What Effect does a Fluted Barrel Have on a Rifle?

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The debate of having a fluted barrel or not attracts so much controversy there is no telling, which is the better option.  Like most, you must be wondering, ‘what effect does a fluted barrel have on a rifle?’ Depending on the person you ask, a fluted barrel can either be the solution to all your rifle woes or be the opposite and turn out to be a total waste of your money.

However, only a handful of people will deny the aesthetic appeal of a fluted barrel. On the other hand, a purely aesthetic improvement is hardly a substantial reason, and most would find it hard to justify. The reason many people buy aftermarket barrels is that sometimes a fluted barrel may possess some risks. 

Improper fluting may lead to uneven heating. And if one flute is more profound than the others, it can reduce its accuracy and cause the barrel to crack or warp. In some cases, when too much material is taken off, the barrel fails. On the positive side, three main benefits pop up anywhere barrel fluting is discussed. They include improved barrel rigidity, weight savings, and better heat dissipation. 

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