Illusion Systems Extinguisher Deer Call: Review

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Did you know that deer use scent and sound as the means of communication? Renowned hunters have developed hunting strategies to locate deer and lure them into range. However, deer calling seems to have a much lower success compared with other animals such as turkey. 

In today’s hunting world, we have deer calling devices to help in improving hunting. Many brands of deer calling devices exist, and it can be challenging for novice hunters. 

In this article, I will share my experience with the Extinguisher Deer Call from Illusion Systems. It is among the top-rated deer calling tools in use by most hunting enthusiasts.

Extinguisher Deer Call

This deer call has many distinct features that many hunting enthusiasts find valuable, mostly used for doe calling. It is quite surprising that many hunters are aware of snort calls, but many don’t know how great a doe call is. 

Those who have used this device terms it as a universal deer call.

One unique feature about this call is that it allows you to change the tone anytime. You can mimic a distressed fawn, doe in heat or bucks grunt depending on circumstance, therefore enhancing successful hunting.

Why Do I Recommend the Extinguisher Deer Call for Hunting?

This deer call is in its class in terms of sound authenticity and construction quality. Here are the key features that make it top-rated.

Patented Modi-Slide Design

The freeze-free design of this call means that it can work in icy environments. Also, this call is unique in that it can mimic sounds of buck, doe, or a fawn. And, adjusting from one pitch to another takes less than a second.

 Impressive Throat Tube Construction

 It features dual-layered construction technology, hence produces realistic sounds. It is ideal for directional calling.

Certified Quality

Not all calls have certification to prove their excellent quality. But this one boasts a 96.9 approval rating. Therefore, it is the highest-rated deer call in the NAHC testing.

Easy To Use Deer Call

This product comes with a free instructional DVD. They have a stepwise guide informing of tutorial videos.

Thus, they are easy to use, even for beginners.

Ideal for Bow Hunters

The Extinguisher Deer Call features a user-friendly design and functionality. It has an attached lanyard that allows you to call without distracting the bow and arrow.

Features of the Extinguisher Deer Call

Many brands of deer calls claim to be the best. While there can exist some room for discussion, the Extinguisher Deer Call has terrific features. Well, perhaps not a single deer call can claim a 99.6% NAHC rating. 

However, this innovation from the illusion system does. Here are more reasons why you should include the Extinguisher Deer Call into your backpack of hunting accessories.

It is an All-Inclusive Deer Call

This device eliminates the need to carry several deer calls. It has built-in slide features that tune from one tone to another and lure all types of deer into the range. The instructional DVD includes tutorials of all sorts of grunts, whizzing, snorts, and bleats. All these would be necessary if you want to have a successful hunt. 

Authentic Sounds

 One of the significant challenges of some popular deer calls is that they don’t produce the sounds quite right. This drawback makes some intelligent deer adapt to these devices, making the hunt more difficult. But the Extinguisher Deer call boasts authentic tones which are 100 percent similar to the sounds and pitches which deer make. 

 Wide Range

A perfect Deer Call should satisfy you in regards to the working range, and the Extinguisher Deer call is unbeatable in this. Therefore, it allows you to attract deer attention from a distance making your hunting safe and comfortable.

Perfect Reed control

 A misaligned reed could mean that the deer-calling device may not function in the same way all the time. This Illusion’s Call is incredible because the reed easily snaps back in place; hence, the sound produced is consistent. It boasts expert precision in terms of reed adjustment.

It Is Durable and Works in Cold Weather

Built with sturdy materials, this call can withstand harsh use and low temperatures. It will survive the jungle and still deliver a precise tone or pitch. It won’t crack, scratch, or misbehave regardless of the season.

What are the Factors to Consider When Buying Deer Calls?

Variety of Tones and Pitches

Different deer make different sounds. Thus, you need to select a deer call that can make varying tones and pitches. This will allow you to hunt various types of deer.

Hunting Conditions

The material used in the construction affects durability, functionality, and even the deer call’s adaptability. For instance, some devices won’t function in icy environments, while others can operate quite well in both hot and freezing conditions.

Portability and Size

You need something compact, lightweight, and fits in your palm well. This will allow you to call and, at the same time, maneuver your hunting weapons.

Instructional DVD and Manual

Some of the latest deer calling devices possess sophisticated functionality. For instance, the Extinguisher Deer Call has the capability of producing various tones and pitches. It has some unique controls, which can be quite challenging for a beginner to execute. Thus, you have to ensure there is an instructional DVD or manual to enhance learnability and successful hunting.

When Should You Use a Deer Call?

Successful use of deer calls needs you to customize your renditions according to the season, type of deer, and the location. But, the success of your hunt will depend on how realistic your calls are. It is quite true that the combination of deer calls enhances realism and, consequently, your expedition’s success. Well, the combination of deer calling devices can bring a big difference.

A good scenario is whereby you use a couple of fawn bleats accompanied by doe bleat would imply that there is a family of does and fawns. This situation is what the buck hopes to get and locate at the beginning of the rut. Similarly, multiple grunt tubes or individual calls with more than one pitch will suggest many deer. It is this aspect that makes the Extinguisher Deer Call popular.

Is Early Season Great for Deer Calls?

You can try deer calls in the early season, but you must be ready for some disappointments. It can be too soon for those rattling or estrous doe bleats. Hence, you might provoke the buck’s interest with a grunt from a young fawn, doe or young buck or with a higher-pitched fawn bleat. 

According to experts, you need to base your strategy on food sources. Therefore, set your location close to a staging area with enough cover vegetation.

Deer Calling during Mating Season

With the rut approaching, it is the best time for you to get ready with your deer call. It is usually successful when the mating season is in full swing. The probable question you should ask yourself is which deer calling devices are the best for this high season. One great combination is the doe in heat bleat and a series of tending buck grants. This is ideal for the downwind of a bedding area or when still after the thick stuff.

The other option is the slight modification of lost fawn bleat, also bleat of doe in heat followed by a series of tending buck grants. Well, this scenario would imitate when a doe leaves her fawn when going for mating.

The mating season also calls for the use of the best deer call. One of the top-rated and best-selling products of choice is the Illusion Systems Extinguisher Deer Call. 

What about a buck already entangled in the company of a female deer? While it would be hard to lure this particular buck, you can choose to attract the doe in its place. In this case, you need to select a fawn in distress bleat. The buck will follow the doe, and this will be a win for you. 

What about Late Season Calling?

One fascinating thing is that a buck is still capable and willing to breed during the late season. Thus, you can easily lure it using the sound of a doe in heat. Hence, using the doe in heat bleat is the way to go here. 

When you want to call a doe, you will need to use a fawn in distress bleat. To make this trick a total success, you can shake your hand a bit while emitting a quivering and plaintive call.

When Shouldn’t You Use a Deer Call?

Sometimes using a deer call will not lure any deer but can teach you some behavioral attributes. It can be fun using them to observe the deer’s behavioral responses. 

The reality is that deer can not only hear but are accustomed to various calls of their kind. Here are situations when it isn’t appropriate to use deer calls.

  • When the buck hears your call and is heading towards you, making another call might redirect its attention.
  • When the deer is just beyond the range, the animals are on very high alert, and anything slightly odd might spook them.
  • If the deer hears your call and doesn’t respond at all-, you do not want the buck ever to learn your imitation bleats and grunts.

Are All Deer Calls Effective?

Some deer hunters usually make a mistake of assuming that all deer calls are the same. This isn’t true. You’ll encounter many proven deer calls, but not all might work for your tricks. 

Hunting experts mostly focus on the following three aspects. These are; 

  • buck contact grant
  • doe in heat bleat
  • A series of medium-toned tending buck grunts.  

It all depends on how crafty the deer call is and the degree of customization it allows. You’ll realize that the Extinguisher Deer Call meets the qualifications of a compelling deer call.

Deer Calling Tips

If you’re a beginner and don’t know where to start, here are some proven tricks to make your deer hunting successful.

Low Tone

You need to start calling at a low tone, particularly when blind calling. This trick may be ideal if there is a nearby buck that might come to investigate. It is easy to understand that initially, loud calls may sway the buck off, and perhaps you won’t realize he was around.

 Ready Ammo

You need to have your hunting gun ready, or your arrow knocked. You might get unprepared if the deer responds in a hurry.

Get to Know the Sounds

Fawn bleats are ideal for covering noises. For instance, you might unwillingly snap a twig or step on dry leaves, which might affect the deer’s curiosity. In this case, you need to flow them with confidence while making a fawn bleat.

Tricks and Tactics

The use of deer calls is just part of the equation, and there are other hunting tricks you need to be conversant with. For instance, you need to stay downwind, hide your tree stand, remain calm, and be good at estimating distance.

These are just some bow hunting skills you would need to bring home your favorite deer next season. Success in hunting deer requires employing the best tactics in addition to using Extinguisher Deer Call.

Where to Buy the Illusion Systems Extinguisher Deer Call

I would of course prefer if you bought it through Amazon on this link here so I get a few bucks, but totally understand if you don’t and really thankful if you do!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Far Can a Deer Perceive a Grunt Call?

While this can depend on numerous factors, most of the deer calls have an effective range of approximately 150 yards to 500 yards. Also, this effective distance can be subject to wind direction and other environmental factors. Proper use of deer calls can enhance the success rate of calling a deer.

Is The Extinguisher Deer Call Portable?

Yes, this is a lightweight and compact deer call. It easily fits in the palm of your hand, allowing you to maneuver other accessories while still calling the deer. 

It comes with an attached lanyard so that you can easily hang it around the neck. Thus, it leaves your hands free so that you can multitask when hunting the deer. Despite it being lightweight and portable, this deer call is built from premium materials. Hence it is very robust.

Which is the Best Season to Use this Deer Call

 The Extinguisher deer call is excellent for all seasons. However, experts love using them during the rut season. You can easily change from one tone to another, making it a universal deer call. But it seems to be an outstanding doe on heat call. So, it is ideal for hunting bucks, fawns and does early or late into the mating season.

Does a Deer Call Always Work?

It doesn’t necessarily work. However, personal skills, noises, and types of tones can make deer calling very successful. You’ve to combine all the factors and ensure you’re using the best deer calling device. For instance, the Extinguisher deer call possesses unmatched capabilities due to its vast tones. However, an amateur may not be successful in deer hunting if this device isn’t utilized correctly.

Do Sturdiness and Durability Matter?

Yes, these two are very important. Of course, you won’t like it when you have to buy a deer call every hunting season. The sturdiness of any hunting gear is vital.  Hence, a deer call should portray unrivaled survival in the jungle. Simply put, it should survive harsh use and still deliver impressive results.

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