Hunting Dog Collars – We Tried Them All?

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Choosing a hunting dog collar is like choosing a uniform that’s correct for the job. This is why it’s important that different types of collars are used in the correct context. Training your hunting dog is hard work, but using different types of collars can make it easier for your dog to understand what you are expecting of him. If your dog knows that his E-collar is associated with hunting deer and his reflective collar is associated with hog hunting, it can make things much easier for both of you.
What type of hunting dog collars are there?

Traditional Collars

This collar has contact number tags on it. Hunting dogs are precious, and in case it gets lost anyone can get the contact details and inform you of the lost dog. The collar is made of metal-coated material that can handle all conditions the dog go through while hunting.


E-collars have a remote control which you can use to train your hunting dog from a distance. You train using the remote and multiple devices are attached to the collar like tone and vibration, to train without unnecessary shocks. These collars should be placed high and tight on the dog’s neck.

Locating Collars

Locating collars include a tracking device you can use to locate your dog whenever it is out of your reach. A television antenna and a transmitter help you find the dog in case he goes missing while on the hunt or training.

What to Look for in a Hunting Dog Collar?

All hunting collars need to be reflective, waterproof, and durable. The minimum components a hunting dog collar should have are durability and a reflective component.

Reflective collars are intended to prevent accidents from happening and are important to use while hunting. It’s essential your hunting dog wear a reflective collar or vest while hunting to prevent accidents.
Coated webbing is a great, durable material and something you should look for in hunting dog collars. It’s very easy to keep clean, and can handle a lot of action.

Why Do You Need Different Hunting Dog Collars?

As we said earlier, it’s about getting the right uniform on for the hunting dog. The dog will learn what we as their master and friend are expecting of them. So make sure to always have the correct collar on the dog depending on what you are doing.

How Does the Shock Collar Work?

Training is necessary for your hunting dog. The shock collar helps in getting your dog to behave appropriately. If your dog has a behaviour that you don’t like, you can punish it every time it misbehaves by applying a little shock. This way, the punishment will make the dog know that whatever it is doing is wrong and change it—using a shock collar is somewhat controversial but can really help with lowering certain behavior. Here is a video of a Siberian Husky training with a shock collar.

Which Hunting Dog Collars Are Best for Which Breed?

Retriever dogs, being sprint runners, need the e-collar, as it has a control device which you can use to monitor the dog’s activities. There is the dogtra 1900 series collar, whose collar straps are designed to look sleek. This hunting dog collar is not suitable for all the dog breeds, for it is not as durable.

Your dog might not notice all the hunting collars around its neck as it is too busy concentrating on its daily activities. Having collars around the neck of such dogs will not slow down their hunting drive. Many hunting collars might be a risk to your dog as some have a dense cover. As you go for a hunting dog collar, check all precautions and if it’s suitable for your dog breed.

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