Hog Dog Cut Vests: A Review and Buyer’s Guide

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Hunting hogs is just amazing, the thing is that it’s like 10 times as awesome when you do it with your best friend, your hunting dog. We have written a ton of articles on hunting and hunting dogs for wild hogs. Here you can check out a list of the best hog hunting dogs if you don’t already have one. 

Even though it seems like hog hunting is a slow-moving hunt. But hogs are quite aggressive, and when cornered. They may charge at your dogs and fight them. 

However brave and ferocious your dogs are, they will still need protection from the harsh elements of the woods. Many things can harm your dog when on the hunt and make your hunt unsuccessful. The same is true for the many ways you can protect your dogs as well. 

The use of a hog dog cut vest is among the most popular ways you can keep your dog safe while on the hunt. There are many popular brands and designs, and this can be a challenge when trying to get the best hog dog cut vest for your dog. Another crucial thing you must know also is the various uses of dog cut vests and when each should be used. 

For this reason, this review will guide your choice by highlighting all the relevant information you need to know about dog cut vests.

For this reason, this review will guide your choice by highlighting all the relevant information you need to know about dog cut vests.

Reason(s) Why You Should Buy the Hog Dog Cut Vest

Hog dog cut vests are typically hunting vests for dogs, and they will always have different designs suitable for various purposes. You must take note and know that however much your dog may hate the hog dog cut vest, it is necessary for hunting, and without it, you will be gambling with your dog’s life.

Protection from Injuries

Hunting with dogs means that the dogs will have to chase down the prey, and this often through thickets and harmful vegetation. If you know the woods well, then you know that the danger lurks everywhere. It is possible that your dogs may run into dangerous plants like the poison ivy or worse. 

If this happens, your dog may suffer from cuts, abrasions, and bruises regardless of how thick their skin and fur is. You can prevent your dogs from getting such injuries by investing in well-designed hog dog cut vests. It will ensure that your dog’s chest, neck, and abdomen are protected. 

The design of the protective dog vests sometimes have plastics laced in them. It is to ensure that they remain durable, reliable, and impenetrable by sharp thorns and sticks while hunting in the woods. 

Types of Hog Dog Cut Vest

Bay Dog Vests

A Bay Dog is a hunter’s best friend, and it stands first in the line of danger. Most bay hunting dogs are trained to hunt, and the process includes finding the hog. When a bay dog senses a hog, it will chase it, harry, harass and corner the prey. Hunting dogs are bred specifically to hone skills that help you in the hunt. 

The word bay is in relation to the sound a hound dog makes when it catches a scent. Bay means a cornered hog. To hold a hog at bay happens when it’s surrounded by a constantly barking dog. The name derives from the word ‘bay,’ and it means the sound when a hound catches on the scent. 

The word ‘bay’ is also used in another context when an animal is trapped and cornered, for example, ‘holding a hog at bay’ when a constantly barking bay dog surrounds an animal. It is a deep-toned bark that is called ‘the bay of curs.’ 

Bay dog vests should, therefore, be strong and protective as a cornered boar will charge at your dogs. 

Catch Dog Vests

When the bay dogs corner a prey, and they start to bark incessantly, the hunter releases the catch dogs towards the direction of the barks. The catch dogs are also called running dogs, and they chase after the prey to pin it down.

Catch dog vests should, therefore, be the strongest and the toughest as the dogs look to engage the hog into submission. If it comes down to a battle, you must protect your dogs from thickets, thorns, and the wrath of a big boar.

Catch dog vests are characteristic of being for maximum protection and hence must have multiple layers of protective clothing.  The vests may include leg guards and chin guards as an additional accessory. Catch dog vests should enhance mobility and hence must be lightweight and comfortable as well. 

Bib Hog Dog Vests

Bib hog dog vests are precisely what the name suggests. The design resembles a bib and only covers the front part of the catch dogs. Since the hog is unlikely to confront a raging catch dog, it only needs to protect its chest. Bib hog dog vests should be visible as well so that the hunter can locate them easily and make the kill shot. 

A humane death is merciful hunting, and you should not let your prey suffer. The bib is lightweight and will also enhance mobility hence more fluidity from your catch dogs. 

Bib Hog dog vests are the best for when hunting in summer and on a plain terrain. If you are also hunting small game, it is instrumental as it allows speed and quick turns. When selecting a bib hog dog vest, you should choose one that fits your dog well. It should be lightweight and have a collar hook. 

Full-Length Hog Dog vests

Full-length hog dog vests offer more protection to your dogs. They can run into the woods and traverse all places without fear of scratches or poisoning from harmful plants. Another advantage of the full-length hog dog vests is that they have a leash hook, and therefore you will not need a collar. 

One downside with full-length hog dog vests is that it may take the dogs some getting used to. However, when you want to train your dog to wear a full-length vest, you can distract him from its discomfort. It will make the dog forget the foreign cover on its body and adapt faster. 

A Review of Five of the Best Hog Dog Vests

Avery Hunting Gear Boater’s Dog Parka

When you want the best protection for your dogs in readiness for the next hunting trip, the Avery Hunting Gear Boaters Dog Parka is the best. It is a model that uses the neoprene material to make it reliable for your dogs when hunting in any environment.

Also, this hog dog vest has a camouflage appearance that will make the dogs blend in well in the environment you are hunting.

The product is quite reliable and protective. If you want a product that can last long without wear and tear for your dog, then this is the top-ranked product in the market today. The manufacturer put in place a sewn-in webbing that works well to prevent any harm from the woods and an attack from hogs.  It is a practical model with grab handles that make it easy to operate, and it has sturdy D-rings, so there is no need for you to buy a collar. 

If you want a fitting size for your dogs you can find the range from; 

  • Small: 45lbs-65lbs
  • Medium: 65lbs-85lbs
  • Large: 85lbs-
  • XL: 85lbs+

Browning Camo Neoprene Dog Vest

Another worthy product that will interest you is the Browning 3mm Neoprene. With this unit, it delivers both comfort and protection to your dogs. The design also features the use of neoprene material which makes the dog take the hunt anywhere the hog goes. It is protected from cuts, scratches and even bites from an adversary.  This makes the hog dog vest reliable for use during any time of the year. It has the best metal plate and layers that protect your dogs from all kinds of injuries they can get when out hunting. 

Moreover, the device is also convenient to use as it has an easy to grab handle, which I know will impress you just as it did to me. Another impressive feature is that the design is trimmable, which makes it the best when there is a need. It means that your dogs will not suffer from skin irritation. Besides, the vest is also highly appreciated because it can provide comfort for dogs, no matter their size. On top of it all, this model features an adjustable strap. 

The straps run across the entire body to the back; it means that this is a one size fits all model regardless of the size of your dog. It also means you can rest easy knowing all your dog’s body is covered, and there will be no cases of injuries that may break the hunt short.  

The product has lots of various sizes you can choose from, which means all dogs will find their size in stores. 

  • Small: 45lbs-65lbs
  • Medium: 65lbs-85lbs
  • Large: 85lbs-
  • XL: 85lbs+

Avery Hunting Gear Standard Dog Parka

It is the best model if you want a hog dog vest that can protect your dog all through the season from cuts and injuries sustained on the hunt. You will find the Avery Standard Neoprene most reliable during these times and the dry season as well. The reason is that it is made from a 3mm neoprene material, and therefore it is the best in comfort, durability, and protection. 

As a plus, the hog dog vest comes with a rather heavy-duty zipper, which performs well in all kinds of weather and terrains. More benefits include the torso adjusting system that comes provided with the product and is quite practical. It makes it easy for one to select the appropriate fit.

 Furthermore, it comes with a tapered design that supplies your hunting dogs with all the body coverage and protection your dog needs. It is a product that has a guaranteed customized look because of the double bar-tacked seams. 

As a previous buyer, I noticed the model could deliver a perfect fit for most hunting dogs. It is also easy to put it on and take it off as well. You will also not hear it snag as your dogs run through dense vegetation. If your hunting dog is extra active, then this model is the most reliable fit.

However, before you place an order, ensure that you have picked the right fit for your hunting dogs. 

  • Small: 45lbs-65lbs
  • Medium: 65lbs-85lbs
  • Large: 85lbs-
  • XL: 85lbs+

Camo Pet Life Preserver Jacket

It is among the most affordable and best dog hunting vests you can find in the market today. If you want to save on money but want a top quality hog dog vest, the Camo Pet Life Preserver Jacket is among the best your money can get. 

It is also the best for hunting dogs because of its camouflage design that gives your dog stealth and the element of surprise as it blends with the environment. The key features of this model include all levels of chest and body protection from injuries cuts and abrasions.  

The adjustable straps are for a customized fit. It brings more comfort based on the needs of your hunting dog. You can keep it loose or snugly fit depending on the different weather and hunting environments. 

The material is durable and the most reliable for long term use. It is also a high functioning model as the reflective details keep your hunting dogs visible through the day and night, as well. It comes with a plastic D-ring for leash attachment, which means that you will not need to buy a collar for your dog. 

The camo design is also attractive and functional because it has a mesh lining to keep your dog cool and comfortable while out hog hunting in the woods. 

There is only one downside though, the plastic D-ring for leashes is not as sturdy as one would wish hence not reliable. I have experience with it, and it breaks off when the dogs pull on it.  

You can choose the size that fits your dog from the following category. 

  • Small: 45lbs-65lbs
  • Medium: 65lbs-85lbs
  • Large: 85lbs-
  • XL: 85lbs+

Hunting Gear Body Shield Pro Dog Parka

It is among the best hog hunting dog vests with a neoprene material that will keep your dog protected from injuries and cuts while out on the hunt. The best neoprene dog vest is Hunting Gear Body Shield Pro Dog Parka, as it offers your dog maximum protection against all kinds of hunting terrain.  

It has a flexible chest plate that will protect your dog’s chest against abrasions and cuts. The 3mm neoprene fabric keeps your dog warm in the cold and wet. It also comes with adjustable straps for a secure fit. The design is an attractive camouflage perfect for hunting in the woods as it blends and offers stealth.  

What you will like about this vest is that it is the best not only because it keeps the cold away, but it’s also designed to protect your dog against injuries to his chest while out hunting. It will also not chafe your dog’s armpits, belly, and chest, regardless of how long it keeps the vest on its body. 

The size of the vests is varied and not limited, and most users may need to know their dog’s size before buying one. It comes in four sizes—small, medium, large, and extra-large. 

Buyers Guide to Choosing the Best Hog Dog Cut Vest


A proper fit will make your dogs comfortable, and they will not suffer from abrasions, as is common with tight hugging Hog dog cut vests. When you consider the fit, you must buy the right size of hog dog cut vests for all your dogs. 


You are sending your dog into the woods in unknown territory, and when they get excited about the chase, they will follow the hog everywhere. The material should have layers of protection to ensure that your dogs are fully protected from the harsh elements of the woods. 

Different types of hog dog cut vests are specific with the layers of protection they give your dog. Finding the best varieties is essential, and you must check if they come with extra layers of plastic or metal underlying. 


Here it implies the time of the hunt you are going to use the vests. For example, if on a plain terrain and hunting small game, you can choose the Bib Hog dog cut vest. It is because it is comfortable and has more mobility. It makes it the best for hunting fast game.

 The Bib hog dog cut vest also has protective layers underneath the material, so you do not need to worry about your dogs sustaining injuries to their chest. When you go hunting in harsh terrain, you might consider buying full-length Hog Dog cut vests that include the torso and hind legs protection. 

It is a guarantee that your dog can traverse all places without the fear of getting injuries anywhere on its body. 


To find the best hog dog vests for your dogs, you must know the size and the terrain you are hunting in. It is essential to keep your dog safe at all times hence consider a vest with hybrid features.  

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