Primos Deer Calls: Review

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Are you a deer hunting enthusiast looking for the best deer calls? While there exist many brands, you’ll be glad to own one from Primos. Well, this is a renowned American brand that crafts high-quality hunting accessories.  

Also, Primos is a great maker of lighting devices, archery, decoys, and scent control products, among other gear for hunting. In our article, we are going to review the best rated Primos deer calls. You’ll be able to pick the best deer call for successful deer hunting endeavors in the end.

Primos Buck Roar Call

When you want to hunt down that big whitetail buck, you need an effective buck roar call. The Primos Buck Roar Call is a great deal.

It features a creative design that allows it to imitate natural buck grunts. This device also produces snort wheeze sound. You can use it just a few days before the rut begins.

It is also ideal throughout the rut period. Well, bucks usually make the roaring sound to signal the doe in heat to stop or as a sign of warning other males to back off from the `hot’ doe.

 Besides, you can combine roar with snort wheeze to call in the dominant bucks. The snort-wheeze and grunt combination produces the highest level of aggression. Hence, it is perfect for luring the `gigantic’ dominant buck into range.


  • Rubber coated design
  • Built-in compass
  • Lightweight and excellent portability
  • Versatile and realistic sound production


  • Doesn’t include straps

Primos Hardwood Grunter Call

This product is for top-notch hunters. It features a simple and portable design and offers unmatched functionality and versatility. The call boasts the ability to produce different