Which Beretta 9mm is the Best?

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Beretta is a familiar name to all shooting enthusiasts across the world, being that they are among the biggest firearm brands. They brag of dozens of guns from shotguns used in clay shooting to pistols favored in self-defense and tactical encounters. This article aims at finding the best 9mm Beretta pistol in the current market.

Everyone you ask this question has a different opinion on which is the best, and this is understandable as every pistol is best for particular tasks. Personally, the Beretta PX4 storm compact is my favorite Beretta 9mm gun of all time. However, as I said before, everyone is free to have their opinion.

Guns are just like tools, and you have to find the best one that perfectly meets all your needs. A pistol might bring forth outstanding performances at the ranges but perform poorly once in the field. I suggest that before going through the mentioned pieces below, you take some time and decide on the purpose of your weapon.

6 of the Best Beretta 9mm Pistols

Beretta PX4 Storm Compact

It is no surprise finding the Beretta PX4 storm topping our list. This gun is a favorite to many, including me, for their outstanding design and performance. This just happens to be an all-round weapon that promises quality and consistent results despite your application. The compact word in their nomenclature stands for their small build, which makes them perfect for conceal carriage.

This pistol features a modern design that blends in perfectly with old school elements resulting in an exquisite product. It is no doubt that this compact design is what led to their massive following and popularity across the shooting genre. In general, the PX4 compact is a DA/SA pistol with impeccable upgrades that allow for quick and easy manipulation.

Easy draw and reduced carry weight are all thanks to its polymer frame that makes up for a durable and reliable build. The compact build frame is the most popular version of this gun; however, there is also a subcompact frame which is steadily picking up. Their operating system is similar to previous Beretta 9mm pistols with a side-mounted safety lever present on its exterior.

Other components that make this gun a better option to its competitors are the rotating barrels and the swappable back straps for easy portability. It may not be the lightest 9mm pistol in the market, but at 27 ounces when unloaded, this gun has a competitive advantage against other more massive options. This weight results from the polymer material in its build and other quality elements used in its body.

Its barrel measures 3.27 inches with a rail available on top of it for additional mounting of sighting accessories. Performance-wise, the trigger is a joy to engage with as the pistol features a match-grade trigger found on more valuable pieces. It releases smoothly, giving way to a smooth action for a medium-priced gun. Its default capacity is 15+1 of 9mm, and there are extended magazines available as an after purchase. I bet you can now see why I am confident that it is the best 9mm Beretta.

Beretta PX4 Storm

The Beretta PX4 storm incorporates everything perfect about its compact version, only this time, it delivers them at a full-size package. The Beretta PX4 compact is a smaller version of this gun and is modified for easy carriage. This weapon is a more prominent and influential version of the pistol series.

The PX4 Storm is more accurate and easily shootable as it is the perfect size for a tactical pistol. For medium-sized guns, this product ranks among the top tier and is treasured by a significant percentage of shooters. Though its size holds a general advantage over most options, it also serves as a disadvantage as it is not the easiest to carry while concealed. This aspect does not mean that it is impossible for concealed carriage as if you have a larger body build, you can easily take it without a print.

It features only premium elements that result in its all-round performance across most shooting applications. This weapon is among the best self-defense weapons for their efficient and reliable results. Its barrel measures 4 inches long and a magazine capacity of 17+1 of 9mm rounds. This capacity is more significant in comparison to the compact version of this model.

It only weighs 27.7 ounces when not loaded and measures 5.5×7.7×1.42 inches. This data shows that it is not a tiny weapon, and therefore you should expect consistent, pleasing results.

Beretta 92 Full Size

Classic items always have a special place among retro shooters, and so does the Beretta 92, which is more of a classic pistol in the Beretta catalog. Despite it being in production from long ago, it is among the most successful 9mm pistols available in the current market. Accuracy is an aspect primarily associated with this product, and so is its user-friendliness, and ironclad durability.

The Beretta 92 is a DA/SA pistol featuring side-mounted safety levers, just like other Beretta 9mm products. Its magazine capacity is 15+1 rounds offering adequate ammo carriage that will prove useful in any encounter coming your way. This gun has, over the years, risen and maintained its high valued status in the shooting world and remains undisputed by most modern pieces. 

Its build guarantees you the durability that paves the way for the passing down of this gun from generation to generation. It features a 4.9-inch barrel, and when unloaded, the piece weighs around 33 ounces. This weight might not be the best for concealed-carry, but there is a Beretta 92X compact, which is a modified model of this gun that allows for the mentioned type of carriage.

The Beretta 92 is also known as the M9 in some regions. During its age, the 92 was adapted by military personnel for tactical purposes, where it was dubbed as the M9. Its performance in the military was spectacular and saw its treasuring among law enforcement officers in the current world. It may not be the most accessible weapon to carry around; however, if you want quality and consistent performance, this is a small price to pay.

Beretta 92X Compact

The Beretta 92X compact is a concealed carry friendly version of the Beretta 92 pistol model. It features significant modifications in its build, which allow it to fit perfectly in your holster and pave the way to a comfortable drawing of your weapon. Its design takes on a modern approach featuring quality lightweight and durable components.

One outstanding feature that dazzled me regarding this weapon is its 4.25-inch barrel. Its overall size only allows the gun to have a magazine capacity of 13+1 of 9mm rounds, which is pretty decent. This is only the standard magazine, and there also exists an extended magazine that has a total of 15+1 of 9mm. It incorporates minor upgrades to the Beretta 92 to allow for better performance.

Instead of the standard classic slide featured in the 92, this piece is fitted with a vertec slide and dovetailed front and rear sights. For improved aiming performance and a natural aim, the gun’s front sight has an orange insight character. Its straight grip housing results in a better finger manipulation to the trigger. 

The 92X compact also features a reduced beavertail and grip radius for non-print concealment. Options available when it comes to this model include the FS version or G model. The only difference between these two is the safety lever type; on the other hand, both are significant purchases and will not disappoint.

Beretta APX

The Beretta APX 9mm pistol can be legally termed as the most modern of all the Beretta 9mm pistol series. It boasts a more modern and elegant Italian finishing and, at the same time, not compromising their performance. This exquisite build places it among the best-selling Beretta pieces and, as a result, their massive following.

The main competitor of this pistol is the Sig P320. Their competition began when the military began their search of an XM17 handgun where both manufacturers entered their respective pieces. Although the Beretta team did not win, entering this gun into the competition exposed it to the world and saw a massive increase in its sales. 

The APX handgun features a lightweight polymer frame and is common to most for their double-action automation. This gun is an Italian Glock, and this can be visible from its exquisite design and quality elements used in its making. It also features modular backstraps, an ambidextrous side lever, and switchable magazine releases making it very efficient on the field.

The APX’s grip features finger grooves for a more confident grip and proper handling of the weapon. Its frame build correctly places on the shooter’s palms, and its non-slip nature ensures that it holds there. The tactical version of the APX features extended barrels and comes equipped with red dot optics for your sighting needs. Also available is the compact and subcompact model, whose only difference is size.

When unloaded, this gun weighs 28.24 ounces and has a magazine capacity of 17+1. If you do not mind a large prominent plastic handgun as your weapon of choice, I bet this is the best deal you cannot afford to miss.

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Beretta APX Carry

The Beretta APX carry is a single stack subcompact weapon that has undergone various modifications resulting in a perfect concealed carry handgun. For a fact, on a cover carry basis, this gun is a close competitor to the PX4 storm compact. It is among the smallest 9mm Beretta handguns and does not compromise performance because of its tiny nature.

The factory magazine capacity when it comes to the APX carry is 6+1 of 9mm. As an aftermarket purchase, you can get an extended magazine that houses 8+1 of 9mm rounds. I believe that its capacity is low because of its general size and build design. 

It weighs under 20 ounces when unloaded and is only one inch wide, resulting in a very slim weapon. The barrel accounts for 3 inches of the total length of the handgun, which is understandable for its compact nature. It is among the best-concealed carry handguns and is barely noticeable regardless of your size. The APX carry is available at pocket-friendly prices and is available in most gun retail stores worldwide.

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Beretta boasts more than a dozen 9mm handguns, which are currently in production and for sale in the market. It is practically to discuss each of them in one article, but the ones featured here are among the best. I hope that you get your perfect match in the mentioned ones.

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