What’s the Difference Between an SBR AR15 and an AR 15?

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Sometimes people use the two terms interchangeably, which is wrong.  The term (SBR) or short-barreled rifle refers to a rifle with one or more barrels and is less than sixteen inches.  It is made to fire from the shoulders. On the other hand, an AR15 sometimes referred to as a pistol or a handgun, is designed to be held and fired using one hand.

Here is an exciting thing for you to note.  If you equip your AR-15 platform of whichever caliber with a barrel that is less than 16 inches and also have stock, your firearm becomes an SBR (short-barrel rifle)

The question on what’s the Difference between an SBR AR15 and an AR 15 sounds difficult.  To the beginners, this is not as hard as it may sound. It entails understanding the different features and the best way in which each model works and after that, comparing the two.   

For firearm holders, whether you are using it for military or sporting, understanding the different firearms and how best they perform will make your escapade fun, and you will not find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Besides, it will save you time and discouragement and reduce the number of loads that go to waste.

A Brief History of the AR15

The story about AR15 began way back in 1956 when Armalite Inc. got into producing firearms for military use.  But in 1959, as a result of bad decisions and hitches in finances, AR15 patent was sold to Colt Manufacturing Company.

By 1963, AR 15 was part of the US military standard gear, and Colt was to manufacture the paraphernalia for them, becoming M16.  Upon expiry of Colt’s patents in the 1970s, other manufacturers joined the business of AR 15 and started producing the AR 15 rifles under different names. Later the popularity of the firearm turned the generic term for the types of AR 15-style rifles. 

Today, the term “modern sport rifle” is used to refer to AR 15 and other semi-automatic rifles, and it is a term that is highly used in most of the industries.  It has become a preference for many sportsmen and women since you can customize it to meet your needs.  

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