Hunting Hogs with Tannerite

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‘’The fascination of shooting as a sport depends wholly on whether you are at the right or wrong end of the gun.” Not only do you need to be at the right or wrong end of your gun, but also you ought to have the right kind of ammunition that does the trick. When you don’t have the right ammunition Tannerite might be an option for you. But before you even think about using Tannerite to hunt wild hogs you need to consider a few factors.

Also, we are in no way lawyers or experts on legislation but consider our advice the advice of your friendly neighbor. Whatever you do with these advice are totally up to you and if you are unsure on legislation please contact the right authorities and ask.

What is Tannerite?

A tannerite is a binary explosive target that is used for firearm practices. It is always available in kit form. A tannerite comprises of fuel and oxidizers that are provided as separate components, and it is the user who mixes them. Most of the time, aluminum powder is the one used as the fuel.

When the combination is subjected to gunfire it explodes. The tannerite is designed to blast when triggered and produces a non-flammable explosion.

The target is called a tannerite because of the mixture of the explosives and other reactive explosives. Since the target is sold as two separate components, it is available in many places without restrictions that apply to other explosives. This binary explosive is used in hunting, in business applications such as commercial blasting and product testing.

Why are people using it for hunting hogs?

People use tannerite to kill hogs because it is the most effective way of killing a lot of them with one shot. Hunting hogs is not an easy task because they are careful and can harm you or your dog in the course of your hunting. When hunting hogs, you should mind the distance and ensure that you are not near them.

It is important to mix the right amount of tannerite for the job at hand. Of course be extremely careful.

For example, if you are going to kill a herd of hogs made of fifteen of hogs, then you need to combine a mixture of explosives weighing 7lbs. These lbs. can kill the entire herd and if not many of them will be left injured and you will minimize the losses, they cause on your farm.

If you click here you can see a video in action where they kill hogs with Tannerite, fair warning though as its very graphic. Also there is this video from youtube where he takes out 15 hogs at once.

Is it legal?

Hunting hogs using tannerite is legal because the government is also campaigning for the reduction of hog’s population in the country. This breed of pigs is destructive, and they breed uncontrollably. The pigs bring about major losses in people’s farms and ranches hence approval for their elimination.

However, you need to put into consideration safety measures when using tannerite for hunting the hogs. This is to ensure that you maintain the safety of others and yourself. Only ever use tannerite when its an open area that you are 100% sure you won’t hit any other animal or humans with the explosion or bullet.

What’s the ethical standpoint on this?

Ethically, hunting hogs with tannerite is cruel. This method of hunting kills the pigs badly, and after shooting them, they take time to die. The best way of killing an animal is by ensuring that the animal dies as fast as possible. It is cruel to subject an animal to severe pain before passing away.

When you shoot a herd of hogs with tannerite, they tend to be hurt with the blast, and they do not die immediately. Some of them will get fatally injured, or they survive with severe injuries. Most of them may get away blind and with leg injuries.

So from a hunting perspective this is not hunting – this is eradication and really not hunting at all.


Tannerite is no doubt effective, but from an ethical standpoint its quite horrible and should only be used if absolutely necessary. Remember that what we write here are our opinions and we are in no way lawyers, so look out for yourself and don’t do anything stupid.

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