Hog Hunting Knives – A Helpful Buyers Guide

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Have you been outdoors hunting for hogs before? If yes, which hunting knives did you bring along? With the wide range of hunting knives, you might find it hard to settle on a specific knife(s) to complete your hunting gear.

Outdoor hunting is fun and effective in clearing your mind from the tiresome activities in your busy life. This comprehensive guide highlights the guidelines you should consider when selecting the best hog hunting knife for you. A list of five top hog hunting knives is available for further guidance for your decision making.

Keep in mind that these are our picks and you might have different preferences than us.

What Characteristics Are There for A Good Hog Hunting Knife?

The characteristics of a good hog hunting knife include;

  • Has a good sheath– The house of your hog hunting knife should be made of high quality to maintain your knife in perfect condition. A perfectly crafted sheath has a loop, making it easy to strap on your leg or belt. Your casing should be of an excellent size to make the insertion and removal of your knife easy.
  • Has a Good Size– When hunting for hogs, you need to get a knife that you can handle comfortably. Most preferably, the size of your knife should be five inches or more to ensure that your hunting expedition runs smoothly.
  • Budget-Friendly– Hog hunting knives are available in different shapes, sizes, quality, and price. Your ideal hog hunting knife should be available at a friendly price for you. While shopping, do not let avoid quality knives to save a few dollars for the sake of inferior quality.
  • Durable– A good hog hunting knife should last for several years without breaking, rusting, or retaining stains. You might opt for stainless steel, or titanium knife to stand the test of time and regular use while hunting and outside your hunting expeditions.
  • Easy to Sharpen– Most blades are bought while razor-sharp and ready to chop off some parts. While using your knife over time, it gets blunt, making it necessary for you to make it sharper. It is best to get a blade that can be sharpened quickly and easy to save on time.

What Materials Do We Look For?

While searching for the best hog hunting blade for you, consider the materials highlighted below.

Blade Material

  • 420 HC- 420 HC is a stainless steel that is quite popular among hunting enthusiasts specialized in hunting different types of game. The material is highly resistant to corrosion and is easy to sharpen. the
  • Crucible’s S30V- S30V is one of the best blades that deliver optimal performance. The blade has outstanding resistance to rust, edge retention, and easy sharpening. You might spend a fortune to acquire an S30V blade but is worth every dime.
  • 154 CM- 154CM has similar properties to VG10 but is quite thinner. 154CM is easy to sharpen but quite vulnerable to corrosion, hence the need for utmost care in your handling and storing your knife.
  • VG-10- VG10 blades are built to have a strong resistance to rust, excellent edge retention, and can be sharpened easily. You will discover that well-balanced steel is quite fun and enjoyable to use daily.