Bighorn Sheep Hunting: Beginners Guide

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There is unparalleled hunter devotion to bighorn sheep hunting, which has not been seen for other game animals. Chasing these massive creatures in the rugged and hazardous terrain they prefer makes hunters ignore all other outdoor activities.

Getting a taste of hunting the horned mountain sheep has seen many disciples gradually get hooked and turn into big sheep fanatics. 

The appeal of bighorn sheep hunting is partly based on how ironically rare the opportunities to hunt are. Demand outweighs supply for the extremely limited sheep tags, versus the animals and hunters available. 

The US government issues less than 1,000 bighorn sheep tags every year. Even the guides and bighorn experts who conduct these hunting outfits have never had and will most likely never have the chance to shoot a ram. 

What You Need to Know about Bighorn Sheep Hunting

For the mountain hunter, bighorn sheep hunting is one of the most mentally demanding and physically exhausting experiences.  You can be up against the northern heavily tipped bighorns, or the Northwest’s snow-white Doll.  Alongside the southern Yukon and BC ghostly stone, mountain sheep hunting will test your skills.  

The most seasoned bighorn sheep hunter still has their mental fortitude, and endurance levels stretched to the limit. Years of preparation and planning will culminate in a sheep hunt, representing many hunters’ lifelong dreams. That’s why bighorn sheep hunting is inarguably one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences for a hunter.

Hunting the monarchs of the crags requires that a prospective hunter commit their energy and time into thoroughly researching to understand sheep hunting. 

Here is a definitive beginner’s guide to bighorn sheep hunting. It covers the essentials of what is needed to hunt in some of the most unimaginably rugged terrains.