Best 92 FS Grips: Our Favorites from Beretta

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The Beretta 92 FS is a series of semi-automatic, Italian made pistols that have gained their massive following over the years. They were first manufactured in 1975 by the Beretta team and are still in production to date. Similar to all weapons, the performance of this pistol is dependent on many factors, including the grip installed. The choice of grip to install on your gun will depend on your personality and preference.

The increase in demand for these pistols also saw an increase in their mod parts like the grips. This demand increase coincidentally led to the rise of grip manufacturing teams, each of them bringing innovative and competitive ideas to the table. The list of grips compatible with the 92 FS series is long. However, I took the liberty of compiling a detailed best-list to ease your selection process of these handgun grips.

Our Top Picks

Beretta 92/96 FS Original Grips

This product is a replacement grip for your Beretta pistol. The grips are compatible and fit most Beretta models, adding a unique feel and design to your weapon. Beretta is a well-known manufacturer of firearm-related pieces, and this one shows why they are a favorite brand to most.

The grips build sturdy and robust and made with only the finest, premium components. They perfectly align with a design that perfectly fits in your palms, positioning your weapon uniformly on your hands. They brag of adding a more natural feel to your aim and handling of the pistol.

To account for additional grip texture, they feature a non-slip pattern design. The Beretta trident logo graces the creation of this magnificent product making your weapon outstanding among your collection.

Exel G1O Grips for Beretta 92/96 FS

The sleek design of these grips is what makes them outshine their competitors. Most grips available for the Beretta pistol are very similar, with only a few differences. However, for the Exel Gio grips, they separate themselves from the standard grips.

These grips feature a unique wave patented design and are available in a variety of colors. Their prices differ with the color combination you select, but their performance is standard to all. The wavy texture allows for a more comfortable grip on your gun. It also adds up to a medium aggressive build that absorbs most of the recoil force generated by your shots.

These grips are best used for tactical confrontations, and this has seen their increase in demand among law enforcement officers. They are CNC machined and come from a non-slippery G1O material. These grips will perfectly fit most Beretta pistol models giving you comfort and consistent results.

Beretta 92/96 Compact Walnut Grips

These grips are among a long list of products that Beretta curved from quality walnut wood. The wood material acts as a perfect component to make handgun grips because of their durable nature. They also bring out a more natural feel to whatever product they result in.

The elegant checkering on the faces of these grips is enough to provide adequate holding capabilities. Their material makes them challenging to include finger grooves meaning that they are not available. They come in a compact nature that allows them to fit perfectly on any model of the 92 FS Beretta pistol.

On purchase, they will come as a pair, left and right cheek. In general, they are lightweight, weighing 40.8 grams.

Talon Grips for Beretta

The Talon grips are proudly manufactured in the US and have steadily gained popularity across the globe for their outstanding performance and quality. They are a single piece conjoined by their wrap-around patented nature.

These grips design allows for a quality fit and comfort feel on all 92 FS models. The main reason for their follower increase is their functionality. They tend to create a positive interface between the weapon and the shooter. This festive feel is brought by their top-notch components that result in an even better handgun grip.

They are available in three settings, two of them being rubber and the other having a granulate texture. All these models are available at the same price for buyers to select their preferences. They measure 0.5mm in thickness, which is perfect for a reliable grip on your gun.

You will find one grip, a prep pad, a grip sticker, and an installation manual on the purchase of this package.

Beretta 92/96 Deluxe Grips Grade 3 Walnut Checkered

Just as their name suggests, this pair is a deluxe version of the already existing Beretta grips. They are far more superior to the standard replacement grips available for Beretta pistols. These grips provide a sophisticated look bound to turn a lot of heads your way. In addition to their appearance, they promise quality performance all through.

They offer superb grip capabilities and outstanding appearance to your weapon with the help of their premium components and build features. These deluxe grips promise perfect control of your aim and your Beretta handgun in general. Also, the build of this product perfectly lays your weapon comfortably within your hands with no need for additional finger grooves.

They do feature a checkered pattern on their surface to increase the friction force between the shooter and the weapon. It measures 1.05, 3.3, and 6.2 inches in height, width, and length, respectively.

Hogue Hunting Grip Beretta 92/96 FS Finger Groove

The Hogue hunting grip with finger grooves is among the many grips made from rigid plastic and rubber material. The finger grooves are a great addition to improving the texture of the weapon and feel. They are not familiar to most grips as most manufacturers prefer the use of checked surfaces rather than including finger grooves.

I believe that it is easier to bring out these grooves when using rubber materials than when using wood. This pair perfectly fits on most models and features a unique design to their robust build. Their most outstanding feature is the finger grooves that improve your pistols handling.

These grips only weigh 3.2 ounces and feature a front strap that joins the two pieces. The joining of these two makes your weapon feel thicker, and this is a problem for small-handed shooters.

Beretta 92/96 Series Oval Textured Walnut Grips

These wooden hand grips are an excellent pair to marry to your Beretta 92 FS pistol. Their ability to completely transform your standard weapon to a beautiful gun still amazes me. They are and will continue being one of my favorite grips.

They feature a peculiar and elegant oval chequering on both their faces and also feature the original Beretta trident logo. Their components are made from genuine walnut material that extends the grips service life massively. This material also gives your weapon a more comfortable feel by positioning it correctly within your palms while aiming.

They come as a pair and are a fit for most FS models. The only excluded models being stock versions, combat, and Billenium. It is no lie that they are a great addition to your Beretta pistol.

Beretta M9A3 Grip with Polymer Wraparound Configuration

This grip is among the best grips available in the current for Beretta 92 FS pistols. They are compatible with almost every available model of these pistols and promise efficient and consistent performance.

Their design features top-quality components made of rigid polymer material. The material ensures that the grip is sufficient regardless of the climatic conditions. Despite their functionality, their design is very simple, with a wrap-around build, joining the two sets into one. Expect an extended service life when it comes to this pair.

They come in a desert color that blends in with almost every configuration you have on your weapon. The chequered cheeks of this grip are responsible for the comfortable and confident grip the shooter has on the gun.

Beretta Grips 92/96 Series Rubber Smooth Black

These rubber grips feature a remarkable design that offers maximum grip capabilities than most rubber grips do. They are compatible with most Beretta pistol models making them a favorite to most shooters.

These grips have a robust build that can support the impact of the gun and still maintain their comfort in your hand. With them, you can take multiple shots before you start feeling the recoil impact on your palm. They offer superior services despite them being of a rubber build.

The rubber build complements a black matte finish that gives the pieces a glorious look. Their surface is smooth with zero checkering and finger grooves. These grips are an addition to the long list of accomplishments related to the Beretta Company.

Beretta Grips for 92 FS Walnut Checkered with Medallion

These grips act as a replacement for the standard 92 FS Beretta pistols. They have a custom and robust walnut build, which has more than one advantage on this product. They are among the affordable options if you are in search of the Beretta quality in your grip.

Their build allows them to comfortably fit on the shooter’s hand, improving their grip on the weapon. Their elegant checkering detailed hand grip improves the general texture and feels of the product. These grips are non-slip; made possible by the walnut build on their faces resulting in a beautiful weapon. Just like most of the replacement grips of this pistol, you will need to purchase the grip screws separately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does FS Mean in Beretta 92 FS?

The FS means that the weapon features an enlarged hammer pin that fits right underneath its groove. On the initial military tests, the 92 pistols showed some defective sides. This irregularity led to the enlargement of the hammer pin to prevent the slide from flying off the frame, and this was most common when the gun’s frame cracked.

Can I conceal Carry a Beretta 92 FS?

You can carry this weapon while concealed. Though it may cause discomfort, you may find yourself in an environment requiring you to hide the gun. I once had mine under a coat during the winter and found myself unzipping the coat immediately when I got to a warm place.

Is the Beretta 92 FS Reliable?

According to the three tests conducted by the military on these pistols, they are reliable. These pistols brag of passing the tests and even feature numerous modifications that improve their performance.


It is evident that as an owner of the 92 FS, you are spoilt for choices when it comes to picking your grip. The products mentioned above are some of the best grips you will get to find in the current market.

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