Best UTV for Hog Hunting – Helpful Buyers Guide

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Did you know that UTVs have now become part of the hunting equipment? Their involvement has proven to not only improve the hunting experience but also highlight a sense of convenience and safety. These UTVs, also called utility task vehicles, have become invaluable tools for every hunter that can afford them. To be honest the only reason not to have one would be if you’re saving up to buy one!

In this buyers guide we’re going to come at this topic from a hunters perspective, there are a ton of guides out there looking at the more technical aspects of the UTV:s so we’re going for the practical hunting perspective. And primarily from a hog hunting perspective as that’s what we mostly do.

You will find it irresistible to get yourself a reliable UTV, mostly because of the multiple benefits this vehicle comes with. Some of the top reasons to get a UTV include the following.

  • It comes with a bed on which you can put all your hunting equipment as well as your kill
  • There is space for a passenger, which allows one of you to focus on the hillside or thickets for prey
  • With this UTV, you will be warm even on those cold mornings where you feel like just going home again
  • It assures you of enhanced comfort during your trip
  • Did you know that they are automatic? No shifting gears while hunting, it’s fantastic!

But above all, you will need the best machine at all times. In this light, you need to be conversant with how to select the right UTV. Usually, various elements go into the correct selection of your hunting UTV. Always consider the following aspects when choosing one.

Aspects considered when selecting UTVs

Usually, you will need to prioritize reliability whenever picking your machine. You need something that will function well despite the terrain of your area. Its performance across thickets and the hilly regions should remain impeccable. Did you know that Honda produces some of the most reliable UTVs?

You will also need to consider the durability of the machine. Most often, durability mirrors what value for the money you get. As long as it lasts long enough, you will be confident of reaping the best returns in the long run. Get a vehicle that can withstand anything thrown at them.

You might also want to consider the level of innovation embraced by the maker. Typically, using advanced technology will be essential in giving you the best experience while driving. Ensure that the vehicle comes with the right suspension systems and power. With a UTV which has enough power and suspension systems, you will easily traverse any terrain.

Additionally, you will need to consider the number of people you will carry during the hunting trip. There are various UTV designs that will come in handy in carrying more people, and with the ability to trailblaze with much ease. Get something that offers you enough space at all times.

You will also need to carry out a comprehensive background check on the manufacturer. Of course there are various reputable brands at your disposal, and they should be your priority. Are their spare parts easily accessible? Do they offer reliable machines? These are the critical questions that you should always ask these companies. Ensure that you pick a UTV maker who prides in manufacturing durable and top-quality vehicles.

Take your time to understand how much the vehicle will cost and whether its warranty is reasonable. Usually, you will need a UTV that you can comfortably afford to buy and maintain. That should come hand in hand with a suitable warranty for you. This way, you will be confident of getting the satisfaction you so desire.

Top UTVs for hunting hogs

• Can-Am Defender

Are you looking for a vehicle with excellent horsepower? This UTV assures you of not only improved torque from its 72HP engine but also a reliable suspension system. Besides, you will get it in different styles and designs. Did you also know that this variety means you could get one that matches your budget comfortably?

The Can-Am prides itself on impressive traction, which will be essential in snowy regions. Its comfortable bench seating is worth lauding. However, the noise level in the cab is relatively high and discomforting. Also, you will hardly appreciate its limited box capacity.

• Yamaha Wolverine X2

This UTV will be suitable for those in rough terrains. It comes with an 847cc parallel-twin engine, which is also liquid-cooled. The Yamaha Wolverine prides itself on a suspension of over 8.7 inches, which gives you comfort even in the roughest terrains. While at it, you will hardly ignore the advanced technology used in making this vehicle, which touches on improved transmission and classy chassis.

This UTV comes in different styles, which ensures you get a variety of options at your disposal. Its electronic power steering will play a vital role in improving your riding experience and going through remote backtrails. However, you might want to change its tires for enhanced durability. Some people could find it less affordable too.

• Honda Pioneer 1000-5 LE

This vehicle comes in handy for those seeking enhanced versatility. It comes with a six-speed transmission and a truck-style body. Its twin-cam 900cc engine assures you of minimal noise while hunting, which makes it easier for you to catch your prey unawares. Interestingly, it is only 2000 pounds in weight.

You can hardly ignore its brake-traction control system, which makes it relatively similar to that of a car. It will be essential in maximizing distribution at all times. Its roomy features are central to increased comfort, even on rough terrains. It will cost you between $16400 and $17399, which could be relatively costly for some.

• Textron Stampede EPS

This off-road vehicle is all that you need if you need one with proper ground clearance. It boasts of an 80 horsepower engine and a top speed of about 65 mph. You will also witness that its dry sump oil system is essential in keeping the temperatures much lower. Remember, it comes with an 846cc engine whose displacement is remarkable.

The Textron Stampede provides you with enhanced suspension systems, which are critical for off-roading and enhanced comfort. However, it does not come with gated shifters, it is heavy, and the front body seems relatively out of place. It could be relatively loud and less affordable for some people too.

• Polaris Ranger XP

Well, if you love hunting with family and friends, you will instantly fall in love with this workhorse. It comes with enough space to accommodate both more people and your kill. Its dual A-arm suspension system makes it suitable for different terrains. What is more, it comes with a 999cc engine and a 2500-pound tow rating.

This UTV comes with lots of torque, and it will be suitable for both hilly and rocky terrains. The good thing is that it is a relatively affordable machine. However, you will find the bumper relatively less wide for your liking.

• Kawasaki Mule Pro-FX

If you are looking for a big machine, this Kawasaki UTV assures you of a 12-feet length. In brief, this is a massive machine that will serve your interests without much hassle. It features a 3-cylinder, 812 cc engine, and relatively smooth power. Its noise levels are relatively low at about 74.2 decibels. While at it, you will appreciate its considerable cargo room.

Unfortunately, its power steering system is not as reliable. You might also want to enhance its current electric actuator. The cost ranges between $13099 and $16200, which could be reasonably less affordable for some people.

• Cub Cadet

This UTV is suitable for those who are after comprehensive accessory packages. You will also enjoy using it when it is relatively muddy out there. Interestingly, it is also among those roomy options you have at hand.

Unfortunately, you will find its vibrations as well as sound levels to be relatively disappointing. With its high vibrations and sound levels, you will hardly have regular conversations comfortably. On top of that, it comes with a pinion steering system that will simply take a toll on you.

• John Deere Gator

Are you looking for a UTV with less than 600cc engine capacity? This vehicle should be your priority. It comes with an exemplary body build, enough cab legroom, and a top speed of about 50 mph. Besides its less noisy nature and adjustable suspension, John Deere Gator assures you of an elegant style and a laudable suspension system for off-roading.

However, this UTV will hardly weave through thickets and even in-field obstacles. For this reason, it is not the most reliable automobile if you are hunting in hilly or rocky regions. Its power is relatively limited too.

• Honda Pioneer 500

Are you looking for affordability? The Honda Pioneer 500 is a machine that you will not want to ignore, and it comes at the cost of about $9600. This UTV prides itself on a relatively small engine capacity, which is below 600cc. While at it, you will enjoy a speed of up to 39 mph. its small stature and intense build make it an outstanding machine.

However, it is hardly suitable for use in muddy areas, as it is likely to get stuck. Also, you might not like its instant and abrupt transmission style, with the shifting points being relatively not right. Did you know that it does not come with a cargo box, which means it is not as versatile as you might wish? You are also likely to find it relatively less easy to use.

• Polaris RZR XP Turbo S

It would be unfair not to mention this impressive side-by-side UTV. While its appeal is ultra-sporty, you will find it reliable even when hunting. It will be the right choice for backcountry trails as well as dunes. Besides its 925cc engine capacity, you will be confident of an unmatched max speed of 85 mph. This engine is also turbo-powered.

Interestingly, its beefed-up chassis and stable IBP shocks are going to attract you instantly. With its matchless suspension system, you will have more effortless time off-roading. Sadly, some people will hardly afford this machine, which costs about $27500.


These are all fantastic options, I don’t think any of these will leave you disappointed. Of course, you should go and try them all out before buying. One of the main aspects of this is that you feel comfortable in the UTV and happy with how it looks and feels! Happy hunting my friend!

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