Hog Hunting Bait – How to make your own

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Have you ever imagined activities that guarantee you sheer fun yet in dangerous environments? As you go out to hunt, you need something exhilarating, right? Usually, hogs tend to be relatively aggressive about their territories, their intelligence is unmatched, and they pride in immense speeds. With all these aspects, hunting them is likely to be challenging yet fulfilling.

However, the success of hog hunting will be extensively dependent on the bait you use. You will hardly be able to bring the hogs into the open without an excellent yet long bait. Ideally, anything that could capture their attention will come in handy for you. It is in this light that you should aim at investing in the right ones.

How about we take a moment and reflect on what you should be looking for in this regard? Here are a few things you should always keep in mind.

• What Bait Does Hogs Prefer?

Usually, you will want to prioritize something likely to attract the attention of a hog within a short time. Natural food will be the right solution for you in this instance. Hogs are omnivores and pride themselves on a variety of food sources, including snakes, acorns, salamanders, fish, and fresh plant roots.

In most cases, you will want a sweet bait, which is undoubtedly their weakness. In this light, you could consider preparing a perfect blend of corn with any suitable drink powder. You could also consider sweet gelatin-flavored products. While preparing this bait, you need to have enough pounds of corn, about 8 pounds of sugar, a packet of yeast, and four packs of raspberry-flavored gelatin.

While at it, remember to stick to something familiar. For instance, pecans and sweet corn will always be a favorite for hogs. Most people will also prefer using nitro products during this time. Additionally, you could use this corn with any mix you have at your disposal.

Interestingly, you will be free to buy readymade hog hunting bait too. Some of the most common yet effective ones include Pig Oil Wild Hog Attractant, Evolved Habitats Pig Out Hog Attractant, and Hog Wild, Wild Beast Attractant. Take the time to compare them and choose whichever works for you best.

• How to Make the Best Bait

Various methods come in handy for you when making hog baits, depending on the ingredients you have. As long as they meet the specifications mentioned above, you will be good to go. Some of the methods you could use include the following.

Use beer and corn

Corn will always come out as the best bait for hogs, considering that it is their staple food. And don’t you think that hogs will want to enjoy a little beer? Well, with this approach, all you need to do is to soak your corn in beer and stir it into a perfect blend. After this, leave it for at least two days before you consider spreading it. You could also use this mix as your pre-bait food.

Corn and Koolaid packets

As mentioned earlier, hogs will often be more vulnerable to anything sweet, and Koolaid is no exception. In most cases, you will need at least one pack of Koolaid and smaller packets of corn. Take your time to mix the two into a perfect mix. If you are using your feeder, ensure that you proceed with relative caution as it could damage the motor.

Cappuccino plus corn

Do you have any cappuccino mixes from your local store? With this, you will only need to add a little corn and water and get a reliable bait. Whichever flavor you choose, you will be sure of the same effect. After mixing, ensure that you leave it for between two and three days before you can finally spread it.

While these approaches are not exhaustive, they give you insights into where to start. Typically, with anything sweet, you will be confident of improved hunting experience.

• Where Can You Buy Your Baits?

As indicated earlier, you could consider manufactured hog hunting baits. Usually, most of these baits are rich in nitro elements and sour corn. These two come with a significant ability to attract hogs.

Most often, getting your products from Amazon will be a good move. This site prides itself on millions of options at your disposal. It allows you to filter the products based on your preferences and budget. You will also be free to visit your local store for these purchases. As long as you get a product with the right ingredients or elements, you will have nothing to worry about.

Remember, you should not use any toxicants, biological control measures, or fertility agents in this pursuit. In this light, manufactured products ensure that you buy your bait from someone who will control this.

I have with success bought attractants from: Texas Hog Bait so feel free to try it out for yourself, its good stuff!

• Where Do You Place Your Bait to Attrack Hogs?

If you have read our guide on wild hog anatomy and you will understand that hogs can feel a good smell from 7 miles away.

Typically, correctly placing your baits will increase your chances of luring your hunt. Preferably, you should place them along the hog trails that link your prey to food, water, or their habitats. Take the time to scout around the region to familiarise yourself with where they are likely to be. Once you see trees with mud, it is a sign that hogs are within the area.

While at it, it will be suitable for you to place your baits where there is ongoing rooting damage by these hogs. Placing v bait here could tempt the hog into thinking that it is food.

It will also be suitable to place your baits along fence lines. Once you witness any significant trail or traffic within specific creeks or roads, placing a bait could have a considerable impact in the long run. Above all, place all your baits upwind so that the scent reaches most of them.

In conclusion, the best way to catch hogs is by presenting them with sweet snacks and find the correct location. Keep in mind that you want whatever you’re making to smell really sweet, it’s usually the key to success.

Read our beginners guide for hunting hogs here.

And hope you have some fantastic hunting!

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