What Are Spire Point Bullets?

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There’s a substantial discrepancy entailing the type of bullet one should use when hunting. However, within the bullet biosphere, spire point bullets have unique characteristics when compared with standard rifle bullets. This kind of bullet penetrates targets to cause maximum internal damage.

Its stopping power is exemplary and incapacitates targets instantly upon penetration, hence their everyday use in the hunting field. When first developed, the bullet’s design was for military service. But today, it’s possible to buy it although for only two purposes; hunting and self-defense. However, when selecting bullets, they must function correctly with the chosen firearm you intend to use.

Hence, with experienced hunters, there’s the query on the best bullets or rounds one can use depending on prerequisite. The spire bullet is among the best, especially if you intend to use it for hunting dangerous fast game. Since its inception in the 80s, it has gone through some significant modifications to make it more compact and lethal.

It was to change some minor designs which the military deemed necessary for the round. With the transformation, meant the round could provide users with better overall functionality.

Overall Design

The spire bullet is also commonly referred to as a spritzer in some fields. It has a full copper cover which is sufficiently hard but smooth enough to go through gun barrels. This cover is also called the jacket hence the name full leather jacket for the spire rounds. Something interesting with the spire is the use of the copper cover as a lubricant which reduces drag.

It has been properly tuned aerodynamics to ensure minimal resistance with air during flight. This aids the bullet to maintain its kinetic energy by minimizing any strain making them perfect for long ranges. The spire bullet can hit targets from two thousand to three thousand meters depending on the firearm. When using rifles, the maximum stopping range is 2300 meters while for machine guns, it’s 3300 meters.

But all these range targets are possible when the shooter is at a stationary position. Their muzzle velocity is 2600 ft. /s, nevertheless this will also depend on the shooting conditions.

Diverse Spire Bullet Types

There are two types of spire bullets, which we can categorize by the ability to and not to mushroom upon impact. Mushrooming is a term for bullets that flatten when they come in contact with medium denser than air. You will find some spire bullets having a lead point while others are FJM (Full Metal Jacket). The former tends to expand, but the latter will keep its shape upon impact.

Thus, when a lead tip covered spire bullet hits a target, it’s bound to create a big point of impact. On the other hand, full jacket spire bullets will make a tiny point of impact but penetrate the target farther. A disadvantage with the splitter spire bullets is a bit of velocity is lost when the shell disintegrates. On the other hand, you shouldn’t confuse the splitter spire round with the hollow type. The open design hollow bullet flattens on impact.


Best Spire Point Bullets for Hunting

There are three types of spire point bullets that you are sure to find today. All three will vary in their usage, but it is the most unique across the hunting fields. Their categorization is according to their shapes, and these are; spire, semi-spire and boat tail.


These encompass similar characteristics with the spire, but the top is round although not spherical. The spire point bullets have a pointed tip, but not for the semi-spitzer. These rounds happen to be in the category of spire bullets that semi-flatten upon impact.

Boat Tail Spire

These’re the real deal for hunters who wish to shoot rounds that provide more than what the hollow points can. But this doesn’t mean one is superior to the other; they both offer equivalent power and accuracy.  Not the same, but close since their physiognomies are somewhat similar. The unique feature with this spire boat tail is the base.

It’s designed to include a rigid base which is angled all around, and the tip is pure lead. You will not find this with the standard spire point bullets. Why the angled base you might ask? This reduces strain to minimal when the bullet is leaving the barrel and in-flight towards the target.

With most old bullets the base is usually flat but to reduce drag on such is relatively impossible. With a narrow base tail, minimum velocity will be lost along its course, thus leading to maximum power on impact. Boat tails are the best spire point bullet you can hunt with, and it isn’t just because of the right alignments. It has great stability, accuracy but with wind resistance, it’s reduced to the optimal.

With its capability, you can use it to shoot games with an assurance of scoring whether it’s small or big.

Are Spitzer Bullets Effective In-Game Hunting?

Perhaps, to effectively interpret effectiveness, the caliber of the spire and game should be deliberated on. Different spire calibers will offer a certain level of adeptness while some can’t hunt. Spitzer bullets are ideal for hunting, both small and big game. With their ability to maintain high velocity and straight trajectory, you can quickly shoot even tiny fast-moving targets.

Although, you will realize that with less drag, spire point bullets are hard to guess the precise point of impact. This means that when shooting it through a rifle, you should be able to calculate some few elements. These are the speed of wind, temperature, humidity and lastly, identifying the altitude in your location. All the same efficiency on big targets may not be as anticipated although they can still cause considerable damage.

Hence, when you need to shoot targets with thick or hard surfaces, spire rounds may not penetrate properly. Also, to maximize on this round’s efficiency, just like any other bullet, individual shooting skills come into consideration.

Shooting the Spire Bullets

How to Improve My Shot When Using Spire Point Bullets

Hunters usually shoot game from long range, and the spire point bullets offer that. It’s a culture that is slowly being accepted but because of two reasons. One, shooters are putting more practice in the shooting range, which gives them more accuracy on long-range kills. Secondly, the availability of spire point long-range bullets gives hunters’ confidence of stalking game from a distance.

But fear of approaching these dangerous big game, be it the elk or buffalo, is the number one reason. Improving one’s shot needs a dynamic approach regardless of the bullet projectile you are using. You have to practice down at the shooting range if you’re going to realize your precision on target. With more practice with the spire bullets, you are sure to find your shooting accuracy.

This will allow you to fathom the bullets accuracy and its overall capabilities, simplifying its use. All the same, this can’t happen in one day; hence you have to keep training to be pro. Also, to improve your shot using spire bullets, choose the endorsed rifles and in some instances, handguns. With the right weapon, you will realize shot accuracy faster since their merging is uncompromised.

All the same it’s contingent with how determined you’re to learn the round, it’s firing to be a perfect shooter.

Why Don’t Pistols Fire Spire Point Bullets?

It’s vital to note that Spire bullets are for rifle firearms. Their exclusiveness is the ability to maintain flight velocity and trajectory on long-range targets. Also, the bullets are bigger; hence fitting a handgun cartridge may be impossible. But with pistols like the 357 magnums, you can comfortably use rifle rounds.

All the same, handguns squat low-velocity rounds which will definitely make it hard to shoot high caliber bullets. Thus, even with pistols that will shoot spire bullets, the possibility of maximizing on the range is zero. It doesn’t matter whether you are a good shot, but a pistol’s capability is limited for spire point bullets use.

Also, for maximum efficiency of the spire bullets using a pistol or handgun is impossible. Spitzer bullets are too long to be shot appropriately or fitted in a pistol. Yes, some pistols can accommodate this, but their functionality may not match partially or fully.

Main Differences between Spire and Hollow Point Bullets

The spire and hollow bullets have distinct characteristics, and this is from their design, functionality to use. For Hollow-point, rounds penetrate less deep and compared to spire bullets; they have better accuracy on the game. According to theory, the weight of the shot tends to control how the bullet maneuvers on the flight. These bullets tend ultimately expand when they hit a target or mushroom.

The controlled expansion makes it safe for use in situations where one requires minimal damage to surrounding objects. With the ease in prediction on where the bullet might land makes the hollow point a safer option. When in comparison, spire points bullets require a higher degree of shooting for maximized precision.  The aerodynamic for hollow-point bullets offer a limitation on its travel distance compared with the spire.

However, with some hollow type calibers, they might give the spire rounds a run for its money. Nonetheless, due to the deep concave tip design, its velocity is majorly affected. Consequently, this makes them perfect for short-range targets. The hollow-point bullets are mainly used for self-defense and hunting but illegal for military use.

This is due to their ability to expand when they change medium hence enlarging the point of impact. Thus since they create horrifying big wounds and the motive, the Geneva Convention banned the bullets. For the spire point, their use is unrestricted whether it’s military, self-defense or hunting. There is the aspect of bullet fragmentation which is another difference that splits the two bullets.

The Hollow point have fragments and that’s part of the reason they create a big wound cavity. But for the spire point bullets, it doesn’t splinter hence fragments will be minimal on the wound. The fragmenting factor is the main reason the bullets remain restricted for military warfare.

Restriction in Use for Spire and Hollow Point Bullets

There is an argument that emancipates from the comparison of the two rounds, the legality to use the bullets. In some situations, experts have had varied opinions on whether there are situations when compromises within the law may occur. Since the use of both is restricted, these precincts only apply to members within the Geneva Convention. So, when in warfare with non-adherents for these treaties, on some extent, the law fails to provide follow up measures.

This applies to when using the spire point bullets in states where some of its calibers are prohibited. You will discover that most of these laws signed through Hague, don’t apply to civilians. That’s why with many military restricted rounds, civilian use including hunting, isn’t barred. Therefore it’s possible to use them, but you have to understand limits on shooting either spire or hollow-point bullets.

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Final Verdict

If you engage in hunting or range shooting, it’s vital to understand that there are diverse bullets shapes. Among them, there are the spire point bullets which are common in use in various shooting fields. First, their availability and cost-effectiveness is the reason universal spire bullets use. Similarly, their capabilities and ease in functionality make another reason for preference, especially for hunters.

Most rifles can shoot these spire rounds effortlessly hence it’s a matter of finding the best suited for you. If you’re a hunter, looking for the top of the range bullets, then the spire point bullet makes the ideal choice.

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