decoy at this time would be looking to fight. The ears pinned back, and the body all bristled up. 

It is easier to provoke a fight during the rut than other times of the year, thereby improving your luck.