Bear Hunting: Beginners Guide

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If you are new to bear hunting, there is no doubt that you will need some guidance as there is so much that you must take into account.  Both experts and novice hunters all have opinions and tips to share. 

There is always a first time for everything, and you will get lots of advice, and some may be contradictory.  More people will tell you how to place your shots, ways to field judge a bear, and more stuff about what makes an excellent bear hunt. 

In the end, you must take matters into your hands and face the reality of the wild facing a big game. The best way for a beginner to start bear hunting is by walking in the shoes of an experienced hunter. It will increase the chances of bagging a 500-pound black bear. 

The controversy surrounding bear hunting is one that never ends. In some States, bear hunting is legal, while others condemn the sport. Most people feel it’s cruel while the trophy hunters think it is controlling the bear population to balance the ecosystem.  

As a beginner, you should acquaint yourself with the laws of your hunting area. You will need a hunting license for each state you plan to hunt. The permit can be specific to a particular bear species or gender. 

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