Why Is Deer Hunting So Popular?

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 I would argue that the main reason why deer hunting is so popular is because of the thrill that comes with the kill. Some may say that it is because of the taste and feel of the species meat, but it does not apply to every hunter. Not every hunter heads out searching for a target only for beef; some take it as a competition or a trophy collection adventure.

However, to consider yourself a real hunter, you need to have a few kills under your belt. The rush and adrenaline that comes with a trigger pull are enough to quench an unquenchable thirst. The reasons why most hunters prefer the deer species as a target are a handful, and each hunter has theirs. In this article, we shall look at a few of these aspects in detail.

Reasons Why Deer Hunting is Popular

Hunters Enjoy the Kill

It may sound unethical for an individual to claim they enjoy killing a deer. However, if you have ever had the opportunity of pulling the trigger in front of one, then you most probably understand how good it feels. The thrill of watching the target fall dead to the ground is fulfilling and scratches that primal itch like nothing else does.  Either way, hunting has been justified as morally right since it benefits humans, animals, and the environment.

For those who may have doubts, I once saw a video of a young girl making her first kill. You could see the adrenaline rush from her body shaking. The shaking was not from fear, but the blood rushing all through her body. My guess is, she has never felt so powerful in her entire life.

Deer Meat Quality and Quantity

Compared to other species, the deer’s meat is relatively more than those of other prospects. It may not be the most massive game in the wild; however, it is enough to make up for a worthy kill. A fully matured buck will weigh 300 pounds, while its feminine counterpart weighs almost half the figure, 125 pounds.

From all my years of eating wild meat, nothing can compare to deer venison. Its flesh is not only tender and soft, but it also has an exquisite taste that is bound to leave you asking for more. Deer meat can last at least three days without refrigeration and up to 2 years if stored under low temperatures. Well, no matter the size of your kill, nothing will go to waste.

However, since a deer is a wild animal, I would suggest you adequately cook your meat to do away with disease-causing bacteria. Research shows that numerous illnesses are a result of the consumption of poorly prepared meals from untamed species. 

Their Population Is Moderate in The US

Another good reason we find deer hunting so popular is the availability of the species, not only in the US but also globally. It is moderately distributed across multiple states in the United States, meaning that hunters can quickly locate a suitable location. They are found in most natural habitats in numbers, and I can guarantee you of a worthy kill with every tag purchased.

Since the species is present in vast areas, the states compete with low pricings and crazy discounts during the season. 

Deer Venison is Cheaper Than Store Meat

If you take the average cost of hunting a deer versus purchasing ready meat from the store, the former is less expensive. 

Hunting a deer asks for a one-time price of purchasing the tag, which is relatively hefty, but you only get to pay once. However, when buying meat at the store, you will need to make repetitive purchases over fixed durations. If you sum up these frequent purchases, the chances are that they will exceed that required of you in the other scenario.

Think about it this way, once you purchase the tag, you could hunt deer several times during the season and store the meat in the refrigerator, but you have to keep buying store meat regularly for daily consumption.

It Is a Form of Exercise

Unlike in ancient times, where hunting was just for food, hunting is more of a sport nowadays than it is a culture. What I mean by this is that our ancestors only viewed the activity in question as a means to find food and nothing more. However, hunting is a competitive event where individuals compete concerning the nature of kill with the changing trends.

Is Hunting Deer Good or Bad?

Why Is Deer Hunting Necessary?

The primary reason why deer hunting is necessary is to control and moderate the deer population in our forest. Currently, the rate at which this species is reproducing is alarming. If the trend goes on, our forests will be incapable of supporting them. As a preventative measure, hunters are encouraged to head to the woods and significantly reduce their numbers during the season.

The fact that deer provides is a source of food and income is another reason hunters opt to kill a deer. Its hide is also valuable and can rack up a few bucks.

Why Is Hunting Deer Bad?

Just as nature dictates, nothing good comes without a shade of evil, and so does hunting. Although most of its effects are positive, we cannot ignore the injuries it brings to hunters. 

Hunting requires using dangerous weapons; the potent the gun, the better your chances of a decent score. Improper handling of these accessories is a danger to the individual in possession of it. Cases of shooters shooting themselves in the leg are not rare in these areas.


Hunting deer is famous since it’s fun, and in the end, hunters end up with some tasty venison. If you have never participated in this activity, why don’t you book yourself a session? 

Depending on your plans, someone can partake in the event as a single party or with a companion. Remember that the best way to understand a particular concept is through hands-on interaction with the topic in question.

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