Beretta APX Centurion: A Complete Review

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The APX Centurion comes in to play to extend your love for the APX gun series to further levels. The gun was announced to be released in 2018 in the 2018 NRA Annual Meetings alongside the APX Compact. The gun is mid-sized and is designed to deliver improved control and ergonomics. There is much to this gun that you will enjoy as a shooter compared to the benefits you get from other striker-fired guns in the market.

If you have been using and loving the Beretta guns, your attraction to their products must have been confined to their double-action or single-action nature. Beretta APX Centurion comes in with a new and different style. Its striker-fired nature makes it a functionally and structurally different gun from the other APX series guns. 

Its trigger is one of the best factory striker-fired triggers you would ever use, far better than what you will get in an M & P or a Glock. Additionally, its trigger is fitted with the Beretta’s ‘Competition’ striker spring to give it an edge above other guns in the Beretta family.  

Another feature that makes the gun stand out includes the factory serrations that are included on the slide. Despite the fact that they make the gun look a little goofy, they are a key factor in the gun’s standout appearance and functionality.

The overall size of the gun is also something to behold. Its shirt barrel is much easier to conceal, but this doesn’t mean you will not get the full firing grip on the pistol every time you are shooting. While the APX Centurion’s initial release lacked holster support, you are not to worry about that anymore. JM Custom Kydex now offers these holsters for all APX sizes.