How to Train Your Labrador Retriever to Hunt – It’s a Hunting Machine!

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Hunting skills are inherited in Labrador breed, but with proper training, you can turn your little retriever into a hunting dog.

The first few months of puppies are the stages of growth where they face fun, excitement, and fear. You have to instill obedience in your pup, teach him to avoid bad habits, and bring out his full potential. In that way, you can have a hunting partner within 6 to 8 months.

But how will you train your pup so he can grow into a successful hunter? Check out these tips to train hunting dogs and see your furry angel transforming into a Gun dog you can be proud of.

When to Start Dog Training?

Labradors are very intelligent and smart breed. That’s why it is very easy to start their training when they are only 6 to 8 weeks old.

It is far easier to train a puppy than a fully grown dog. The reason is, puppy observes everything he sees near him quickly and remembers it well. But a fully grown dog resists because it has already grown, and he knows nothing about hog hunting.

A six to the eight-week puppy will take almost eight to nine months to be fully trained as a hunting dog.

Training a Labrador, a Challenge As Well As an Opportunity

It is not easy to train your puppy as hunting dogs. It is a commitment that takes time and energy. Also, you have to make sure that your puppy won’t get any injuries while training. Once your puppy gets trained for dog hunting, you will have a companion who won’t ever let you down.

Early Training

Start the basic training by instilling obedience and teach him socialization and interaction with other hunting dogs. For this purpose, take your puppy to different places, and teach him to follow commands like sit, come, no, and pick it up. Teaching the commands essential will build a strong foundation for gun dog training.

Build a Strong Relationship With Your Little Retriever

Developing a lovable master-pet relationship is very important. Because we all know that dogs are the loyal and obedient animals and their drive to please the owner is powerful than any reward. Spend time with your pup, bring him to a social gathering where he will simply play and enjoy. You can also buy some toys for his training that can be both fun and learning. Ensure that your pup will get along nicely with other pets, hunters, and people.

Let Him Run and Explore

Don’t take your puppy directly to the hunting grounds or the countryside. It can be scary for a young pup. Allow them to be familiar with the areas gradually and steadily. Eventually, h