Long Range Hunting | Helpful Guide With Illustrations

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Long-range hunting might feel overwhelming as it requires confidence and constant practice. Long-range hunting is a skill that you must master so that you can hit your target. The type of ammunition that you will use for hunting is key; as a beginner, you should learn to hit a target on a shorter-range first before investing in long-range hunting.

Hunting requires you to focus on your gun at a good angle while taking into consideration other climatic elements such as fog, sunshine, temperature, and wind. A slight change in the speed of the wind could alter your ability to hit your target. Know the specification of your gun and choose one that is designed for long-range hunting.

5 Best Long-Range Hunting Cartridges

A good long-range hunting cartridge should shoot at a long distance, which eliminates the possibility of missing your target. Some of the fast long-range hunting cartridges in the market are easy to use and gives you the expected speed and ballistic co-efficient.

408 Chey-Tac Long-Range Cartridges

Chey-Tac cartridge can shoot a copper ultra-high ballistic coefficient bullet, which is estimated to be about 419 grams at 2900f.p.s. This cartridge’s power is not affected by the wind and can aim at a target at almost 100 yards away. This ammunition is one of the best that most long-range hunters use and would recommend for the adrenaline-filled experience.

338 Lapua Long-Range Cartridges

Lapua cartridge is a military generated rifle and was developed by Fins, which is a notable ammunition company. It acts as a sniper tool and can shoot to over a mile giving you practical applications for the long-range hunting experience. The fact that it is a military gun means that it is efficient in shooting at a target at a long distance.

Hornady’s 6.5 Creedmoor

Creedmoor is a Federal Premium long-range cartridge with a muzzle velocity of 2825f.p.s shots flat. Its bullets are tough enough and can handle close impacts while delivering fast speed at a long distance. The bullets are least affected by changes in the wind velocity due it is weight and caliber measurements.

26 Nosler

The cartridge works in a standard length action and shoots so flat that you will not worry about missing your target. The cartridge has high ballistic coefficient bullets with 129-grain AccuBond and can shoot perfectly beyond 1750 yards at 3400f.p.s, making it one of the monster cartridges in the market.

The 7s

This cartridge is famous for its imperial use by the Germany Army during the Nazi regime, and it is aerodynamic and best for hunting large animals. It has the fastest speed, and the bullet might even hit the target before you hear the sound of the shooting.

Best Long-Range Hunting Rifle?

Nosler M48 Long Range Carbon Rifle is the best hunting rifle with high accuracy and offers a long-range shooting platform. This rifle helps you to concentrate on the ammunition and the ability to get the maximum accuracy when shooting at the target.