Are Moose Smart?

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When hunting for moose one might be surprised at how challenging bagging one is. Often the question people ask after a relentless and unfruitful pursuit, is are moose smart? Indeed, moose are smart and capable of problem-solving. Moose might appear as dim-witted perhaps because of their resemblance, slow movements, and cow-like expression. 

Another observation about moose is that it is an animal capable of learning. It makes decisions based on its experiences and as hunters often learn when it is too late, once you spook a moose you will not find it. 

Moose are huge animals and it is easy to be deceived that you can easily make a quick hunt. The tracking and hunting of moose are not for the fair hearted as they pose many challenges based on their habitat and defensive artillery. 

Many other reasons make moose outsmart most of its would-be predators. They can be calm animals but when they want to, they can be quite a formidable opponent. Before you go out moose hunting, you should know more about the moose. 

Reasons Why I Believe the Moose Are Smart Animals

Great Use of Senses

Acute Sense of Smell

Moose have widely separated nostrils, and because of this adaptation, the separation may be enough such that each nostril samples a different part of a gradient. It makes the animal orient easily to its environment and track odors. In other words, thanks to their big noses, moose may receive up to two fields of scents. It strengthens their ability to determine the location and distance of smells. 

Specialized Nostrils

They have specialized structures within moose nostrils that will automatically seal off the nose from water. Most mammals tend to have open nostrils just like humans, but relatively few can close them with muscles. Moose, however, seems not to do it with muscles but rather by expanding the size of a pad of connective tissue due to the pressure of water.