What is the Difference between Caribou and Moose?

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The Moose and Caribou are both members of the Cervidae family; however, they are two different species. A significant number of individuals tend to have difficulties in differentiating these two. Their features are not that far much apart, however for those keen on the eye, you will not fail to notice that the latter is greater in size than the former. I believe that this is the most significant between the two. There are other differences as you will learn from this piece, so what is the difference between Caribou and Moose?

To get a clear understanding of what differentiates the two, you first need to familiarize yourself with both of these members of the deer family.


The Caribou are known to most as the Reindeer. If you believe in the Christmas spirit, well, this is the animal that is said to push Santa’s sleigh. These beasts inhabit arctic and sub-arctic regions, and their anatomy has developed with time and made them comfortable under shallow temperatures.

The Caribou has two main subspecies under it; Tundra and Woodland reindeer. The Reindeer is a large animal that is both a predator and prey. They have always been associated with humans, acting as a source of food and transport, their bodies are energetic enough to push sleighs on ice.


The Moose’s nomenclature term is Alces Americanus, found in the deer family. They are large animals with massive figures and outstanding antlers. Its origins are from North America and distribute evenly to Asia and Europe.

They are herbivorous animals and mostly move in herds. Most active in the daytime where they search for food and water. 

The Moose prefers dense forest cover to help it camouflage through the growing vegetation. At the same time, the thick vegetation provides the Moose with adequate food and water well within its home range. It can live up to 20 years, depending on the hunter and predator relationship around its habitat.

Differences between the Caribou and the Moose

Physical Differences


A significant number of caribous appear to have shaggy brown fur in most regions. However, in some areas, their hair is entirely white.  On its neck lies a fold of loose skin covered with white hairs on its throat. Since they mostly inhibit low-temper