Panzer Arms B-12 Semi-Auto 12ga Bullpup Shotgun Review

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For a while now, I have had a privilege to use  bullpup shotguns , but none compares to the Panzer Arms BP-12 semi-auto 12GA bullpup shotgun; it’s the best bullpup shotgun that I know of. 

With the excellent features it offers to its users, you can’t afford to miss this carrying this shotgun to your next shooting competition at the range.

So what’s all the hype with this shotgun?

What the Panzer Arms BP-12 Semi-Auto 12ga BullPup Shotgun Can Offer the User? 

The Incredible Features of this Shotgun

Flip-up Sights and Picatinny Rails

For enhanced accuracy, this bullpup shotgun has flip sights that are typically adjustable for windage and elevation. It enables you to throw any optical enhancers that you might think of, including any types of lights or lasers.

It also has Picatinny rails whose primary purpose is to act as an interface system that provides a mounting platform. They are located on both the left and right sides of the gun, providing you with an option to choose which side favors you considering whether you are left-handed or right-handed, enabling you to see a good sight picture quickly. 

Fully Ambidextrous

The Panzer Arms bp-12 is awesome for all users regardless of you being right-handed or left-handed. This is why you will notice that some gun parts are situated on both sides—for instance, the charging handles and the Picatinny rails.

The safety lever is also located on both sides of the gun; the lever on the left is smaller than that found on the right.

Bolt Lever Release

If there is a task that is made easy by this shotgun, it is changing a magazine. This bullpup shotgun has a bolt lever release button located on the left side of the firearm. What you have to do is to press the button and the magazine comes free.

Reloading this firearm is very easy as a result proving to be of great importance to you.

Owners/ Users Guide

The firearm comes with an owner/user guide that will guide you on using the gun. It also incorporates all the safety guidelines that are essential when this particular firearm is in use.

Cleaning Kit

A cleaning kit is an essential requirement for any gun. This gun’s cleaning kit contains two brushes, a soft bat, two long rods, and little wrenches. 

All this will help you when cleaning the gun; for instance, when you have to remove the faux from the suppressor in a situation.

Impact Resistant Polymer

This BP-12 semi-auto 12GA bullpup shotgun is made of an impact-resistant polymer, making the gun tough and impact resistant. You will find this to be a fantastic feature because you are guaranteed the safety of your weapon. For instance, if your gun falls, there is a high chance that the gun won’t break even from great heights.

Two-Charging Handles

The Panzer Arm b-12 features two charging handles, one placed on the upper part of the firearm, the oversized charging handle. The other one is placed on the right side of the gun. Once you have a loaded magazine inserted, you can crank it back, and it’s going to go forward.

Hand Guard

Are you looking for a gun with a built-in angle for grip? Well, this firearm has a little bit of a pathivu civ finger groove on it. In addition to that, it has more rubber over-mold to it.

Therefore, you don’t have to strain much while using this firearm because of the excellent grip it provides.

Adjustable Cheek Riser

To get the correct comb height or whatever works for your case, you can twist it, raise it, or lower it to your satisfaction. This is imperative because of the excellent eye relief needed on sight for you to get that perfect sight picture.

My Field Test Experience With the Panzer Arms BP-12 Semi-Auto 12ga BullPup Shotgun

I picked my panzer arms BP-12 semi-auto 12GA-BP12BSSB and decided to go for a field test. For one, I wanted to see and feel the impact caused by the gun upon firing. Secondly, I also wanted to measure the speed at which this great shotgun shoots.

I made a conclusion that;

If you are walking forward and firing, it slows you down. This is as a result of some real knockdown power the gun has. Although it slows you down, the thick recoil pad at the back helps mitigate that recoil and improve the firearm’s general ergonomics.

Does this Gun Deserve a Top Spot and Purchase?

Reasons for You to Love This Firearm

Ergonomic Pistol Grip

The Panzer Arms BP-12 manufacturers thought of the users while designing it. It is designed to prevent wrist fatigue associated with many other aftermarket grips. This firearm is also integrated with an extended beavertail that provides you better control during the firing sequence as it allows a higher and firmer hold of your gun. 

Easy to Clean

The leading maintenance practice for any gun is cleaning it. The cleaning process involves removing the small parts and screws to reach all the parts of the weapon. This whole process might bore you in that you can lose screws, and the entire process of disassembling the gun can sometimes be tiring. 

You need not worry; the panzer arms BP-12 semi-auto 12GA shotgun is easy to disassemble, clean, and assemble. 

Lightweight Design

A heavy firearm can be boring sometimes, especially if you will be carrying it for a long-distance or into the woods.

The B-12 manufacturers put this into consideration. Its weight is kept down a little bit with its design and the use of impact-resistant polymer in its construction. 

This is because its weight and everything are right towards the middle rear of the firearm. In the front, there’s not a whole lot of weight.

Easy to Accessorize

This shotgun features Picatinny rails to mount those things that you love having on your firearm such as grips or scopes. Ensure that you don’t make your gun heavy by adding so many things.

Tight Tolerances

This gun does not allow wiggling at all; it gives you a pleasant experience when you are using it because it’s tightly held in place.

Can Be Used for Home Defence Setups 

Not all guns can be used for home defense support due to the different features they possess. The Panzer Arms BP offers you the gun owner confidence and the much-needed stress relief in matters concerning security.

Due to its Ambi features ranging from double cocking handles to the safety levers, any homeowner, whether left-handed or right-handed, can easily use the firearm without much trouble involved.

Long Barrel

This gun features a 20-inch barrel, so convenient for accuracy!

So how does a long barrel help to increase the accuracy of a firearm?

If you are looking to buy yourself one of the best firearms, the essential things that you should have in mind include the barrel length, rifling, and bullet weight.

The good thing with a longer barrel is that it increases the action in the chamber and in turn, increases the speed at which the bullet exits from the barrel.

The Cons


Most people trained on a weapon with a conventional layout will find magazine changes on this firearm awkward. Additionally, having your face right next to the chamber is not very safe. In case the chamber explodes, you can be hurt severely depending on the nature of the explosion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Magazines Does the Panzer Arms B-12 Shotgun Come with? Does It Come With Any Sights?

This firearm comes with two five-rounded magazines. It also comes with sights whose main aim is to enhance a good sight picture to the shooter. Panzer also sells 10 round magazines that have proved to work well with this firearm.

Any Chance of Getting the Left-Handed Model in Stock?

With the Ambi features, this gun can be suitable for both left-handed shooters and right-handed shooters. The charging handle can be switched in two ways, either as an AK or an AR. 

This gun’s safety levers are ambidextrous, with one small lever on the left side of the firearm and the other on the firearm’s right side. 

Can You Use 2.75″ Shells Without Problems, and Is This the Generation 2 Model?

I have used both the 2.75″ and 3″ slugs on the panzer arms BP-12 semi-Auto 12GA, and they have cycled fine through the official magazines. Some magazines, though, tend to slow down the cycling process. 

This is a generation 2 model of the bullpup shotgun. Unlike the generation 1 model, it has no jams and fires pretty quickly. You will also not experience a couple of feed and cycling issues with this firearm.

What Is the Overall Length of the Firearm?

This bullpup shotgun measures approximately 31 inches. Its barrel is long, and it measures about 20 inches; more than half of the total length of the firearm. 

What’s the Configuration of the Panzer B-12 Bullpup Shotgun?

This bullpup shotgun is designed with a view of reducing the general weight of the firearm. Every action occurs in the rear part of the trigger assembly; these actions include; rounds being loaded into place, the firearm’s actual firing, and loading or changing the magazines. It is not heavy and not prolonged, and it weighs approximately 8.37 LBS without a magazine. 

Where to Buy it?

I would highly recommend that you drop in at PSA and buy it here, it’s for sure the cheapest one I could find when searching the web. And they usually have fantastic customer service. Here you find it.


The Panzer Arms bp-12 semi-auto 12GA bullpup shotgun is one of the most fantastic shotguns to try out. It’s very outstanding because it’s fully ambidextrous, has a bolt lever release function, and made of polymer for durability. I also love the idea of tight tolerances, loose guns can be really difficult to work with.

For those of you who love accessorizing their firearm with either grips or sights, you will fall in love with this gun as it also has Picatinny rails on both sides of the gun. 

A 20-inch barrel will for sure give you good experience together with the much needed enhanced accuracy of the backup sights.

Whether you plan to use it at the range or during shooting competitions, this bullpup shotgun, for sure, will be an excellent addition to the guns that you own. Since it’s affordable and fun to shoot with, why don’t you get one? Visit Palmetto State Armory to get yours today.

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