Beretta U22 Neos: A Complete Review

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For a long time, Rimfire handguns have been a mystery until recently when the great ammo crunch hit the market. Most gun enthusiasts have been using .22 caliber options for quite a long time. This remained a secret until people realized that they could pick a Rimfire and save hundreds of bucks. Consequently, the .22 caliber became harder to find than the 9mm. 

Now, new shooters are being introduced to the art with a perfectly sized caliber handgun from a maker who has retaliated with the introduction of conversion kits for various offerings. The Beretta’s U22 NEOS is a reliable, purposely built handgun that continues to attain popularity every day. This review will let us know why this particular pistol is worth every penny.

Overview of the Beretta U22 Neos

The Neos is a unique Rimfire handgun that represents this unique niche so well. This isn’t your ordinary toy gun; its futuristic design and ballistic performance make it worth the bucks. It retails around $300, which makes it a non-budget gun. That is for the 6 inches barrel, but the one with 4.5 inches barrel retails approximately $75.

 Hence, these two versions are ideal for everyone, but you have to choose the one that is appropriate for the budget. Besides, the longer barrel and ergonomic grip design explain why it is worth a whole lot of money. It is a high-quality pistol which prints the groups to prove it.

A quick glance at this handgun will invoke the Buck Rogers or other stunning movies that showcase futuristically-designed guns. This high tech design is not only for looks, but it keeps the gun’s performance and handling at peak. With its unique high grip handle, this gun lets your shoulders roll forward somewhat extended towards the target. The firearm becomes like a natural extension of your body for excellent target aiming and accurate shots. 

It is creatively engineered to be ready to rock the irons right out of the box. Also, this handgun is optic ready. However, I would recommend you top it up with