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Shotguns have been in existence for centuries and can be traced back to 1728 with what was initially called the fowling-piece. With long barrels, the fowling-piece was used for hunting birds. The first use of the term shotgun can be traced back to 1776 in Kentucky. Shotguns have not made much progress in creativity and innovation.

The basic appearance of the shotgun resembles the earlier versions from the mid-18th century. Of course, there is a difference in the mechanisms such as trigger systems, but the general progress made on other gadgets from the 18th century proves my point.

Shotguns have gone on to become a must-have for law-enforcement officers. It is common to spot a police officer on the street carrying a shotgun, especially in Canada and the United States. This is mainly because, even without much training, an officer will probably still hit their target due to the spreading nature of the buckshot.

However, some experts pour cold water on this argument and consider it a myth. The spread of buckshot at 25 feet averages about 8 inches, which is still minimal and means that if you are a terrible shot, you will again miss your target.

One of the limitations of the shotgun is its bulkiness. Shotguns are long, and some are heavy. When attacked or in a chaotic situation, a shotgun can be cumbersome to run around with. Also, the pose to make a shot means you may have to stop every time before making a shot.

This is probably one of the reasons why various law enforcement departments have changed the guns that their officers carry, and it is now common to see officers with much smaller weapons that increase their mobility. Shotguns were also had to store and had to be thrown in the boot of a police car. Psychologists have, however, argued that criminals are more likely to fear law enforcement and cancel their plans when an officer is visibly carrying a shotgun.

Smaller weapons make criminals think they can handle the threat of a pistol. The citizenry also feels safer when they see law enforcement with massive guns such as the shotgun as opposed to pistols. Even though shotguns have not made much technological change over the decades, a new shotgun invented was released to the general public in 2013. The Chiappa Triple Barrel shotgun. In this article, we examine this shotgun and try to answer some frequently asked questions that concern the triple barrel shotgun. We also look at some of its benefits and limitations.

What Is a Triple Barrel Shotgun?

As if two barrels on a shotgun were not enough, now there is a three-barrel shotgun. This impressive twelve-gauge shotgun has three barrels, two that run side by side, and the third on top. They measure 18.5 inches in length and can be fired by a single mechanical trigger. This is a deadly machine gun that is incredibly fast to shoot and quite reliable. Each barrel is built with an individual choke.

This allows you to have three distinctly adjusted chokes within the same weapon. The triple barrel shotgun also comes with a two-part stock that lets you use the full stock or an adjusted short pistol grip. This kills two birds with one stone.

The short pistol grip solves the traditional bulkiness of a shotgun. Its bulkiness and size have always made it difficult to conceal. Hunters and those who enjoy shooting for sport may prefer the full stock grip as it gives them better accuracy and is quite a fun gun to shoot. Triple barrel shotguns hit the market at the 2013 shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show in Las Vegas.

What Is a Triple Barrel Shotgun Used For?

The typical use of a shotgun is against small or fast-moving targets. The spreading of the various shots allows the shooter to point his or her gun close to the target rather than have to be precise, like with a sniper rifle. A shotgun has a lot more room for error by enlarging the target space through the spreading of the shots.

Well, for one, you can kill Zombies once the apocalypse occurs. With three times the power of the traditional shotgun, zombies will stand no chance against a man with either a Chiappa triple barrel shotgun or the Charles Daly Triple barrel shotgun.

A triple barrel shotgun can be used for various purposes. Homeowners who are merely seeking a shotgun for protection can turn to the Chiappa triple barrel shotgun. Its deep, long, and loud sound should scare away anyone, and any animal that you may deem is a threat to you or your premises.

The gun can also be utilized in sports competitions. Those who do shooting for the sport will enjoy shooting the Triple Barrel Shotgun. It has better accuracy, which is a great thing. The three barrels spread the shots over a larger area than the double-barrel shotgun.

The experience of sports such as sporting clays, skeet shooting, and trap shooting can be enhanced when using a triple barrel shotgun. Both trap shooting and skeet shooting are featured in the Olympics though we are yet to see if the triple barrel shotgun will be allowed by organizers in the Olympics. It also has a good grip that makes you feel in control of the gun.

It is also one for the collectors. Gun enthusiasts who enjoy having a collection of them will need to have one of these. We do not know yet how long this gun will be around for as it has only been released recently for purchase to the general public.

This is not to say that there were no earlier attempts to make the three-barrel shotgun. It was first invented in 1891. The original had its barrels lined side by side and had three different riggers. Its shooting mechanism was complicated, and no others were made. However, the original still exists today and again shoots fantastically. Its uptake in the market has also been slow, though gun owners are known to take time in building a relationship with a given model of a gun.

The Triple Barrel shotgun is also one for the hunters. With better accuracy, the triple barrel shotgun will improve your skill and ensure you make that kill on the first shot. Its long and wide barrel ensures you have a good grip and puts you in control of that shot.

How Much Does a Triple Barrel Shotgun Cost?

A triple barrel shotgun can set you back about $2,000. It may depend on the make and model of the gun. The Chiappa Triple Barrel shotgun retails for $1,629, whereas the Turkish made Akkar Mammut triple-barrel shotgun retails for $1,800.

The Charles Daly Triple Barrel shotgun goes for $2,825. It may be more expensive because the triple barrel shotgun benefits from interchangeable choke tubes. Mobile choke threads allow the shooter to have multiple pattern options, depending on what game and at what range you’re hunting.

Can You Fire Both Barrels at Once on a Shotgun?

Yes, you can. The triple barrel shotgun has a single mechanical trigger that, once fired, can shoot all three barrels in succession in a Right-left-top sequence. The modern double-barrel rifle also comes with a single trigger. The trigger can shoot both barrels in succession in a right-left sequence. Traditional double-barrel shotguns have a double-trigger system. To shoot both at the same time, you have to pull both triggers at the same time. Some shooters, especially beginners, thought this was cumbersome hence the new upgrades that come with a single trigger. The traditional double-barrel trigger would give you the option to either shoot both barrels at the same time or one at a time. By pulling both triggers, you get to shoot both at the same time, similar to having two guns, but you can choose to shoot one trigger to make a single shot.

When Was the Triple Barrel Shotgun Invented?

Interestingly, the first triple barrel shotgun was invented in was subsequently dubbed the ‘holy grail’ of the shotgun world, the first triple barrel shotgun recently sold for $43,000 in a recent auction in London. Scottish gun maker John Dickson and sons built it. It is a lightweight weapon that weighs 7lbs and came with a leather case and Gold Dickson label. It was made for John Adrian Louise Hope, a Scottish aristocrat who became the first Governor-General of Australia about a century ago in 1900.

With its 3 barrels ejectors and a three trigger system, the gun was considered cumbersome and complicated to operate that no more were made. The Barrels lines up side by side. Despite its complicated three trigger system, the gun works incredibly well.

Where Can I Buy a Triple Barrel Shotgun?

Depending on the laws in your country, there are numerous places you can buy guns, including the triple barrel shotgun. In the US, you can simply go online and search for places to buy the triple barrel shotgun. Some individuals are looking to sell and have advertised online on trading websites.

There are gun stores in the US that sell various types of guns. You can visit one and ask for a triple barrel shotgun though since it is not a common type of rifle, you may need to consult a gun dealer. These are licensed dealers who sort for guns and sell them. A licensed gun dealer should be able to source for the triple barrel shotgun.

The Las Vegas firearms show is a great place to meet authorized gun dealers from all over the country. You get to see different models and build networks with other gun lovers. However, you cannot buy or fire a shotgun at the trade fair. It is only meant to showcase the latest models of guns and build awareness of the advantages of gun ownership together with sensitizing gun lovers on best practices.

There are some online sites that sell triple barrel shotguns like this one.

What Animals Are Good to Hunt with a Triple Barrel Shotgun?

A triple barrel shotgun has excellent power and accuracy on it. Therefore it is good to use in hunting birds and turkeys. It can also be used for hunting ducks. It is efficient and convenient for hunting birds in the air because of the spread of its three shots. To shoot down a bird requires impressive accuracy and precision.

The triple barrel shotgun increases your target space and increases your margin of error. This makes it easier to gun down a bird with a triple barrel shotgun than if you did it with either the single barrel shotgun or the double-barrel shotgun. With its log range barrels, the triple barrel shotgun can be mounted, and as long as you have an excellent visual of your target, then you can gun it down.

Due to its powerful shot, you can hunt big game with the triple barrel shotgun such as bears and deer. Bigger animals provide a larger target area. Therefore as long as you are close enough, then taking down a sizeable animal such as a Rhino should not be too tricky with the Chiappa triple barrel shotgun.


The triple barrel shotgun has been received with mixed reactions. Since the original invention in 1891, no others were ever made until the late 90s. Chiappra finally unveiled to the general public in the Las Vegas firearms show in 2013, and gun lovers were mesmerized by it. However, since the firearms show, it has not necessarily become a game-changer in the shotgun market and has not been shunned by gun lovers either.

It continues to gradually cut a niche for itself as millennial hunters and gun lovers seem to be the most impressed by the new kid on the block. It may test the patience of Chiappa gun makers and its inventors. However, it seems the double-barrel shotgun is not going away anytime soon and is not going to be replaced by the triple barrel shotgun, at least not soon. Only time will tell the impact and significance of the Triple barreled shotgun will have on the gun market.

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