Best Deer Attractant: They’ll come running for more!

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 Hunters have continued to develop their skills and equipment. Deer hunting, in particular, has faced serious upgrades with new tactics and weapons being witnessed. The deer attractant products are among the breakthroughs we are talking about. These scent and nutritional products are meant to lure deer into the range where it is easy to take an accurate shot with your rifle or bow.  

The deer attractants come in all different types in terms of ingredients, flavors, strength, price, and much more. It is somewhat challenging to choose the best deer attractant, especially when you’re a newbie. Luckily for you, I have carried out considerable research to help you make the soundest choice.

Best Deer Attractants: Our Top Picks

WINA APL6 Apple Obsession Deer Attractant

Planting food plots might take a while, and most hunters won’t have all that time but still need to go home with a huge buck. It is now easy to overlook the importance of food plots and still have a successful hunt. With WINA APL6 Apple Obsession Deer attractant, deer hunting will no longer have significant hassles. It is a unique formulation with an apple flavor that is capable of drawing deer from many miles.  

The Apple Obsession contains devour, a proprietary taste and scent enhancer, which most deer crave with passion. Moreover, it is such a powerful attractant that some states term them as deer bait, and you need to consult your local authorities before using it. This deer attractant works in all seasons but tends to be best during winter and fall. It is also fortified with vitamins and essential minerals which boost the energy levels.


  • Easy application
  • Extremely powerful
  • Works for all types of deer
  • Affordable price


  • Too powerful for some deer

REDMOND Hunt Fortified Long-Range Deer Attractant

Are you looking for the best long-range deer attractant? Here is a perfect option from REDMOND. The Apple Bombs enticing aroma is a strong flavor that lures deer from many miles away. This deer attractant is rich in fortified proteins and vitamins, which are all beneficial to the deer. REDMOND Hunt deer attractant features Trophy rock minerals which are great for deer and keeps them coming for more. The unique blend of ingredients fulfills the dual purpose of this product. 

It is great at attracting deer into your range and also serves as a nutritional source. The attractant is specifically a great source of minerals which are beneficial in antler development and overall health of the deer. Therefore, this nourishing pack can be fed all year round, or you can use it on quick trips to locate deer in the field. It is a super beneficial deer feed supplement that you can use in any season.


  • Great for antler development
  • The super-strong scent makes it a great attractant


  • Scent tends to fade away quickly

Wildgame Innovations Peanut Rage Deer Attractant

This peanut deer attractant is one of the best for modern hunters. You do not need to mix any ingredients as it comes ready to use. Going through a patented extrusion process, this deer attractant ensures an excellent absorption and healthy digestion. 

This Peanut Rage Deer Feed is a great alternative to real peanuts which can be very expensive for a deer attracting strategy. It works by unleashing an irresistible peanut traction power that can call deer many miles away. 

This unique deer feed pulverizes peanuts into a highly nutritional mix of roasted soybeans which lures them into range and keeps them coming again and again. It is a high-quality deer attractant thanks to its proprietary formula that integrates rack-enhancing nutrients which includes up to 20 percent protein. 

The deer attractant is also equipped with 600 percent more scent molecules giving it great power of attraction.


  • Highly nutritional
  • Superior attraction power
  • Easy to apply
  • Longer lasting effect


  • Fails sometimes if there are better feeding alternatives

 Evolved Habitats Harvest Throw and Gro

With ever-changing habitats and deer behavior, you need to employ better hunting strategies. Here I present you with the Evolved Habitats Deer Attractant. These plants allow you to create food plots that will enable the easy attraction of deer. They can grow without disking, and grow in all conditions, even on horrible soils.

 Also, these are among the most affordable deer attractants on the market. They grow best in spring and not late summer or fall. 


  • Plants possess great growth
  • Unique scent
  • Easy to grow food-plot seed
  • Require little to no management


  • Deer prefer corn over plants, and they may be ineffective

C’ mere Deer 3-Day Harvest Hunting Scents

The C’ mere Deer 3-Day Harvest Deer Attractant System features a unique scientific formulation that guarantees superb results. It is tested under real hunting scenarios giving hunters and game managers a superb deer attraction method. Featuring a three-day harvest, it is easy to see the deer population and enhance the odds of harvesting the number you want. 

The C’ mere Deer 3-Day Harvest Deer Attractant utilizes the deer’s most powerful sense, that attracts them from many miles away. Its great-tasting and highly palatable formula ensure deer will be fighting to be on your stand and keep them coming for more. Besides, it is effortless to use as you’re supposed to apply three equal portions on three consecutive days, and this product guarantees terrific results.


  • Maximizes your harvest
  • Easy-to-follow formula
  • Great taste and scent
  • Three-day harvest works magic


  • The effectiveness lowers if you go against the three-day schedule

Wildgame Innovations Persimmon Crush Attractant

Harvesting deer sometimes proves to be chaotic, but you have better chances with the Wildgame Innovations Persimmon Crush Attractant. It is an awesome-tasting formula with superb taste to ensure the deer keep coming back for more. This formula is prepared from real persimmons that deer love so much. Also, it is moderately priced to ensure you don’t break your budget as you harvest more deer meat.

However, it works best when the native browser is scarce. 

It features an ultra-weight of 16 percent fat content, making it an excellent nutrition source for deer. The product combines permissions naturally attracting power with a high protein and carbohydrate base. 

Moreover, before the powder is finalized, it goes via a double screening process resulting in a finely sifted formula with an incredibly long range of attraction.


  • Works in most deer habitats
  • Great for trail camera photos
  • Works fast and effectively
  • Strong and fine formula


  • Slightly pricier than competitive deer attractants                               

Moultrie MFS-13358 Deer Magnet Persimmon Granular

This unique formula boosts the sweet smell of ripened persimmons. Well, this is a proprietary extended range formula that works in almost all deer-rich areas. It comes as a six-pound bag, and it contains a high-nutrition granular supplement which helps the bucks recover from the rut. 

Since deer are known to travel very long distances in pursuit of ripened persimmon. The Moultrie MFS-13358 Deer Magnet will lure the bucks from long miles as they search for a nutrition boost. Apart from offering important vitamins, this product combines aromatics with flavorful ingredients which deer prefer over the corn or natural forage. 

It also contains considerably high fat which helps the bucks recover from the stress of rut season. Thus, it is a great product for deer in the post-rut period. It could also be a great health booster to help deer recover from winter stress.


  • Compatible with gravity style feeder
  • Versatile ways of application
  • Powerful scent
  • Flavorful taste than natural forage


  • Pricey. The higher price is acceptable considering the excellent performance of this deer attractant

Big and J Deadly Dust Sweet Corn Attractant (Top pick)

Sweet corn is perhaps the best food for deer. This Attractant continues to become popular among deer hunters, as it is easy, reliable, and delivers fast results. It is typically a sweet corn powder that is harvested and processed from the best corn hybrid. This plant is five times sweeter than field corn. 

The Big and J Deadly Dust Sweet Corn features a sifted powder that is easy to apply and leaves a longer-lasting effect. Thus, you can pour this product close to your stand or camera, and for sure, it works magic in bringing deer into your bow’s range. 

Moreover, it has vast nutritional benefits meaning that you can take your time and enrich the deer meat. Luckily, this corn supplement is so strong, addictive, and the deer will keep coming back for more. The 5-pound capacity is also a good reason why this attractant is preferred by hunters. 


  • Works fast and perfectly
  • Great taste and flavor
  • Easy to apply
  • Ideal for all seasons

HME Scent Web

If you’re looking for a reliable and simple-to-use deer attractant, this should be your priority. The HME Scent Web boasts a patented scent, wick as well as a delivery system all in one pressurized bottle. This product can be used over a preexisting scrape to freshen it without the hunter being there. Basically, the magnum propulsion form this scent web shoots a web up to 15 feet keeping off contamination from deer scrapes and trails. 

The HME Scent Web is an aerosol, and therefore there are no messy liquid, containers, or cotton balls to deal with. Well, each container has 300 feet of web and can trouble-freely fit into a coat pocket. An additional merit of this scent web is that it remains active until it dries completely. It is a convenient deer attractant that features a spray string scented with attractants. This product is confirmed to be 300% more effective than liquid deer attractants.


  • Versatile and reliable hunting product
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Easy to use scent web


  • Slightly pricier than some top-rated deer attractants

Whitetail Institute Imperial Clover Deer Food Plot

Your deer calling strategies will now get better with this newest clover variety that is scientifically engineered by the Whitetail Institute. Besides, the Imperial Clover Deer Food Plot has been tested on free-ranging whitetail deer in most parts of North America. 

This deer attractant is a favorite dish for deer and will lure them and hold them around your property. It is a popular product due to its high scent and flavor taste which drives deer crazy and makes them stick around searching for more.

The product has proven its magic by scoring highly in different aspects tested. This product has been found to provide 35 percent protein all-year-round for up to 5 years. It is protein-rich and is excellent for antler, bone, and muscle development. Also, this product works in most parts of North America, and this is one of the reasons it has become quite popular.


  • Great for all climates
  • Very high in protein
  • High growth rate
  • Easy to manage


  • Pricier than most deer attractants.

Buying Guide to the Best Deer Attractant

Deer attractants are not common for most hunters, and it can be pretty easy to buy the wrong deer attractant if you’re new to deer hunting. Not all deer attractants you find on the shelves are worth your dollars. There are aspects you need to check before clicking the `buy’ button. Here are the factors you need to recheck to help you in making an informed purchase decision. 

Types of Deer Attractant

Food Attractants

Popular deer foods include acorns, corn, and molasses, among others. These usually feature enriched carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals. Depending on the type of deer, you need to use the best food attractant. 

For instance, corn and acorns are great for bucks.

Scent Attractants

These are probably the easiest deer attractants you can use. They are usually in the form of sticks and spray and are quite economical. Well, they make use of deer in the most significant sense, which is the smell and can lure them from miles away.

Mineral Attractants

These are usually in the form of granules, liquid, or powder. Most mineral attractants possess deer attracting scents to make your hunting a quick success. These typically work magic in attracting deer and keep them coming back for more. 

Nutritional Value in Attractants

Offering deer with the best nutritional benefits is a prime objective behind these attractants. It’s a great deal when you feed them with nutritious supplements and later reap the reward in terms of delicious lean meat as well as a large trophy. 

Therefore, it would be great if you always check the ingredient catalog of every attractant you intend to purchase. 


Every deer attractant should have a considerable amount of protein. It helps the antlers to grow in great size and strength. The large and stronger the antlers, the better the trophy. Moreover, meat that is rich in protein content and essential minerals tends to be more flavorful and very beneficial.

Salt Content

This element is also vital because deer love that tastes, and still it offers considerable minerals. They feed on both dry and green matter which is usually very low in salt. 

The mineral deer attractants will provide a well-balanced diet and essential minerals with great salt taste. You can decide to supplement the attractant with mineral salt licks and blocks since deer have an intense craving for salt and can’t resist the urge to lick it whenever they find it.

Fruits and Vegetables

Deer’s favorite meals include acorns, turnips, soya beans, brassica, and clover, among others. They have a tendency to prefer sweet fruits and vegetables over green grass and corn. A straightforward way to lure deer towards your property would be growing herbs, vegetables, wild fruits, and other irresistible foods. Hence, creating a food plot full of these deer-enticing vegetables and fruits will really do the trick.

Weather Adaptability for Food Plots

If you want to have deer grazing around your farm all year-round, it would be great if you plant seeds that can survive through all seasons. 

There are seed and plant varieties that can grow well throughout the year and don’t need intensive management. You should go for those varieties with great survivability and are incredibly flavorful.

Supplement Contents, Taste, and Scent

Most deer attractants come in the form of powdered and enhanced ingredients. These are easy to use, but they tend to be slightly more expensive than the food plot deer attractants. You need to apply different portions around strategic points where you’ll be hunting. The supplement shouldn’t be over scented as this would make deer more suspicious.


If you’re looking for successful trophy hunts this coming season, you have to be smart and devise ways to outwit the deer family. You would need to be a bit smarter by embracing the best deer attractants. It can be a challenging task pinpointing the best due to the wide variety of choices on the market. 

Whether food plot seeds or supplements, the products work magic in luring deer into your bow or rifle’s range. Just go ahead and pick the one that conforms to your needs and hunting formula.  

And if you are not new to deer attractants, leave a comment down below on which one works best for you.                          

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