Best Backpack Holster: A Complete Review and Buyer’s Guide

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You could be a sports marksman, a hunter, or in law enforcement, meaning that you need to bring along your weapon. Alongside your gun, an essential consideration for an outdoor hike would be safely and conveniently holstering your firearm with your backpack.

It could be that due to the current insecurity, you have chosen to carry your weapon along for the trek. The best backpack holster offers you the chance to feel safe again, and make it comfortable to carry a handgun for long distances. 

Why Do You Need a Backpack Holster for Outdoor Handgun Carry?

If you carry your firearm every day, chances are that you know how uncomfortable on-body holsters can be. You’ve probably also tried to hike a long distance with one of those hip or thigh holsters, only to find they make it look cool on TV. 

Handgun hip holsters can get in the way especially when you are sitting down. Thigh holsters will chaff you red and black as the straps tend to ride up your trousers in ways you can’t imagine.

Trekking clothing doesn’t leave much room and may restrict you from an on-body carry. Backpacks are roomy, allowing you to haul a load-out of mission-essentials like extra magazines, as well as medical emergency items.

It doesn’t matter how you look at it, the best backpack holster is a liberating tool. As a utility pack, space is expanded for holstering a gun, allowing for either discrete or indiscreet weapon carriage. 

At times you’ll find that having a firearm on you not so desirable. On the other hand, being able to reach for one in the nick of time proves very vital. 

If only for this factor, the best backpack holster can become a lifesaver. Use the utility of a quality backpack with a gun holster for concealed carry, outdoor or tactical applications.

Attributes of the Best Backpack Holster 

If you are looking for the best backpack holster as a part of hike equipment, there are a couple of factors you should consider first.

While there are many varieties of handgun holsters, only a few will work for when walking extended distances. We only get to consider holster options when selecting which one to sport for personal protection or the most comfortable for range practice. 

In my opinion, holsters for long-range trekking are a rare consideration. It’s not often that we factor in a holster that’s compatible with a backpack laden with outdoor recreation, bug out, or hunting equipment.

When looking for the best backpack holster, ask yourself the following equations;

  • How easy is it to quickly access your firearm?
  • How is the holster attached to your backpack?
  • Is it a discreet combination or is your gun on display?
  • What is the backpack holster’s build quality?
  • Is it comfortable to wear and walk for long distances?

It’s with these parameters that I chose the best backpack holsters, and by how far each meets my preferred field requirements.