Primos Deer Calls: Review

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Are you a deer hunting enthusiast looking for the best deer calls? While there exist many brands, you’ll be glad to own one from Primos. Well, this is a renowned American brand that crafts high-quality hunting accessories.  

Also, Primos is a great maker of lighting devices, archery, decoys, and scent control products, among other gear for hunting. In our article, we are going to review the best rated Primos deer calls. You’ll be able to pick the best deer call for successful deer hunting endeavors in the end.

Primos Buck Roar Call

When you want to hunt down that big whitetail buck, you need an effective buck roar call. The Primos Buck Roar Call is a great deal.

It features a creative design that allows it to imitate natural buck grunts. This device also produces snort wheeze sound. You can use it just a few days before the rut begins.

It is also ideal throughout the rut period. Well, bucks usually make the roaring sound to signal the doe in heat to stop or as a sign of warning other males to back off from the `hot’ doe.

 Besides, you can combine roar with snort wheeze to call in the dominant bucks. The snort-wheeze and grunt combination produces the highest level of aggression. Hence, it is perfect for luring the `gigantic’ dominant buck into range.


  • Rubber coated design
  • Built-in compass
  • Lightweight and excellent portability
  • Versatile and realistic sound production


  • Doesn’t include straps

Primos Hardwood Grunter Call

This product is for top-notch hunters. It features a simple and portable design and offers unmatched functionality and versatility. The call boasts the ability to produce different deer sounds; it allows you to make doe bleats, buck grunts, and doe grunts.

It is a straightforward device that offers different tones to help you maneuver your hunting tricks. Now, the top rank feature of this deer call is the simple dial design. You only need to rotate the green dial to choose the deer tone you want and then make a blow. The incredible versatility and easy use of the Primos Hardwood Grunter Call make it an excellent gift for a passionate hunter.

Why Should You Choose the Primos Grunter Deer Call?


The ability to make different tones makes this device versatile. This is one of the aspects which make it the best Primos deer grunt call. This simple device can mimic an estrus bleat, doe grunt, doe bleat, as well as young buck grunt and mature buck grunt. Thus, it is easy to maneuver the tones depending on the hunting scenario you find yourself. 

Ease of Operation

 The hassle-free operation design allows you to change calls during a calling sequence. Well, not many deer calls can let you do that. This simple change of tunes can help you maximize your catches. For instance, you can make a doe bleat flowed by a buck grunt. Hence, if there is a buck nearby, he will respond quickly, knowing that there are a `hot’ doe and a rival buck. If you choose rattling antlers, this deer call can make you endeavor a quick accusation.


  You can start with a buck grunt and then begin the rattling battle. Also, you can follow the rattling sequence with grunts and bleats. Most experienced hunters term a grunt call as a must-have hunting tool that brings excellent successes. Therefore, the Primos Grunt deer call is a decent and straightforward deer call perfect for both beginners and prolific hunters.


Crisp Rotating Dial

 The green dial features an ergonomic design, which makes it easy to maneuver the tones. Thus, it allows you to stay in position ready with your hunting weapon without disturbing your target.

Functional and Durable Design

This device features black rubberized plastic material. This is a high-quality rubber construction. Thus, it allows perfect grip and remains durable for an incredibly long time. The unique rubberized body allows excellent shock absorption. Hence, it can’t produce any noise if it falls and hits a rock or twig.

Weatherproof Construction

This deer call boasts sturdy, high-quality plastic-rubber material. You can use it in the rain and expect total success. Also, it can work at low temperatures as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Equally, it is great during summer when the temperatures are a bit on the rise.


  • The Grunter Deer Call has some downsides too. First, the two ends look alike. Thus, you can confuse and blow into the wrong side.  
  • It is also hard to see the small molded-in markings in low light conditions. Hence, it is not easy to identify the call you want to make while in low light conditions. However, these are minor demerits that do not affect the performance of this deer call.

Primos Hunting Speak Easy Electronic Deer Calling System

 This product is yet another renowned Primos deer call. As the name entails, it is an electronic deer call that allows you to speak the deer language.

It comes as a package containing a deer calling device and a remote for smooth operation. The remote uses a single AAA battery. This remote boasts a working range of 50 yards.

Besides, it clips easily on the speaker for secure storage and portability. This deer call is versatile as it boasts six professional pre-recorded calls.

The remote also has an LED volume indicator for easy operation. It also has six tones: challenge wheeze, grunt, doe bleat, roar, sparring, and estrus bleat. Besides, it includes rubber straps for hassle-free installation on branches, stand, blind, or backpack.


  • Versatile application
  • Nice working range
  • Excellent battery life
  • Easy volume control


  • The grunts are a bit aggressive.

PRIMOS LittleBig Roar Deer Call 

This is a terrific option if you’re looking for an ideal grunt call. It has a unique design that allows you to make aggressive buck grunts, which are usually heard during the peak of the rut season.


Unique Barrel Design

The design combines a hardwood barrel with a soft rubber end. It produces resonating sounds which lure the buck into range without raising any tensions. The resonating end of this grunt call can be pressed rhythmically to maneuver the pitch.

Weatherproof Material

The design also entails a blend of hardwood and rubber. Hence, it can work in any weather condition. These materials also make it portable since it is lightweight. It is also compact, making it easy and comfortable to handle.

Textured Grip

This deer call features a contoured design and textured grip on the surface. Hence, it is easy to hold even in wet conditions.


  • Compact size
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Weather-tough design
  • Amazing durability


  • Not too loud but serves the function

Primos Power Buck and Doe Call

This should be your option if you’re looking for an elegant and functional deer call. It is both a buck call and a doe call. This two in one design offers remarkable functionality.


Dual Reed Design

This unique design allows some inhale and exhale function. This feature enables the device to produce clicking and throaty grunts. Hence, it is ideal for mimicking aggressive bucks and does on heat. It is simple to use, and it releases estrus bleats and doe cries. The presence of single and double reed options make it ideal for multi-tone applicability. Versatile tones make this a must-have deer call for all seasons.

Built-in Compass

You’ll need a compass to help you maneuver the jungle routes. Well, this deer call comes with one. It will help you with easy navigation giving you more confidence to venture into the hideouts and breeding areas. This built-in compass boasts accurate functionality and attractive design which makes this deer call elegant.

Durable Design

This deer call is forged from high-quality plastic. Hence, it can withstand rough use and work in all weather conditions. These materials also make it lightweight, which improves its portability.

Adjustable Hose Design

One end features an adjustable hose.  You can adjust its length to customize the tones depending on the hunting scenario. Hence, it is easy to shift from grunts to doe cries or doe bleats without any hassle.


  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Premium materials
  • Versatile tones
  • Built-in campus


  • Tends to malfunction due to wetness

Primos CAN Deer Call

If you’re looking for the best doe bleat call, you can count on the Primos CAN Deer Call. It features premium materials of construction. This not only enhances its survival in the jungle but also lets it produce realistic doe bleats. 

These bleats simply imply that a doe is ready for breeding. It also reduces quivering doe bleats, which are friendly to mule deer, whitetail, and blacktail deer. It is also ideal during pre-rut, rut, and post-rut. Also, it has a raised thumb-hole locator to allow consistent sound production and an insured seal. This der call also boasts two grip rings around the top and bottom for perfect grip.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality construction
  • Functional doe bleat call


  • Not sufficiently loud
  • Easily damaged by water

How Do You Use a Deer Call Effectively?

Ensure the Right Pitch

Even the most experienced hunters will agree that getting a buck within a bow range is tricky. But, you can enhance the chances by merely knowing how to call a deer effectively. Calls allow accessible communication with the deer.

Effectiveness Varies With Different Situations

 While effectiveness varies with the situation, using the best deer calls has its way of making your deer hunt quite successful. However, you need to add grunts, bleats, and rattling calls to your pack for a successful deer hunt. Also, you need to understand that almost bucks of all ages can respond to grunts. But, dominant bucks often respond to buck roar.

Make Proper Combinations

Combining rattling sticks with devices mimics an intense or aggressive buck fight, which will help you lure old and dominant bucks into range. Therefore, you can rattle for about 30 minutes, add a few buck roars and grunts in sequence to enhance realism.

You Can Try Blind Calling

 Also, you can decide to do the blind calling. This entails calling setups when there is no deer on sight. Blind calling works great during pre-rut and early rut periods. The location of your hunt should be near bedding areas. Well, bedding areas are usually thick, and therefore deer will hear activity and vocalizations without sighting the source. Hence, this will stimulate their curiosity and come out, and you can have your shots at close range.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Effective Range For Grunt Calls?

This depends on the type of deer call device you’re using. However, Primos deer calls boast over 150 yards effective distance.

Which One Is Better Between Electronic Deer Calls And Manual Calls?

Each has its own merits and cons. The electronic type boasts hassle-free use but prone to weather damage. On the other hand, the traditional deer call requires mastery to ensure hunting success, but still, they are great for professional deer hunters. The conventional deer calls are well adapted to harsh use and can bring incredible success if in the hands of an expert.

Which is the Best Deer Call for the Late Season?

A doe bleat is superb from late pre-rut to post-rut season. The secondary rut usually comes a month after the peak season. And, this will be the time bucks are seeking does to breed.


Calling a deer is one of the exciting tactics you can try to lure the deer into the bow range. It doesn’t work all the time. But, the chances are high if you are using Primos deer calls. 

As you’ve witnessed, there are quite different types and models. You need to pick the right one according to the prevailing hunting conditions. You may need to combine deer calls with other hunting accessories such as rattling antlers. It is always on point to select a simple deer call that is versatile to cater to all your deer calling needs.

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