ATN X-Sight – Helpful Buyers Guide and Review

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I bought my first ATN X-sight 1 year ago, I had been watching YouTube clips for weeks before trying to determine whether I actually needed one or if it was just my “shiny object syndrome” talking. I keep having that issue when it comes to hunting and fishing, anyone else share that problem?

So first I bought an ATN X-Sight ll HD 3-14 x 50. I remember that my first reaction was that it was huge! It felt like attaching an actual camera to my rifle, which in retrospect is a quite stupid observation as it is exactly what the scope is – it’s a camera that you can aim with and it has night vision.

Otherwise i felt like the interface was super easy to use and took only a couple of minutes to figure out, at least for me who is quite used to technology. But even my father who is 65 figured it out in a day or so.

We were after a couple of months able to trade our ATN X-Sight ll HD 3-14 x 50 to an ATN X-Sight-4K HD 5-20x Pro to get some better resolution. Otherwise I didn’t really notice much difference to be honest. I think either one of these will be fine for you if you just want the functionality. For us nerds who want the high resolution: The 4k makes a good difference.

Things I Would Have Liked to Know Before Buying:

  • Its really heavy, It’s not fun to carry it when stalking.
  • It doesn’t work really well with the IR-torch that you get with it.
  • You need to have some technical knowledge if it fails.
  • The interface is quite laggy at times and you need to reboot it quite often.

A hog I shot with ATN X-sight, around 60 yards, totally pitch black outside

Is the ATN X-Sight Any Good?

Yes it is, It’s a lot of bang for the buck and probably the best night vision scope you can get for the money. I have let a ton of my friends try it out and everyone is impressed by how easy it is to use and how well you actually see the animals even though its pitch black outside.

How Far Can You Shoot with ATN X-sight?

I would say up to 100 yards is reasonable if you have a very good IR-torch. Otherwise with the standard one that ships with the ATN X-sight I really wouldn’t get past 40 yards at most during total darkness. It’s important to understand that just some added light here gives enormous extra light in the scope. So even if it’s far too dark too shoot for your eyes you can easily shoot at 150 yards with the ATN X-sight even without using the IR-torch.

Good YouTube-clips I Watched Before Buying

How Far Can Night Vision See?

Without the standard IR-torch I would say that you can see up to 100 yards. Not shooting distance but you can identify that there is something moving and its an animal. If you upgrade to a fancier and more expensive IR-torch then you can double that up to 200 yards. I would say that max shooting distance no matter what IR-torch you have in pitch black is 100 yards.

Problems with ATN X-sight

I noticed that the interface froze a few times and I had to hard reboot the unit. Also I had this incident where the entire interface was missing when I rebooted the unit so I had to load a new drivers on it. It was actually quite easy and there were good YouTube-videos explaining how to do it. I can however imagine this being a huge problem for some users, so if you’re not too friendly with the software you might want to get a friend to help you out at times.

Price of the ATN X-sight

This is why this is the best option for night vision hog hunting. If you want something similar from a different manufacturer it’s gonna be twice as expensive for the same features. So although far from perfect I would definitely go and buy one if you’re looking for a night vision cope to hunt some hogs! Here is a link to Amazon where you can get yours!

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