Best Beretta Pico Holsters: A Complete Review and Buyer’s Guide

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Buying a gun sounds fun, but how you safely carry it is important. Having a holster will allow safe carrying and easy access to your gun. A holster also helps in preventing accidental discharge, loss, and theft. However, choosing the best holster is among the critical decisions you can make.

You will encounter different styles and kinds of holsters and picking the right one might not be very easy. Unfortunately, most holsters on the market do not offer concealed carry. But this should not worry you because I’ve prepared a detailed review and guide to help you.

Buyers Guide

Selecting the best holster requires going through several considerations. You’ll need to spend some time coming up with a rough idea of what your preferred holster should entail. Besides, everyone has a unique taste on particular features they can’t live without. 

However, there are some constant factors you have to consider if you were to get the best holster. Well, you shouldn’t focus on price alone, but you must also think of how comfortable the holster will be. If you own a Beretta Pico, you understand the importance of a comfortable and concealable holster.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Best Pico Holster

How Nicely Does the Holster Conceal Your Gun?

Do you intend to use your holster in an open carry or concealed carry? Well, there is a wide array of options, especially if you don’t worry about your pistol being visible. Perhaps you don’t want anyone to notice that you are carrying a gun. In this case, you must use a concealed holster. Though not many, you will have to narrow down your choices to holsters that make it hard for anyone to notice you are carrying a weapon. 

Luckily, if you’re a Beretta Pico owner, you have a good list of options. A concealable holster should feature a slim profile design for comfortable wearing without revealing the gun. Also, you’ll find that some gun holsters can be worn around the ankle for added concealability.

Material and Texture of the Holster

You have to feel comfortable and relaxed when wearing the holster on your waist. It should be skin-friendly, and therefore, you need to check its texture. The holster should also feel comfortable when in direct contact with your skin or through your shirt. But, this may be subject to how long you intend to wear it or the weather in your locality. 

The leather holsters are usually not very good in hot or humid weather as they are mostly crafted from carbon fiber. In contact with sweat, leather backing can begin to wrinkle. However, some top-quality holsters such as Beretta Pico holsters possess some breathability features to ensure comfortable wearing even in undesirable weather conditions.

Ambidextrous Comfort

One of the many factors Beretta Pico owners consider is whether both right-handed and left-handed individuals can use the holster. Of course, no one wants to invest in a holster that will be hard or uncomfortable to use. This feature offers freedom whereby you’ll be able to use the holster by either hand. 

Also, this feature allows you to switch the holster between users and it can be helpful if you ever want to give out your pistol. While this feature is impressive, not all Pico holsters offer it, and you have to be careful when buying. Nevertheless, it is a feature that saves you time and hassles during the buying process.

Easy Drawing and Versatility

An ideal Pico holster should allow easy access to your firearm whether from the back or front. It should be easily put in the right position whereby it’s going to be comfortable and easy to draw your weapon in case of an emergency. The holster should allow the hassle-free deployment of the gun without getting stuck when you need to respond quickly. 

In this respect, some feature unique nylon casters that provide a fast and easy drawing from your pistol holster. Not all holsters offer this functionality, but it is one of the high-end features that’s helpful. The best holster should also be ideal for different applications. For instance, some are ideal for tactical, hunting, defense, and law enforcement. On versatility, some holsters can accommodate different gun models while others offer a precise fit and that aren’t compatible with other gun designs.


Do you have to purchase a gun holster every two or three months? Of course, everyone wants to enjoy an extended use of their gun holster. Thus, you have to pay attention to the material from which the holster is forged. The holster has to withstand regular use to give you the real value for the dollars you spent. Some feature poly-woven material while others feature leather material.

Apart from offering incredible durability, the material of the holster should be weatherproof to ensure that adverse weather elements don’t damage your gun. For added durability, the quality of stitching is paramount. There is no point in buying a holster that can barely hold together after a couple of uses. The quality of stitching is the first sign of whether the gun pouch will be durable or not.

Brands Reputation

It is a top factor that any gun owner checks. Some manufacturers are way better than others, while some companies make guns together with their respective holsters. You’ll find that such brands do not compromise quality. Others only concentrate on making gun holsters and end up providing low-quality products. One of the best brands is Beretta, as it offers precise construction of holsters using high-end materials to bring the best experience.

Best Pico Holster for Maximum Versatility

Berettas PICO Pocket Ambidextrous Holster

With the sleek and comfortable design, this Pico holster allows you to keep your gun at the back or the front of your waistband. Thus, you can choose the position you want to wear it for comfort and easy drawing during an emergency. It is a reasonably priced-holster which combines style and versatility all in one fabulous Pico holster. Unlike other holsters, Berettas PICO Pocket Ambidextrous Holster boasts an ambidextrous design, making it easy for left-handed and right-handed individuals to use it. 

Also, you can use both hands to comfortably use the holster when keeping or drawing your gun. This holster is also sturdy and durable thanks to the soft poly-woven material. The material is not only durable but is soft and breathable to ensure maximum comfort. Nevertheless, it possesses the great moisture-wicking ability and weatherproof design to keep your pistol in perfect condition.


  • Anti-twist design
  • Excellent breathability
  • Soft and comfortable texture
  • Easy attachment


  • Small size for an extra magazine

Best Concealable Pico Holster

Beretta PICO Leather Right Hand Holster Mod. C

If you’re looking for the best concealable Beretta Pico holster, this product is just for you. It is a robust and durable holster thanks to the excellent quality premium leather construction. Also, it ensures a perfect fit and secure storage for your Pico. It is super lightweight so that you can wear it for a whole day without any feeling of discomfort. 

The Beretta PICO Leather Right Hand Holster Mod. C is designed to be worn on the calf or ankle and is ideal for both right and left legs. Moreover, this holster offers a perfect fit because it is adjustable. It is fitted with stretchable leather straps together with Velcro closures which allows a customized fit. Hence, it is a holster that can fit all leg sizes. This design also facilities total weapon concealment as well as comfortable movement.


  • Lightweight design
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Durable premium leather
  • Custom-fit design


  • A little bit pricier than other competitive holsters

Best Stylish Pico Holster

Beretta PICO Leather Right Hand Easy-Fit Holster Mod. 01

The thick, high-quality leather of this Pico holster makes it durable and very robust. It is stylishly designed to give you the comfort of use and attractive look. It also offers a secure fit, and you can adjust its position along the waistband. 

For durability, the high-quality leather boasts double stitching making the holster more solid. The flawless fit makes this Beretta PICO Leather Right Hand Easy-Fit Holster ideal for tactical, self-defense, and law enforcement. It is precisely sized to ensure the Pico pistol fits nicely. 

Also, it possesses an anti-twist design so that your gun stays in place. The professional construction prevents accidental firing and allows easy unleashing whenever you want to use it. Moreover, the inside of this holster features an excellent texture that holds the gun securely without damaging the finish.


  • Thick, sturdy leather
  • Stylish design
  • Perfectly sized
  • Easy fitting design


  • The holster costs more bucks than other Pico leather holsters, but the quality is worth the price

Best Holster for Law Enforcement

Beretta PICO Right Hand Holster Mod. S

Anyone in law enforcement will love the thoughtful design of this Pico holster. It is one of the most affordable pistol holsters on the market. The quality is top-notch, and it offers real value for your dollars. It is a right-hand Pico holster but offers a maneuverable fit for everyone’s comfort. It is a hard and durable holster that can withstand harsh use since the material is premium ABS with 3 mm thickness.

 Also, some parts of the Beretta PICO Right Hand Holster Mod. S features high-quality leather which is ventilated to enhance excellent airflow. Thus, it is a sweat-proof Pico holster. The design allows quick positioning of the holster on your belt thanks to the steel clip incorporated. It is a feature that makes it an eye-appealing holster. Additionally, the leather and ABS parts are joined using some strong rivet-like accessories, making it very sturdy.


  • Easy fit
  • Easy to wear and conceal
  • Excellent breathability
  • High-quality leather and ABS


  • Comes with no magazine carrier

Best Pico Holster for Prolonged Use

Beretta PICO Leather Right Hand Holster Mod. 02 – Demi

Are you looking for the best concealed holster for your Beretta Pico? This right-hand leather holster is built to offer the best fit and secure storage. It is a robust holster thanks to the exquisite quality leather which doesn’t age easily. With a flat rear profile, it offers a snug fit against the body. Therefore, it delivers perfect wearability and concealability.

Apart from premium leather, the design of Beretta PICO Leather Right Hand Holster Mod. 02  entails durable stitching to ensure the holster serves you for many years. Also, this Pico holster features an HD thumb brake safety device and a release lever that is rigid and well-built to be wear-resistant. It opens the holster flawlessly in a natural way for safety purposes. Besides, the design incorporates MF latch and GC snap devices. The fitting is fantastic as this holster is built for a high under arm position


  • Nice concealment
  • Reliable safety devices
  • Snap-fit design
  • Excellent quality leather


  • The price is slightly above the typical Pico holsters due to the additional features

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Beretta Pico Holsters Better than Others?

Being the real maker of Pico pistols, Beretta makes outstanding holsters for their guns. The Pico semi-auto pistols holsters are no exception. They are forged from premium ABS and leather materials using state of the art construction. Thus, they are durable, sturdy, and comfortable to use. Most of them are lightweight and possess stylish features for adjustability and easy drawing of your gun from its holster.

Are Beretta Gun Holsters Pricey?

It depends on your preference, but they are available at varying prices. The price can range from slightly above $40 to $100. The difference in prices is usually due to the disparity in features and quality of construction of individual gun holsters.

Which Beretta Pico Holster is best for you?

All the Pico holsters from Beretta offer precise fit but possess different comfort features. Some holsters possess unique adjustability features, while others don’t. Also, some are crafted from better quality leather or ABS fabric than others. Therefore, the price and functionality range from one piece to another. If your budget allows, you can just select the one with high-end features for a superb performance.


As I previously mentioned, your choice of the best Beretta Pico holster will be subject to many factors. After considering many of these aspects, all the five Pico holsters pass the mark. Their suitability as holsters already tells you they are worth the bucks. They offer precise gun fit, concealment, and easy drawing to ensure you don’t get caught unaware. These holsters are durable, functional, and stylish. Moreover, they are available at varying prices to agree to your budget.

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