Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon: A Complete Review

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A lot has been said regarding this modern Beretta product, and what everyone agrees is that it is the most successful over-under shotgun available. The 686 pigeon has models for both field and sporting applications, each thriving in its respective genre. Since the weapon only features quality products made of Beretta standards, it is no surprise finding it a favorite to most shooters.

The 686 silver pigeon delivers what it promises and more, resulting in an effective gun available at buyer-friendly prices across all gun stores.  It features the best 686 functions making a compact yet powerful low-profile shotgun

It suits a variety of users and available in 12 gauge action, which is then scaled down up to 28 and .410 gauges. Each of these models promises a premium-grade experience to every handler. I believe its performance is what enables this Beretta product to thrive in all these fields.

Initially, the Beretta 686 was a hunting accessory. However, with time, it found its way to sporting and clay shooting events. Its exquisite build features classic lines that add up to a unique and classic Beretta look bound to turn heads at the ranges. Flexibility is guaranteed all through your hunting experience thanks to the Mobil-choke system included in its barrels. Its build features a wood and metal finish making it durable enough to pass down from generation to generation.


Low Profile Receiver

One of the outstanding components featured in this Beretta creation is it’s perfectly designed low profile receiver. The metal receiver is a piece of art and an excellent addition to the 686, proving to complement its undisputed performance and appearance. Despite it being a low profile, please do not mistak