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The state of Missouri offers abundant hunting opportunities. However, many people find their licensing challenging to comprehend. Unlike other states where a single hunting license will get you covered, this state has a variety of hunting permits. The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) issues these permits. The upside, however, is that the permits are more accessible than in other states. To help you understand the licensing, here are the things you need to know.

  • Types of hunting permits
  • How long the permits last
  • Where to buy the permits
  • How much the permits cost
  • Current hunting seasons

Types of Hunting Permits

Your choice of the permit depends on the animals, birds, or fish that you intend to catch. There are three different groups of hunting permits. Here is a simplified version of what each of the permits allows you to do.

Annual Permits

The most popular choice is the yearly permits. They include the following types:

  • Antlered elk hunting permit: both residents and non-residents can use it during the hunting of elk
  • Firearm any-deer hunting permit: for one antlered or antlerless deer
  • Managed deer hunting permit: for residents only
  • Migratory bird hunting permit: allows you to hunt waterfowls, doves, woodcock snipe and rails
  • Small game hunting permit: allows hunting of frogs, birds except for turkey and mammals except for deer
  • Small game hunting and fishing permit: similar to the above, but it covers fishing too
  • Resident trapping permit: for trapping and selling furbearers and groundhogs for residents only
  • Nonresident furbearers hunting and trapping permit: like the above but for nonresidents
  • Nonresident daily game permit: allows hunting birds and mammals for one day
  • Military reduced cost permit: for resident National Guard and the Reserve Service

Lifetime Hunting Permits

If you hunt often, a lifetime permit will be more convenient and will save you money in the end. You can purchase three-lifetime hunting permits

  • Lifetime small game hunting permit: allows you to fish and hunt water animals, birds (apart from turkey), mammals (apart from deer)
  • Lifetime fishing permit: covers fishing of the permitted types of fish
  • Lifetime conservation partner permit: designed for residents only and allows for hunting and fishing

Special Hunting and Fishing Permits

The final category is for those who collect, handle, process, or breed wild animals. The group includes wildlife managers, taxidermists, researchers, collectors, dog trainers, and hobbyists. A special hunting and fishing permit allows them to conduct their activities freely within the state.

Commercial and collector permits are also available for those engaging in commercial hunting or fishing activities.

How Long the Permits Last

Most of the licenses last for a single year from the beginning of the hunting year. The hunting year runs from July 1 to June 30. They are the most affordable and convenient options. Once the validity period elapses, you will have to purchase another permit.

Some permits are only valid for a day. These permits include the Nonresident Daily Game Permit and the Daily Fishing Permit. The advantage with these permits is that you save on money, especially if you only hunt occasionally. You can purchase permits that cover several days, depending on your needs.

Lifetime permits will cover you for the rest of your life. In case you hunt often, these permits are your ultimate choice. The cost may be high but will be cheaper as compared to other options in the long run. If you can afford it, why not buy it.

Where to Buy the Hunting Permits

You have quite a number of options when it comes to where to buy your hunting permit in Missouri. According to MDC, you can get your permits through the following ways:

  • Local conservation department offices near you
  • Stores which sell hunting/ fishing equipment
  • Smartphone through the MO Hunting app
  • Telephone by calling 800-392-4115: there is a $1 surcharge and your permit may take up to 10 days to arrive
  • Buy your ePermit online and print it wherever you are instantly

As you can see, the permits are highly accessible. The department makes it easy for you to meet the requirements so that you never miss your planned hunting trip. For instance, you simply get your hunting dog, head down to the hunting shop, and get your equipment and permit under one roof.

How Much the Permits Cost

The pricing of annual hunting permits is as follows:

  • Antlered elk hunting permit: residents and resident landowners- $50.00
  • Firearm any-deer hunting permit: Youth (6-15years)- 8.50, Nonresidents– $265.00
  • Managed deer hunting permit: Residents- $17.00
  • Migratory bird hunting permit: Residents and Nonresidents- $6.00
  • Small game hunting permit: Residents- $10.00, Nonresidents: $94.00
  • Small game hunting and fishing permit: Residents- $19.00
  • Resident trapping permit: Residents- $10.00
  • Nonresident furbearers hunting and trapping permit: Nonresidents $192.00
  • Nonresident daily game permit: $14.00 daily
  • Military reduced cost permit: $5.00

Lifetime permits vary in cost depending on your age when you apply. The lifetime small game hunting permit goes as follows:

  • 0-15years (youth): $275.00
  • 16-29years: $400.00
  • 30-39years: $350.00
  • 40-59years: $300.00
  • 60-64years: $35.00

When it comes to the lifetime conservation partner permit, the pricing varies with age as follows:

  • 0-15years (youth): $550.00
  • 16-29years: $800.00
  • 30-39years: $700.00
  • 40-59years: $600.00
  • 60-64years: $70

Current Hunting Season

Currently, it’s turkey spring hunting season. It, however, ends on May 10 and so you may want to hurry and get yourself some great turkey meat. Soon after that, the groundhog season begins. The coyote can also be hunted at this time because it’s an all-year-round species. You can always confirm from the official MDC website on open seasons at any time of the year.


One thing is clear when it comes to hunting permits in Missouri, and that’s they are highly accessible. Wherever you are, you don’t have to go through a hustle before laying your hands on a permit. However, you may need to check up on the individual permit details to ensure the animal you intend to hunt is covered. A conservation order permit can be a good option if you want to have all your permits in one place. Now that you do know how to get the right permit, it’s time to head out and see what you can catch.

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