Axis Deer: Beginner’s Guide to Hunting the Axis Deer

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To all hunting enthusiasts, you will agree with me that the Axis deer is one species you will hardly miss to recognize.. It is a moderate-sized member of the deer family wholly covered with spots that add up to its glorious looks. 

The males in this breed are larger than females, as seen in most members of the deer family. Its skin is golden brown with some white spots. These white parts include the abdomen rump, throat, legs, ears, and tail. 

How to Identify the Axis Deer: What are the Characteristics?



In comparison to its family members, the Axis deer is moderately sized. The males who are more prominent than the females have a shoulder height of 90cm. Fully matured bulls weigh from 98-110 kg. Females, on the other hand, have a shoulder height of 70cm and a weight of 25-45kg. Its white tail measures 20cm and is marked by a dark stripe running along the animal’s spine.