Hog Dog Cut Vests: A Review and Buyer’s Guide

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Hunting hogs is just amazing, the thing is that it’s like 10 times as awesome when you do it with your best friend, your hunting dog. We have written a ton of articles on hunting and hunting dogs for wild hogs. Here you can check out a list of the best hog hunting dogs if you don’t already have one. 

Even though it seems like hog hunting is a slow-moving hunt. But hogs are quite aggressive, and when cornered. They may charge at your dogs and fight them. 

However brave and ferocious your dogs are, they will still need protection from the harsh elements of the woods. Many things can harm your dog when on the hunt and make your hunt unsuccessful. The same is true for the many ways you can protect your dogs as well. 

The use of a hog dog cut vest is among the most popular ways you can keep your dog safe while on the hunt. There are many popular brands and designs, and this can be a challenge when trying to get the best hog dog cut vest for your dog. Another crucial thing you must know also is the various uses of dog cut vests and when each should be used. 

For this reason, this review will guide your choice by highlighting all the relevant information you need to know about dog cut vests.

For this reason, this review will guide your choice by highlighting all the relevant information you need to know about dog cut vests.

Reason(s) Why You Should Buy the Hog Dog Cut Vest

Hog dog cut vests are typically hunting vests for dogs, and they will always have different designs suitable for various purposes. You must take note and know that however much your dog may hate the hog dog cut vest, it is necessary for hunting, and without it, you will be gambling with your dog’s life.

Protection from Injuries

Hunting with dogs means that the dogs will have to chase down the prey, and this often through thickets and harmful vegetation. If you know the woods well, then you know that the danger lurks everywhere. It is possible that your dogs may run into dangerous plants like the poison ivy or worse. 

If this happens, your dog may suffer from cuts, abrasions, and bruises regardless of how thick their skin and fur is. You can prevent your dogs from getting such injuries by investing in well-designed hog dog cut vests. It will ensure that your dog’s chest, neck, and abdomen are protected. 

The design of the protective dog vests sometimes have plastics laced in them. It is to ensure that they remain durable, reliable, and impenetrable by sharp thorns and sticks while hunting in the woods. 

Types of Hog Dog Cut Vest

Bay Dog Vests

A Bay Dog is a hunter’s best friend, and it stands first in the line of danger. Most bay hunting dogs are trained to hunt, and the process includes finding the hog. When a bay dog senses a hog, it will chase it, harry, harass and corner the prey. Hunting dogs are bred specifically to hone skills that help you in the hunt. 

The word bay is in relation to the sound a hound dog makes when it catches a scent. Bay means a cornered hog. To hold a hog at bay happens when it’s surrounded by a constantly barking dog. The name derives from the word ‘bay,’ and it means the sound when a hound catches on the scent. 

The word ‘bay’ is also used in another context when an animal is trapped and cornered, for example, ‘holding a hog at bay’ when a constantly barking bay dog surrounds an animal. It is a deep-toned bark that is called ‘the bay of curs.’ 

Bay dog vests should, therefore,