The Pulsar Thermion XP50 Thermal Scope Review

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The Pulsar Thermion Xp50 Thermal Scope is a definite upgrade and improved physical design of the Pulsar Trail of thermal rifle scopes. Pulsar thermion comprises various quality technological gears. The improvement of the pulsar xp50 results from the art of design and the latest technology innovations advancements. XP50 can deliver the excellent imaging you would expect. The clarity of the Pulsar XP50 thermal scope is impressive as it indicates all the studs in the wall from more than 200 yards away. You can be able to adjust the brightness to suit your case best. 

Any hunter who values technological superiority has a thermal scope to use—the cutting-edge of XP50 thermal scope suits it for professional hunters. The Pulsar XP50 thermion scope has all the features and qualities of a quality thermal scope. Let’s go through the specifications of the Pulsar XP50 Thermal scope that makes it great and the only choice for the hunters.

What are the Features of the Pulsar Thermion XP50 Thermal Scope?

Pulsar thermion xp50 comes with great features that are friendly to any hunter. The elements in thermion make it different from other rifle scopes. The features make it easy for any hunting task. The Pulsar thermal scope design is in a way that it reveals creatures that are hard to see clearly with the traditional glass. Pulsar thermal imaging weapon scope has a varying magnification range of 2.0 to 16.0 times. The critical features in pulsar scope that makes it very outgoing are:

A Magnification Range of 2.0 to 16.0 times.

The magnification range in any given scope is advantageous to any hunter. Thermion xp50 has a different magnification range. The ability to magnify the reach provides the hunter with an easy time while trying to take out the target. The magnification range of xp50 is different from other scopes in terms of clarity of the image made even after magnification. It is straightforward to adjust and operate the magnifying knob as it is fitted well in the thermion.

High Detection Range 

All hunters need a thermion that has a higher detention range and an accurate one. The xp50 pulsar thermal scope is impressive. The pulsar xp50 it’s modified in a way that it has a detection range of 1800m. This range is something new and unavailable for other thermion scopes. Another great thing about the high detention range in xp50 is that it enables the hunter to take down the target when at a far distance.

All qualities and characteristics that a professional hunter will be looking for in a thermion scope are in the xp50 thermal range. The xp50 gives the hunter an effortless task hence making hunting fun to them.

Improved Target Identification 

The hunter can identify the type of animal on the target due to the improved technological system of Pulsar xp50 thermal. Other things that you can locate while still far from the goal are the environmental features surrounding the target and the animal extremities. This clarity of the target is as a result of the improved target identification.

AMOLED Technology 

The AMELODY technology helps in power saving enabling you to have a longer time while using pulsar thermal. The newly designed AMELOD High res 768 x  1024 display gives room for high definition imaging with powerful contrast sharp thermion imaging for easy and accurate identification of the animal, their extremities, and less important things around the target such as leaves, grass, terrain, and branches. The AMELOD technology also gives a clear flawless high imaging resolution and power saving. The high resolution enables you to have a crystal clear shot to the target.

Suitable for Large Caliber Guns

Having a powerful rifle allows you to use the pulsar xp50 very well. The thermion operates very well in high-quality guns. Different varieties of rifle more so the large ones are compatible with the xp50 thermion scope. The compatibility enables you to have accurate results due to a combination of two powerful gears (a large calibre rifle and the XP50 thermion scope).

Digital Magnification in the Thermal Scope

As it is to all high skilled hunters, zooming of the image or the target is very vital. With the improvement in technology in the thermal scope, it enables you to have accurate image focus. The digital zoom of the XP50 thermion scope provided minimum pixelation with a high focus and accurate target recognition in a given distance. The digital magnification system works together with the picture in picture mode that shows a magnified image at the top center, and this view gives you a clear shot placement 

Characteristics of the Digital Magnification

  • Has 16GB Memory
  • You can stream IR videos and images to a tablet or smartphone using WI-FI and connect with the Pulsar Stream Vision Application. 
  • You can control the riflescope from the comfort of your phone (a tablet or smartphone) while using the Pulsar vision app.
  • It is waterproof
  • The xp50 has two battery systems, external and internal batteries that give you service during operation.
  • The xp50 can connect to a standard of 3omm ring scope without using any special tools.
  • XP50 has a zeroing profile that enables quick rifle change-outs in the adjustments.
  • It has a recoil system that is 375 H&H, 9.3*64, and 2-gauge.
  • The xp50 thermion has a horizontal FOV of 12.4 degrees.
  • HD AMOLED full-color.

B-Pack Mini Combined Power System

The xp50 thermion rifle scope has a two-battery system (internal and external batteries). During operation you are assured of long time use. The external battery gives you more operational time and can be changed within seconds.

Instant Start-up 

Pulsar xp50 thermal scope isn’t one of the thermals to struggle with while starting it up. The thermal has the ability to start-up almost instantly. Quick starting-up of xp50 thermion scope helps to save energy hence having a prolonged time of operation. You can switch off the xp50 thermion and activate it instantly when in need of it.

Reliable, Rugged All-Metal Housing

Due to quality design for rugged reliability, xp50 thermion rifle scope can boast full lightweight reinforced metal construction. The precision well-fabricated housing elements ensure accurate performance in the field.

Still Photo and Video Recording

The xp50 thermion rifle scope is of its kind. The xp50 thermion is designed in a way that, with integrated video (recoil activated), can record jpg images and MPEG-4 videos. The video and still photo recording ability make it easier to share the xp50 thermion scope action. The 16-GB memory card on the xp50 can also handle and store the MPEG-4 videos and many jpg photos.

The Color Palettes

The pulsar xp50 thermal scope comes with a variety of customized display colors that gives you option on the one to use. Black hot and white-hot are the most preferred colors by many xp50 users. Rainbow, Ultramarine color, and red color give a highlight of the intense hot spots you want to view. Optimal palettes (sepia), red monochrome, and Violet help in reducing eye fatigue over a prolonged usage time. 

Thermal Imaging Display and Technology

XP50 thermal scope has a 480*640 microsensor with a sharp 17mm pixel pitch. You can easily use picture-in-picture style to zoom a10% general field of view. Once you focus on the area or point of target, the highlighted area is visible in the display box. The improved zooming ability of XP50 Thermal enables the hunter to improve the clarity of the image, allowing him to take the most vital things he needs. This zooming ability is advantageous when it comes to identifying the target.

The XP50 Thermal Buyers Guide 

When looking for an XP50 thermion scope, it will be excellent to be very keen and consider all the things discussed below. Going through these buying guides make you take in the right direction of purchasing a quality XP50 thermion


The clear expectations of every quality product are to be durable and to function without challenges. Despite supporting the Pulsar vision app, the xp50 thermal scope endorses the introduction of future pulsar software. The backing of next pulsar software means that it is future-proof as it can accept the intake of new features and operate in the designed way hence improving performance.

WI-FI Connectivity 

Connecting the Pulsar xp50 with a reliable WI-FI is an easy thing to do. Thousands of videos and images only save in MPEG-4 and jpg formats. You can also stream IR videos and pictures through using a tablet or a smartphone. 

Another advantage in terms of WI-FI connectivity is you connect your tablet or smartphone to your xp50 thermal scope and use it (phone) as the second control. Through the use of WI-FI and the Pulsar stream vision application, it is easy for the hunter to get access to the features of the thermion xp50.

Compatibility with Other Equipment

Pulsar thermal XP50 is one of the most manageable thermal scopes to use. The thermal scope is designed in a way that is easy to get adapted to it. The thermion XP50 is compatible with different rifles once connected to the average 30mm scope rings. Another great thing is that the XP50 is compatible with pulsar options in different colors such as red, white, green, black, and also other ballistic styles of scalable reticles.

The Pulsar Thermal rifle scope is designed from the ground up-level that is easy to use. It mounts to a standard 30mm scope ring intended for supporting the xp50 range only. You do not require special equipment or tools needed to offer the scope with support. 

My Own Thoughts on the Pulsar XP50 Thermion Scope

As I write in our larger guide on thermal hunting scopes here. This is an amazing thermal scope for hog hunting. I’ve only been able to try it a few times but I’m totally blown away by the crisp resolution and how the high frames per second makes it really easy to use. If I had the money now I would be the lucky owner of one myself but I think that’ll have to wait a couple of years. Meanwhile, I’ll keep using my fathers-in-law whenever he lets me. If you have the opportunity to borrow one and go out hunting with it, I really suggest you give it a go!

Where to Buy the Pulsar XP50 Thermion Scope?

Well of course I’m suggesting that you buy it on Amazon through my affiliate link so I get some commission, which would make me a happy guy. But to be fair it’s also really nice to at least visit a real gun shop and get to hold it in your hand and get a feel for it. At least do that before you then buy it on Amazon with this link here. Thanks!

Frequently Asked Questions on Pulsar XP50 Thermion Scope

Can I Charge the Battery in the Unit Using the Micro-USB Port?

The Micro-USB port has more than one function, but the best thing to do for effectiveness is to use the port for its intended purposes. Charging of the battery in the harbor is okay, but the charging duration will be longer than when charging through the charging unit.

How do I Switch on WI-FI while Using the XP50 Pulsar?

You can either activate the WI-FI in either of these two trail units,

  • You can press and hold the navigation button-up, and  
  • You can go directly to the main menu and find the WI-FI activation.

Can the Quantum see a Man behind the Wall?

Thermal images only see the surface radiation of the target due to the way the Quantum design operates and functions. The Quantum can detect cracks on the wall but not to see through the wall.

Can XP50 Thermion Scope Support Large Caliber Rifles?

The xp50 is a well and accurately developed make of pulsars. The advancement in technology used while making it gives it the ability to be compatible with almost all the caliber so long as the quality is of high standards.

Why Does My XP50 Thermal Produce a Clicking Sound?

The clicking sound is very typical and not a defect at all. The sound produced when releasing the rounds, and it originates from the shutter between the sensor and the unit.


The Pulsar Thermion XP50 Scope is one of the best and the most revolutionizing rifle scopes in the market. The scope not only saves your time but also the energy in that it has high detection accuracy. All the professional hunters know the secret behind using the XP50 thermal scope as they never miss the target. If looking for a thermal range to use in aiding ease in your work, then Pulsar XP50 Thermion Scope is the best choice to go for, and you will never regret it. You can also check out more thermal scopes here.

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