AR 10 Lower: A Complete Review and Buyer’s Guide

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When trying to assemble an AR 10 or modify your firearm, you need the best AR 10 lower and upper, among other parts. So what are AR10 lowers?

AR10 lowers; the lower receivers contain the mag slot, sit at the top of the grip, and firmly hold the trigger.

The best AR 10 lowers are designed to result in a lightweight rifle hence firing with a new high velocity. AR 10 has a small-caliber cartridge, which helps in allowing infantrymen to carry more ammunition.

 What is an AR Rifle?

Unlike the widespread belief that AR stands for an assault rifle or an automatic rifle, the abbreviation actually stands for Armalite rifle. It is derived from the name of the manufacturer who developed the AR platform in the mid-1950s.

Factors to Consider When Buying AR-10 Lowers

Before buying any AR10 lower, one needs to take into consideration those with excellent features. In addition, one should consider the following factors;


For any AR10 to withstand substantial impacts, the best and most reliable material for building it is either steel or aluminum. These materials are durable and, as a result, can serve you for a long time. 

Stripped vs. Complete AR 10 Lowers

Stripped lowers are of many different unique designs. You should understand the legalities surrounding stripped lower receivers before making any purchase. One should also consider the materials used to make the lower and the whole of its manufacturing process.

Magazine Compatibility

You should always go for a lower depending on the magazine type that you use. Most of the AR10 lowers tend to be compatible with Glock style magazines, although not all. It’s good also to note that not all magazines are Glock styled.

Best AR 10 Lowers: The Top 3 Lowers in the Market Today

Best Stripped ar10 Lower

PSA Pa-65 6.5 Creedmoor  Stripped Lower Receiver

My best pick for the AR10 stripped lowers is the palmetto state armory PSA PA-65 stripped lower. With its incredible design, this lower is suitable for a variety of firearms.

Whether you are using generation 1 or generation 2 upper receivers, you can be sure of enjoying great compatibility with this generation 3 PA65 receivers. Nevertheless, for you to achieve a great performance, you can consider matching Gen 3 lowers with Gen 3 uppers.

It is important to note that there are external cosmetic differences when mixing Gen1 with Gen 2 and Gen3 upper and lower receivers that some may not find appealing.

Features of the PSA pa65 Creedmoor Stripped Lower
Relief cuts

One thing that will, for sure, make you love this lower is the fact that it possesses relief cuts. Their primary purpose is to provide the much needed broader compatibility with the 6.5 Creedmoor BCG’s.

 Durable Anodized Finish

This lower has proved to be the perfect fit for your AR10 due to the fact that it is durable. This is because the Palmetto State Armory Gen 3 PA65 stripped lower is machined from aluminum forgings 7075-T6. More interestingly, its durability is enhanced even more since it goes through hard coat anodizing: MIL-A-8625F, Type 3, class 2.

Excellent Design

It is designed to offer a shooter an easy time changing magazines and assembling the rifle. With this AR10 lower, one can easily make gas adjustments and get some lovely groupings, a good reason for you to think about owning it.

  • Enhanced durability
  • Compatible with the Gen1 and Gen 2 upper receivers.
  • Lack of a standard design between the manufacturers.

 Best Fully Assembled ar10 Lowers.

PSA Gen3 pa10 Forged Complete Str Ssa-E. 308 Lower

The new and improved Palmetto State Armory PSA gen3 pa10 Forged Complete is fully assembled and ready for your complete PA10 Gen 3 upper. It allows the same configuration flexibility as enjoyed by the AR15 and is ideal for the .308 cartridge.

They are also compatible with the Gen1 and Gen2  upper receivers, although it is recommended to match Gen3 lowers to Gen3 uppers for the best performance and appearance.

Because there are no standard designs between the manufacturers for the AR10s  like there are for the AR15s, there will be subtle differences in various manufacturers’ park kits. Some parts, like the fire control group, are shared with the AR15 platform to preserve the options for upgrading.

 Features of the PSA pa10 gen3. 308 Lower
Geissele Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced (SSA-E) Trigger

The super semi-automatic enhanced (SSA-E) provides enhanced weapon accuracy and trigger control, it further maintains the reliability of the 2-stage trigger. 

The manufacturers of this trigger built it  from the Geissele SSA,s chassis.

This trigger also has a simple design similar to the original M16 trigger. There are no adjustment screws to come loose, and all springs are captive; therefore, they will not get lost during disassembly. The entire trigger can be disassembled for cleaning and can be installed without removing the safety.

you can consider using the SSA-E in marksman rifles. This is because weapon reliability and accuracy are essential for this rifles

PSA Over-Molded Pistol Grip

To attain maximum accuracy, you need to have that firm grip on your gun. This lower is over-molded with a view-enhancing the grip for better performance.

Durable Make

These lowers have been made durable because they are made using forged 7075-t6 aluminum. they are further black anodized hard coated to MIL specifications

Relief Cuts

It is embedded with relief cuts whose main aim is to enhance stronger compatibility. 

Lightweight Make

Different from most lowers, this AR 10 lower is made in a lightweight design. It’s carbine length buffer tube has a short, massive buffer.

Magpul STR Stock

This stock is a replacement of the M4/AR15 carbines. you can fully enjoy it because it uses receiver extension tubes.

With a storage-capable version of the CTR*This STR has excellent cheek weld and also two water-resistant battery tubes on a compact. Besides, it comes with a reinforced polymer A-frame design.

To enhance weapon stability and accuracy, this STR has a supplemental friction locking system and a shielded operational lever that minimizes stock movement and prevents accidental operation.

You will also be able to enjoy it because it also has two integral sling loops, a rubber butt-pad, and a reversible push-button QD sling mount.

M4 Lock Nut- Twice Staked 

For more compatibility to your firearm, this PSA Gen 3 PA10 forged complete STR  lower has two staked lock M4 lock nut that will for sure prove to be of a great deal.

  • It provides enhanced trigger control and weapon accuracy. The reason behind this is because it is built on the chassis of the Geissele SSA.
  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble, especially when you are cleaning your firearm.
  • It’s only ideal for use in precision squad designated types of rifles.

PSA Gen 3 pa10.308 Complete a2 Ept Rifle Lower With Over-Molded Grip.

The new and fully improved PSA Gen 3 AR 10 Lower is fully assembled and ready for your complete PA10 Gen 3 Upper. They are manufactured using forged aluminum 7075-T6. These lowers are precision machined and then black anodized coated to MIL- 8625 type 3 class 2 specifications.

In addition to that, this complete lower will include a popular EPT fire control group with a Palmetto State Armory A2 Rifle stock and an Over-molded pistol grip.

You can also enjoy the flexibility offered by the AR15; it also gives you an ideal platform for the .308 cartridge.

 Features of the PSA Gen 3 pa10.308 Complete a2ept Rifle  Lower
Fixed A2 Rifle Receiver Extension

These extensions also come with PA10 buffer and buffer springs.

Generation 3 Relief Cuts

It is embedded with generation 3 relief cuts, which help in accommodating a wide range of aftermarket BCG’s

Durable Make

It is made using forged 7075-T6 Aluminum to enhance durability. Its lowers are also precision machined, and then they are black anodized using hard-coated MIL-8625 type 3 class 2 specifications.

Palmetto State Armory Enhanced Polished Trigger (EPT)

This enhanced polished trigger is substantially smoother than mil-spec, proving to be a tremendous economical upgrade. Its contact surfaces are finely polished, and then its hammer and trigger are coated in a super slick nickel finish.

PSA A2 Rifle Stock

The PSA A2 Stock is made awesomely  to the latest mil-specs. It includes a stock paser, a rifle buffer together with a stock screw that has red loctite. Also included is a riffle buffer extension and together it offers you everything you need to outfit your lower.

PSA Over-Molded A2 Grip

For a comfortable shooting session, every shooter requires a gun with a comfortable grip.  It features our over-molded A2 grip, which will give you the much-desired grip needed by any shooter.

  • It provides a base for a well-built gun with a good feeling due to the enhanced polished trigger.
  • Durable construction
  • There are cosmetic differences when mixing Gen 1 with Gen 2 and Gen 3 upper and lower receivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Are the ar10 and .308 Lower Parts Kits Interchangeable?

YES, however, the fit will not be ideal, and the pins may require some polishing down to size with Amory cloth. The pivot pin and the takedown pin will be too short or too long depending on which kit is used with which lower. The bolt stop can work  or not work although it’s not important for the gun’s BANG function.

 Is It Possible for a Stripped Lower To Be Shipped Into My House?

The answer is No! Firearms can only be shipped to you if you are a registered FFL dealer. In addition, firearms can only be shipped to recognized warehouses and shops registered by the FFL dealers and not to residential homes.

 Can I Say a Stripped Lower Is a Firearm?

Yes, a stripped lower is a firearm. Although it’s not attached to an upper receiver, a stripped lower is considered a firearm in the United States. This means that, even without a trigger or a magazine, you still need to perform a background check for eligibility in order to own and be in possession of a firearm. 

It is also essential that you purchase it through a registered and certified FFL dealer.

 Do Stripped Lowers Have Serials?

All stripped lowers have serials that are provided by the manufacturers. The manufacturers must act in line with the Federal Firearms License regulations.

It’s a demand for all stripped lowers to be serialized because they are considered firearms by the United States Government.

Here is a video that explains the assembly of an AR-10 Lower:


Stripped vs. full AR 10 lowers is a matter of preference, but many opt for the complete since it’s easier to work with and saves a great deal of time.

For the best experience, always choose durable, lightweight lowers, and remember to check out compatibility with magazines.

 Palmetto State Armory offers the best AR 10 lowers in the market. Check out our review on the best AR 9 lowers and make your order today. 

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