Pulsar Trail XP50: Review

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Thermal imaging devices are now within reach for us normal people. Hunting techniques keep improving as technology evolves. So, why consider Pulsar Trail products? Pulsar is without a doubt the leading manufacturer when it comes to thermal scopes for hunting, they for sure aren’t the cheapest but once you’ve tried a pulsar thermal scope you don’t really think the other options are even decent.

Pulsar trail thermal scope series is one breed with high-quality thermal imaging optic. It is highly effective and recommendable for both daytime and nighttime law enforcement and hunting applications.

Their concern is to produce products that cater for outdoorsman, conservationist and hunter needs. The gadgets are created and modified according to the user’s necessities. So, should you be looking forward to owning the night or for personal protection, Pulsar Trail Thermal Imaging Riflescope is the way to go.

What You Need to Know

The Pulsar Trail Thermal models arise from two series, namely; Pulsar Trail XP thermal riflescope and Pulsar Trail XQ thermal riflescope. The Pulsar Trail Thermal occurs in five different models; Pulsar Trail XP50, Pulsar Trail XP38, Pulsar Trail XQ50, Pulsar Trail XQ38,  and Pulsar Trail XQ30

Each model comprises its resolution values, heat signature detection range, and magnification—Pulsar Trail XP50 lrf and Pulsar Trail XP38 both measure in at 640×480 pixel sensor resolutions. Pulsar Trail XQ50 and XP50 offer a detection range of 1800m. 

The Pulsar Trail XQ38, Pulsar Trail XQ50, and Pulsar Trail XQ30 sport 384×288 pixel sensor resolution detection, while Pulsar Trail XP38 and XQ38 offer detection range of 1350m. All Pulsar Trail Thermal consists of a magnification unit, Pulsar Trail XP50 having the highest ranking of 1.6 to 12.8x, and Pulsar Trail XQ30 with the lowest range of 1.6 to 6.4x.

This article focuses on the Pulsar Trail LRF XP50 1.6-12.8×42 Thermal Imaging.

Pulsar Trail LRF XP50 1.6-12.8×42 Thermal Imaging Riflescope 

It is an innovative optic scope developed to perceive high heat signatures of up to 2,000 yards. Also, it consists of an integrated rangefinder that pings up to 1,100 yards to enable a clear view of remotely unrecognizable objects.

Special Features of the Pulsar Trail XP50

Built-in Video Recorder

With Pulsar Trail XP50 lrf you can be able to save your intimate moments. The device consists of an 8 GB internal memory that allows you to download videos and pictures wirelessly.

Stream Vision

Pulsar Trail XP50 Thermal Riflescope consists of a stream vision that allows you to stream live footage to your YouTube channel. It also offers you a full remote control unit. 

Trail XP50 also has an updatable software that is compatible with both Android and iOS phones, allowing the device to stream live with its stream vision app.

Image Resolution

Pulsar Trail XP50 lrf comprises 640×480 pixel thermal imaging sensor and a 17µm pixel pitch for a bright, detailed image. 

Display Power

With pulsar trail XP50, you can shut down your device without interrupting other operations while the gadget is not in use.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

XP50 picture-in-picture feature helps you to view a zoomed image concurrently with the main image.

Rechargeable Battery

XP50 consists of a rechargeable removable battery, whose battery life runs up to 8 hours while in use. You can use it all night without having to recharge the battery, excluding the possibility of carrying an additional array.

IPX7 Rating for Waterproof

Pulsar trail Xp50 is waterproof protected. The IPX7 waterproof-rated ensures the gadget performs in wet weather, for instance, during snowfall and intense rainfall. It can also survive for about 30 minutes if submerged in 3 feet of water.

AMOLED Display Frost Resistant

XP50 boasts an AMOLED display frost-resistant. The device comes in with a design made to offer impeccable performance, to enable operating in intense temperature ranging from 13ºF to 122ºF.

Battery Pack Power Supply

Pulsar Trail XP50 comes with a battery pack power supply consisting of rechargeable IPS5 and a 5.2A-h battery pack created to deliver uninterrupted 8hours of operation.

Image Frequency 

Night hunter XP50 provides bright and comfortable viewing with its high-frequency frame rate of 50H. The frame rate helps to move heat away from other internal parts to enable clear picture viewing.

Variable Magnification

Pulsar trail lrf consists of a variable magnification of up to 8x and 2x increasing and exquisite, graduated magnification for ideal, and a modified field of view.

Stadiametric Rangefinder

With its built-in stadia metric rangefinder, XP50 improves the object acquisition and gives the exact distance to known recipients.

Built-in Accelerometer 

XP50 comprises a built-in accelerometer to improve accuracy by identifying angles higher than 5º. Also, it consists of additional arrows used for indicating direction and a specific degree of the object.

Why is the Pulsar Trail XP50 Worth the Purchase?

Built-in Sound and Video Recording

It is equipped with a recorder to enable capturing images and shooting videos during observation. It then saves the picture and video files in the internal memory. The data are retrieved and transferred to a laptop or PC using WIFI and wired connectivity.

Wide Detection Range

Detects distances up to 1800 meters away compared to Pulsar Trail XQ38 which detects up to 1350 meters away. The devices’ sights are highly effective such that they can detect signatures of heat from as far as 1800 meters away.

With the high-quality in-built camera, the devices can identify targets from a distance of about 100 yards with clarity. It detects images from long distances up to 1500 meters away.

Picture-in-Picture Mode 

Picture-in-Picture is a function which enables a shooter to display an additional region of an image on a screen, allowing one to see a model with more details of the target area and enhance the quick detection of the target.

It also enables the shooter to have a clear picture of the area in focus, even when you zoom out. You can use the full field of view in observation, simultaneously because the region of an additional image takes a small space of the whole area of the screen. The function is standard in the Pulsar Trail lrf series.

Can Withstand Harsh Conditions

The rifle scope performs very well even when there is moist weather, high rainfall, and snowfall. Also, it works when you submerge in water 3ft deep for up to 30 minutes. This is made possible by the presence of IPX7 waterproof rated protection.

Mobile-friendly with Remote Control and Live Internet Streaming

They are compatible with iOS and Android-based devices. They can pair with iOS and Android devices via WIFI. The pairing is made possible through the use of a free mobile application known as Stream Vision.

This software connects them to tablets and smartphones to enhance the receivable of files in real-time mode. You can operate the devices using a smartphone from a distance. Furthermore, you can stream the images that have been captured online via YouTube.

High Recoil Resistance

Pulsar Trail XP50 has a shock resistance, which is very high. It enables them to resist recoil from a high-powered firearm.

High Frequency of the Image

They have a high-frequency rate of 50 Hz, to enhance viewing that is comfortable for rapid and dynamic motion.

Magnification is Variable

Variable magnification for the Pulsar Trail XP50 thermal riflescope goes up to 8× compared to other Pulsar Trail thermal scopes. It features both smooth and 2X step-up magnification, which is graduated to provide a clear and optimized view of objects.

Includes Three Years of Warranty 

These products consist of a three-year warranty given by the company to show as proof in case the product has a defect, and the company is responsible for the repairs at no extra cost. Buy it now on Amazon.

User friendly

XP50 is easy to use and control. It contains instructions that are easily understood. The remote control helps the user to follow instructions faster and efficiently perform functions.

The Not so Good about the Pulsar Trail XPSO 

Lacks Sound Recording 

Despite having a video feature, the thermal scope does not record sounds while taking a video.


In comparison to other thermal scopes, it tends to be bulkier.

Pulsar Trail vs. Apex Thermal Scopes

Apex thermal scopes and Pulsar Trail thermal scopes share some feature similarities. Both devices are useful for night vision. These features are as follows; same magnification range, shares the same type of lens, and the scope looks similar. However, they bear some differences such as price sale; apex XQ38 goes for approximately $2,499 while trail XQ38 costs $3,200, apex XP50 ranges at $2,799, and trail XP50 is $3,700.

Other noticeable differences are; Pulsar Trail consists of an internal video recorder, can stream live, and it is compatible with Android and iOS phones. It has a built-in rechargeable removable battery pack. Apex thermal does not possess these characteristics of an internal video recorder and built-in rechargeable battery; hence it is cheaper than the pulsar trail thermal.

Both trail thermal and apex thermal are cool devices for night hunters and shooters. However, it will depend on your taste and specifications to choose the one you feel suits you best in handling tasks as well as pocket friendly.

Best Overall Product

The best overall product among thermal imaging devices is Pulsar Trail XP50. It is the most efficient for hunting during both night and day. It performs well in harsh weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, smog, fog, and snowfall. Also, it views past obstacles like tall grass, branches, and thick bushes to detect targets sharply. Pulsar Trail XP50 Thermal Imaging Riflescope is useful for terrain orientation, rescue operations, night hunting, search operations, and observations.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Pulsar Trail XP50 lrf Thermal Rifle Scope

Whenever you are purchasing the Pulsar Trail XP50 product, make sure to look out for the following factors. 

Battery Life

Pulsar Trail lrf device battery life should last for at least 8 hours while in use to enable the user to perform a task on hand efficiently. Good rechargeable batteries should last for more than three years to decrease the cost of maintenance. Pulsar Trail devices possess long-lasting rechargeable batteries and a charging unit for your convenience. 

Quality Image Production

An excellent device produces high-quality images and videos, and sharply focuses on targets to capture intimate details of the field. It should also have good lighting to avoid eye-straining. Trail devices contain an in-built video recorder that focuses up to an area of 2,000 yards and stores the files internally. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does my Pulsar Thermal Scope require a built-in rangefinder?

It will depend on how you intend to use the scope and the budget you have planned for it. However, those thermal scope range finders are standalone units. They tend to be cheaper than thermal scopes with an internal rangefinder. It’s now up to you to choose which one will suit your specifications.

Pulsar Thermion XP50 vs. Pulsar Trail XP50 Scopes; which is better?

The Pulsar Thermion is more superior in terms of detection range and image resolution. You can check out our review for more details.

Are Pulsar Trail Thermal Scopes efficient for long-range shooting?

A proper pulsar trail scope should assist you to detect targets up to a long-range of about 1,800 yards.


Pulsar Trail XQ and Pulsar Trail XP 50 thermal riflescopes allow the hunters to enjoy a great experience to a higher level. Hopefully, this guide will act as an eye-opener to assist you in finding the best pulsar trail thermal scope catering for your hunting needs at a pocket-friendly sale price.

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