Can Deer Eat Broccoli?

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Deer are herbivores who feed on a variety of plants. So, it is not wrong to suspect the deer in your broccoli garden if you have just had recent signs that they were there, such as trampled paths or droppings. However, can deer eat Broccoli? Can these furry creatures actually enjoy this vegetable we know and love so much? 

Well, yes! If food becomes scarce for them during winter months when their natural vegetation has died back, then they will happily snack on prickly-stemmed okra and hot peppers – even vegetables like beans, lettuce, cabbage cole crops such as broccoli and cauliflower.

In this blog post, we will tend to look at the general information regarding deers and vegetables.

Do Deer Eat Vegetables?

Do deer eat vegetables? They say that these animals can consume up to thirty pounds of vegetation in a day. With this type of appetite, it’s no surprise they are interested in the plants around them – regardless of the season. The only thing stopping their stomach from eating all is how full it already is.

What Kind of Vegetables Do Deer Eat?

Deer love to snack on apples and other fruits, such as watermelons and berries. Beans are another popular food among deer, and they provide them with high-quality protein that supports their muscles. They also enjoy eating bean pods which contain valuable nutrients such as Vitamins A, D & K. 

If your garden has sweet potatoes, lettuce, swiss chard, carrot tops, or cabbage, you are at a loss. They also feed on kales, rutabagas, radish, potatoes, chard, cilantro, and be