Guide to Buying Light Bars for Hunting Hogs – Green, Red, or White?

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Let’s take a moment to reflect upon the over five million wild hogs spread across 38 states in the country. They are not only feral and nocturnal but also relatively dangerous and with predatory tendencies. That means that they tend to come out at night, and hunting them in low-light environments should be a priority. But do you have enough lights on your truck?

In the wake of advanced technology, most people are embracing LED light bars for enhanced illumination during hunting expeditions. Well, you are likely to see several modified hunting trucks within your neighborhood, and perhaps, you can follow suit.

However, before you buy one, do you have enough information about them? Or are you conversant with what they are, the options you have, and how to choose accordingly? Indeed, while getting these bars could be fun, you might find it overwhelming. Let’s explore some of these critical aspects. Read with us!

What are LED Light Bars?

LED light bars are bars of light attached to your truck, and which project light in the form of electroluminescence once electricity is applied. These bars are typical on off-road vehicles and trucks, and your hunting vehicle should be no exception.

The popularity of these LED lights in the recent past is unmatched. This change stems from the level of energy efficiency, reliability, and longevity that they tend to provide. Ideally, the LED lights pride in a lifespan of over 5000 hours and 80% in electricity efficiency. Did you also know that they produce a more enhanced illumination?

You will often need unfiltered and colored LED lights since they tend to utilize the full luminosity of your bar. With these colored options, there will be no reduced output or even the leakage of white light across its edges. Most importantly, they use different wavelengths, as we shall discuss later on, which are vital in optimizing light output.

Why Do you Need LED Light Bulbs on Your Hunting Truck?

Hunters take on unforgiving yet low-light terrains when hunting hogs, and having enough light during such adventures becomes necessary. As mentioned earlier, you might choose to explore the wild in the night, if indeed, you want to take down more hogs. Such will be the time that you will find LED lights an excellent accessory for you.

These bars assure you of enhanced light, which will help in getting through the backcountry both efficiently and quickly. It will also be much easier for you to spot hogs while driving through these paths. What is more, they will effortlessly resist severe conditions, including vibrations, abuse, and unfavorable weather conditions.

Hunting LED light bars are often 3D reflectors, which improve their ability to produce high-quality light. This aspect will also significantly enhance the efficacy and extraction of the LED light. In short, the feature is critical in providing brighter light and much more full irradiation.

What to Consider When Buying LED Light Bars

Choosing LED light bars is often an exhilarating process, but unless you know what to check, it will be a daunting task. In such instances, you will have to observe a variety of features, which include the following.

• LED Color

You will often have a variety of colors to choose from when selecting your LED light bar. Each color is vital for different environments, and they also play different roles. For instance, amber LED are for those who intend to drive in low-visibility situations, and the white one if you need enhanced brightness.

On the other hand, we have three attention-grabbing colors to embrace, including red, blue, and green. With green and red being commonly used in hog hunting, there has always been a battle between the two.

The green LED has always been the most adopted in hog hunting, as it helps in maximizing eye reflection and keeping you invisible. Besides, most of the hogs will hardly comprehend this color. This green light is essential in improving your vision while moving around the backcountry.

The red light is not only more suffused but also relatively mellow. With these aspects, it will blend in with the environment much better and even keep you less distracted from natural light. This light will ensure that the eyes of hogs stand out in a long-range, and taking a clean shot becomes effortless.

Whichever light you choose, ensure that it assures you of enhanced intensity levels. Perhaps, interchangeability will come in handy for you too

We have an in-depth guide into red and green light when hog hunting that you can read here.

• Water and Dust Resistance

Hunting often happens in severe conditions, including during cold and wet times, dusty areas, and rough terrains. As long as you are hunting in such environments, always confirm the durability of your LED light bars.

Undoubtedly, a waterproof bar will protect you against electrical issues. To that end, you will have to confirm how high its protection rating is. Well, you will also benefit from sturdy metal bars, for they are likely to guarantee you enhanced longevity.

• Check the size

Lightbars vary in size, with some of them being approximately 4ft while others are 5ft. Your priority should always be getting a bar that fits your truck, and not necessarily getting the biggest.

While at it, you might want to confirm the number of rows. Usually, you will need to decide between double and single rows. Double rows will effortlessly assure you of more light, and they are the most common ones too. However, if you prefer maintaining low profiles, single rows will be the ultimate choice for you.

Personally I use these Kill Light Predator Series Blackout that I bought from Amazon.

• The shape and beam pattern

Beam patterns come in three forms, including flood, combination, and spot beam patterns. These patterns reflect on the beam that the light is likely to provide. While spot beams are narrow and far-reaching, flood ones are relatively wide. The combination beam offers a blend of the two. However, the flood and combination beams will always be the best for hunting hogs.

Mostly, you will need to choose between curved and straight bars. This choice will be dependent on your preference, as none is better than the other.

Are you now confident of getting the right LED light bar for your off-road truck or UTV? We have an in-depth guide to the best UTV‘s for hunting that you might want to check out if you’re in the process of buying one!

The aspects mentioned above will offer you insights into making the right choice and prepares you for your purchase. Well, all the best as you look for the right one. And as always, happy hunting my friend!

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